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October 20, 2022

#1 Books Like Chasing Vermeer

Weird things start to happen as Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay are brought together by a book of strange events: events that seem unrelated connect, an eccentric elderly woman wants their company, and a priceless Vermeer artwork vanishes. Before they realise it, the two are at the centre of a worldwide art scandal where everyone is under suspicion, including their neighbours, parents, and professors. Petra and Calder must use their intuition, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of Vermeer as they follow a trail of clues into a mystery labyrinth. Can they solve a case that has the FBI scratching its head?

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#2 Books Like The Westing Game

The gathering of sixteen unexpected individuals to hear Samuel W. Westing’s will is the beginning of an odd series of events. Sam Westing may be dead, but that won’t stop him from playing one more game, no matter why the eccentric, game-loving millionaire chose a virtual stranger—and perhaps murderer—to receive his immense wealth.

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#3 I Hunt Killers

Jazz “Jasper” Teenager Dent is pleasant. A charmer, if you will. He is, however, also the progeny of the most notorious serial killer in history, and for Dear Old Dad, Take Your Son to Work Day was a year-round observance. Jazz has seen crime scenes from the perspective of the criminal, much like police officers wish they could.

And now Lobo’s Nod is overrun with bodies. Jazz assists the police in their search for a new serial killer in an effort to clear his name. Jazz, though, may be closer to his father than anyone realises.

#4 The Compound

Eli has spent the last six years living in the underground Compound with his family. They are adjusted to their new life now that the world they once knew is gone. accustomed, but unsatisfied Eli believes that no amount of luxury will be able to escape the monotonous monotony of living in the same home with just his two sisters, his mother, and father, and doing the same thing every day.

Eli is forced to consider if it would be better to take his chances outside as issues with their meticulously arranged existence threaten to undermine their sanctuary—and their sanity. To keep them safe, Eli’s father constructed the Compound. But are they secure or regretful?

#5 Blood Heir

Affinities are despised inside the Cyrilian Empire. Their various abilities to influence the environment are considered abnormal and even hazardous. One of the most dreadful Affinities is the crown princess, Anastacya Mikhailov.

Ana is the only suspect in the murder of her father, the emperor, despite the fact that her talent to control blood has always been kept a secret. Ana now has to track down her father’s killer in order to preserve her own life. Beyond the royal walls, however, is a corrupt society where a larger scheme that jeopardizes Ana’s world’s entire equilibrium is in full swing. Ramson Quicktongue is the only one who is sufficiently corrupt to assist Ana in discovering the true nature of the scheme. Ramson is a crafty crime boss with evil schemes, but Ana might be his match. Because the princess could be the most deadly character in this tale.

#6 The Leaving

Six kindergarten students vanished without a trace eleven years ago. The ones who were left behind eventually moved on—or at least tried to. Until now, five of the kids are back today. They are sixteen years old and doing nicely. When Scarlett gets home, she discovers a mother who she hardly recognizes and who she also doesn’t really recognize as the person she should be. But she believes she can recall Lucas. Scarlett and Lucas both remember each other, but neither can place where they were or what happened to them. Both of them had forgotten Max, the sixth victim. He doesn’t return. Everyone seeks solutions. Most importantly, Max’s sister Avery, who must locate her brother—dead or alive—and doesn’t believe the entire memory-loss explanation.

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#7 Out Of The Dust

Billie Jo experiences heartbreaking hardships when she is only fourteen years old, something no child should ever have to go through. She exhibits quiet courage that is both startling and uplifting as she copes with an unthinkable loss.

This prize-winning story, which was written in free verse, is set in the midst of the Great Depression. It details the devastating dust storms that hit Oklahoma and the environmental and psychological havoc they cause. An inspirational ode to resilience and hope.

#8 A Good Girls Guide To Murder

The matter is finished. Schoolgirl Andie Bell was killed by Sal Singh five years ago. He committed it, and the cops are aware of it. He did it, and everyone in town understands it.

Pippa Fitz-Amobi, who grew up in the same little village that was devastated by the murder, isn’t so sure. She begins to learn truths that someone in the community urgently wants to keep concealed when she selects the case as the subject for her senior year project. How far will they go to protect Pip from learning the truth if the true killer is still out there?