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September 10, 2022

#1 The Secret Of Ella And Micha

Since they were young children, Ella and Micha have been best friends. But one terrible night permanently destroys their friendship and their lives. Ella once broke the rules and had a fiery disposition. She also wore her heart on her sleeve. However, she left everything behind when she went to college and became a person who keeps everything in order, follows the rules, and covers all of her troubles. Now that school is out for the summer, she can only return home.

Ella worries that everything she spent so much time and effort burying would come to light again, especially since Micha lives practically next door. She is aware that it will be challenging to refuse if Micha tries to lure the old her back. The only person who can get under Ella’s skin like Micha is attractive, intelligent, and self-assured. He is completely aware of all of her darkest secrets. And he’s committed to doing whatever it takes to get his best buddy and the girl he loves back.

#2 Pushing The Limits

Although I’ve read some excellent books this year, I have to admit that this one stands out. It is a heartwarming tale of a girl and a boy whose lives are anything from normal but who only want things to be the same. Echo wants to recall what transpired the night her mother attempted to kill her, and Noah wants to know the names and addresses of his siblings’ foster parents. However, they can only find out what is in their files if they are aware of what is there. They decide how they will obtain those files together.

While all of this is going on, Echo is teaching Noah, and Isaiah, Noah’s best friend, is repairing Aries’s car since they are consuming so much time together that they are unable to conceal their developing feelings for one another. This book is about much more than just growing up, including loss, friendship, and love above all else.

#3 Thoughtless

Denny, Kiera’s partner of over two years, has been all she could have ever wished for: caring, tender, and passionately devoted to her. Everything seems to be going well for them as they move to a new city to begin their lives together, Denny at his dream career and Kiera at a prestigious institution. The happy pair are then split apart by an unexpected duty.

Kiera seeks solace from an unlikely person when she is feeling sad, confused, and alone: a local rock sensation named Kellan Kyle. He is at first just a buddy she can rely on, but as her loneliness deepens, so does their connection. Then, all of a sudden, everything changes, and nobody will ever be the same again.

#4 Perfect Chemistry

An innovative, urban take on the traditional story of star-crossed lovers. Brittany Ellis had no idea that her meticulously crafted “perfect” existence is going to fall apart in front of her eyes as she enters chemistry class on the first day of her senior year. Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the opposite side of town who is compelled to work within the lab, is about to endanger everything she has fought so hard to achieve, including her boyfriend’s relationship, her impeccable reputation, and the knowledge that her home life is anything from ideal.

And Alex is aware that he is a terrible boy. So he doesn’t take it seriously when he and his pals wager that they can get Brittany to commit to them. The bet Alex made in arrogance suddenly becomes much more as he finds Brittany is a genuine person of great concern. Simone Elkeles rips down the hurdles and misconceptions that could keep Brittany and Alex apart in her impassioned tale about going past the surface.

#5 My Life Next Door

A stunning debut novel about love, family, and first relationships that don’t include betraying anyone The Reeds are not anything like the Garretts. loud, many, disorganized, and loving. And every day from her perch on the balcony, seventeen-year-old Samantha Reed desires she was one of them. However, everything changes one summer night when Jase Garrett scales her terrace. Jase’s family adopts Samantha as they fall head over heels in love. Then, all of a sudden, her world collapses, leaving her with no choice but to make an agonizing choice. What ideal family will save her? Or should she try to save herself? A captivating summer read with characters you remember long after the book is finished.

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#6 This Man

The owner of The Manor, Mr. Jesse Ward, has scheduled the first consultation with young interior designer Ava O’Shea. On arrival, nothing else would suggest anything other than the overweight, well-to-do countryman she is only expecting to see. How could she be in error? This man is stunningly attractive, endearing, and self-assured. Additionally, he is a pretentious, hedonistic playboy who has little regard for propriety. Even though Ava passionately tries to resist her attraction to him, she is powerless over it. She runs because she is being driven to do so by every instinct, but Jesse Ward is not so eager to let her go. He is adamant about getting her because he wants her. Even though she is aware that she is headed for heartbreak, how can she escape when he won’t allow her?

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#7 On Dublin Street

Jocelyn Butler has spent years running away from her history. But everything she’s kept hidden is about to come out. Jocelyn started anew in Scotland four years ago after leaving her traumatic history in the United States, burying her pain, dismissing her demons, and moving forward without commitments. Until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street and meets a man who upends her carefully guarded world, her solitary existence is going well.

Braden Because he is accustomed to having his way, Carmichael is determined to have Jocelyn share his bed. Knowing how hesitant she is to commit to a relationship, Braden suggests a plan that will satisfy their strong attraction without putting any restrictions on it. Jocelyn, who is fascinated, agrees, but she quickly learns that Braden won’t be content with mere mind-blowing passion. The obstinate Scotsman is determined to understand her completely, right down to her soul.

