Books Like Everything I Know About Love

Books like Books Like Everything I Know About Love

September 15, 2022

#1 Queenie

A 25-year-old Jamaican-British woman who lives in London, Queenie Jenkins straddles two cultures yet fits well into neither. She works for a major newspaper where she is compelled to continuously contrast herself with her white middle-class coworkers. Queenie looks for solace in all the wrong places after a difficult breakup with her long-term white partner, including a number of risky males who do a fine job of taking up mental space but a poor job of boosting self-esteem.

What are you doing? Queenie finds herself asking as she veers from one dubious choice to another. What is your motivation? What do you hope to become? —every question a woman in today’s world must ask herself in a world that tries to provide her with answers.

#2 Ghosts By Dolly Alderton

Nina Dean is now in her early thirties and has a new house and neighborhood in addition to adoring friends and family. She is also a popular culinary writer. It seems like everything is going according to plan when she meets Max, a seductive romantic hero who tells her on their first date that he wants to marry her.

Her thirties haven’t been the liberated, simple experience she was marketed; a new relationship couldn’t have arrived at a better time. She is always being told how quickly time is going by and how few opportunities remain. Ex-boyfriends are moving on, friendships are deteriorating, and, worst of all, everyone is relocating to the suburbs.

#3 Such A Fun Age

Such a Fun Age is a page-turning and huge narrative about race and privilege centered around a teen black babysitter, her well-intentioned boss, and a surprise connection that threatens to wreck them both. It is a striking and unexpected debut novel from an exciting new voice.

Alix Chamberlain is a confident lady who has built a successful career out of helping other women achieve their goals. She is so astonished when Emira Tucker, her babysitter, is accosted while watching the Chamberlains’ toddler one evening as she browses the aisles of their neighborhood upscale grocery store. The store’s security officer accuses Emira of abducting Briar, 2, after spotting a young black woman out later with the white child. Emira is enraged and humiliated as a small crowd forms and a spectator records everything. Alix swears to remedy the wrongs.

#4 Exciting Times

A millennial Irish ex-pat who becomes involved in a romantic triangle with a male financier and a female lawyer is the subject of an intimate, bracingly clever debut novel. In search of happiness, Ava relocated to Hong Kong, but so far, things aren’t going well. Since she left Dublin, she has been avoiding her petulant roommates in her little flat during the day and teaching English to wealthy children at night. She has been given grammar classes because she lacks warmth.

An amusing British banker named Julian introduces Ava to a luxury lifestyle that her tiny income could never support. Ava moves into Julian’s flat, lets him purchase her things, and eventually develops a sexual relationship with him despite her feminist tendencies and better judgment. She stays put when Julian’s job sends him back to London, unsure of where their relationship lies.

#5 Books Like Open Water

At a South East London pub, two young people meet. Both are Black Britons who received scholarships to attend exclusive institutions where they battled to fit in. They are now working as artists—she is a dancer and he is a photographer—and are attempting to leave their imprint in a community that alternately accepts and rejects them. They fall in love tentatively and tenderly. But even when two people appear to be meant to be together, fear and violence have the power to separate them.

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#6 Before She Knew Him

In a brand-new home outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Hen and her husband Lloyd have become used to living quietly. Illustrator Hen (also known as Henrietta) works out of a nearby studio and has found the correct medications to manage her bipolar disorder. She had, at last, discovered some security and tranquility.

She notices a familiar item on the husband’s office shelf, which makes her uneasy when they meet the neighbors down the street. The sporting trophy resembles one that vanished from the residence of a young guy who was killed two years ago exactly. Hen is aware of this since she has long been fascinated by the unsolved murder—an passion she no longer discusses but also can’t seem to shake.

#7 My Lovely Wife

The fifteen-year marriage of a couple has now become too interesting… Our love tale is straightforward. I met a stunning lady. We experienced love. We had children. We relocated to a suburb. We shared our deepest secrets and our loftiest aspirations with one another. We eventually became bored. We appear to be a typical couple. We are your neighbors, the guardians of your child’s playmate, and the friends you definitely plan to invite to dinner. Each of us has a method for preserving a marriage. It just so happens that ours has gotten away with murder.

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