#8 Beautiful Disaster

The fresh Good girl Abby Abernathy is. She has the right quantity of cardigans in her wardrobe and doesn’t drink or swear. Abby thinks she has enough distance from her terrible past, but when she and her best friend arrive at college, Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand throws a wrench in her plans for a fresh start.

The person Travis Maddox needs to avoid—and wants to avoid—is Travis, who is trim, slim, and covered in tattoos. He spends his days being the perfect college campus charmer and his nights fighting for cash in a floating boxing ring. Travis lures Abby into his life with a simple bet because he finds it intriguing that she rejects his advances. He has to abstain for a month if he loses. If Abby loses, she’ll have to spend the same length of time in Travis’s residence. Travis is unaware that he has faced his match in each case.

#9 Bared To You

The startling masterpiece of passion and heedless abandon by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day, revolutionized what it means to desire and became a worldwide phenomenon…

Gideon Cross entered my life like a bolt of lightning in the night. He was stunning and dazzling, angular and blazing. As I had never been to anybody or anything in my life, I was drawn to him. Even though I knew it would make me weaker, I desired his touch like a drug. He was able to simply expose the flaws and harm I had.

#10 Walking Disaster

How much love is too much? Before his mother passed away, Travis Maddox learned to love deeply. Fight more ferociously. Finally, the eagerly awaited sequel to Beautiful Disaster, a New York Times bestseller. Can someone be loved too much? Before his mother passed away, Travis Maddox learned to love deeply. Fight more ferociously.

In Walking Disaster, Travis leads a violent life filled with fast women and illegal gambling. However, Abby Abernathy pulls him to his knees just when he believes he is unstoppable. Each narrative has two sides. Abby spoke in Beautiful Disaster. It’s time to view the narrative from Travis’ perspective now.

#11 The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me

Vanessa Mazur is confident that she is doing morally. She shouldn’t regret giving up. Being a temporary helper, housekeeper, or fairy godmother to the best defensive end in the National Football League was always planned. She has plans, none of which call for cleaning extra-large underpants for an extended period of time.

She is utterly astonished when Aiden Graves knocks on her door and asks her to return. The so-called “Wall of Winnipeg” was unable to greet her in the morning or wish her a happy birthday for two years. Now? He is requesting the unfathomable. How do you respond to a man who is accustomed to getting whatever he wants?

#12 Kulti

When the person you idolized as a child becomes your coach, it should be the best thing ever. expected to is a key term. Sal Casillas, 27, didn’t need to wait more than a week to start questioning what she saw in the legendary soccer player and why she had ever wanted to marry him and have soccer-playing offspring.

Sal had long since moved on from the worst non-breakup in the annals of fictitious romance with a man who was unaware of her existence. She is therefore unprepared for Reiner Kulti to appear at her team’s season as a quiet, recluse shadow of the passionate, explosive man he once was.

#13 Books Like Book Lovers

One season, rivals in form of two, and a storyline turn they weren’t expecting. The only thing Nora Stephens has ever done in her life is read books, therefore she is not the typical heroine. Not the strong-willed woman, not the carefree dream girl, and certainly not the sweetheart. In reality, the only people who view Nora as a hero are her clients—for whom she secures sizable deals in her role as a ruthless literary agent—and her cherished little sister Libby.

So when Libby encourages her to take a sisters’ trip away, she decides to go to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina for the entire month of August. She has images of Nora going through a small-town makeover because she is certain that Nora needs to become the protagonist of her own tale. Nora, however, continues running into Charlie Lastra, a bookish, brooding editor from back in the city, instead of going on picnics in the meadows or running into gorgeous rural doctors or bulging-forearm bartenders. If they had never met before and it hadn’t been cute, it would be a meet-cute.

#14 Books Like All Your Perfects

A struggling marriage and the one forgotten pledge that might be able to salvage it are the subjects of Colleen Hoover’s masterful new book. Quinn and Graham’s flawless relationship is jeopardized by their shoddy marriage. They are currently being torn apart by the memories, errors, and secrets that have accumulated over the years. The one thing that might be able to save them may also be the thing that breaks their marriage beyond repair.

In the thought-provoking book All Your Perfects, a broken couple’s future depends on past promises. Can a tremendous love with a perfect beginning endure a lifetime between two imperfect people? is the heartrending question posed in this page-turner?

#15 Books Like Twisted Love

Alex Volkov is a fiend with an angel’s face who is also imprisoned by his history. His merciless ambitions of achievement and retribution, motivated by a tragedy that has plagued him for most of his life, leave little place for issues of the heart. But as he is made to take care of his closest friend’s sister, he begins to experience a strange sensation in his chest: A split. A melt. A fire that might destroy everything he knew.

Free-spirited Ava Chen is imprisoned by nightmares of an unremembered childhood. Nevertheless, she has never ceased appreciating the beauty in the world despite her troubled past including the warm heart that beats beneath a man’s cold exterior.

#16 Books Like Every Summer After

The adage “you can never go home again” has felt all too true for Persephone Fraser ever since she committed the biggest error of her life ten years ago. She no longer spends her summers in the same glittering fashion as she did as a child, but rather in a chic apartment in the city, hanging out with friends and keeping everyone at a respectable distance from her heart.

Before getting the call that forces her to return to Barry’s Bay and into Sam Florek’s orbit—the man she never imagined she’d have to live without. Percy and Sam had been inseparable for six summers, spending hazy afternoons on the sea, hot summer evenings working in his family’s restaurant, and cuddling up with books—medical textbooks for him and unfinished horror short tales for her. This friendship eventually developed into something breathtakingly more before it abruptly broke down.

#17 We’ll Always Have Summer

Two years have passed when Conrad advised Belly to follow Jeremiah. Since then, she and Jeremiah have been close and even attend the same university. However, their relationship hasn’t quite turned out the way Belly had anticipated it would. Additionally, Belly is forced to reevaluate what she believed to be true love when Jeremiah commits the biggest error a boy could possibly do. Has she actually decided to stay with Jeremiah? Has she ever moved on from Conrad? The belly needs to make a final decision on who will always have her heart.

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#18 The Spanish Love Deception

The Spanish Love Deception is a classic romantic ruse that starts out as “let’s pretend to date for some reason” and ends up as “we inadvertently fell in love.” Additionally, there are several “enemies to lovers” and spice sequences in there (which were good but not the best tbh). This is the one thing that I can think of that sets “The Spanish Love Deception” apart from other contemporary romances I’ve read. It also makes an attempt to critique sexism and roles that people presume are “for women,” which I thought was intriguing.

If you’re interested in the plot, it concerns a female who serves as the chief of staff for a firm and a hot guy who persistently pursues her despite their mutual animosity (so original). Then, since she doesn’t really want her family to learn that she is single and has some conflict with her ex-boyfriend, they have to act like they are dating. You probably have an idea of what occurs next.


#19 From Lukov With Love

Jasmine Santos would undoubtedly choose a four-letter word, to sum up the previous few years of her life if somebody were to ask her to. She knows her chance to participate in figure skating is closing after seventeen years—and numerous broken bones and broken promises.

Jasmine may have to change her mind about everything when the opportunity of a lifetime is presented by the conceited moron she has spent the last ten years fantasizing about ramming into the path of an oncoming bus, Ivan Lukov among others.

#20 It Happened One Summer

Because of Piper Bellinger’s status as a wild child and her influence in the fashion world, the paparazzi follow her everywhere she goes. When Piper ends up in jail after drinking too much champagne and throwing an unruly rooftop party, her stepfather thinks enough is enough. He then interrupts her and assigns Piper and her sister the duties of managing their late father’s dive bar in Washington while he is gone.

Piper meets large, bearded sea captain Brendan who believes she won’t survive a week outside of Beverly Hills before she has even been in Westport for five minutes. Even if Piper struggles with math and gets hives at the thought of sleeping in a run-down apartment with bunk beds, so what? Just how horrible could it be? She’s determined to prove that she’s more than just a lovely face to her stepfather and the hot, gruff local.

#21 Unhoneymooners

Olive always has bad luck—in her job, in her relationships, in, uh, everything. On the other side, her identical twin sister Ami is most likely the most fortunate person in the world. She met her fiancé in a scene straight out of a romantic comedy, and she was able to win enough online competitions to pay for her entire wedding (double gag). The worst part is that Olive must spend the day with Ethan, her sworn adversary who also happens to be the greatest man.

Before she can go back to her cozy, unlucky existence, Olive must through 24hrs of wedding misery. Olive and Ethan are the only ones unaffected when the whole wedding party contracts food sickness after consuming contaminated mussels. And right now, a free honeymoon in Hawaii is up for grabs.

#22 Books Like Things We Never Got Over

Naomi wasn’t merely evading her wedding. In Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges community where conflicts are settled the old-fashioned way—with fists and beer—she was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin. In most cases, in that order.

Unfortunately for Naomi, her evil doppelganger has not at all changed. Tina leaves Naomi with something unexpected after taking Naomi’s car and money. Naomi was unaware of the niece she had. With an 11-year-old who is approaching 30 to care for, she is now stranded in the city without a car, a job, a plan, or a place to call home.