Books Like Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

Books like Books Like Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

October 25, 2022

#1 Books Like The Golden Couple

Prior to Marissa’s infidelity, wealthy Washington suburbia residents Marissa and Matthew Bishop appeared to have it all. Their seemingly flawless relationship is actually riven by work and a lack of connection. She wants to do the necessary repairs out of love for her husband and for their eight-year-old son. Avery Chambers comes in.

Avery is a therapist who misplaced her license to practice. Though they must follow her unconventional ways, it doesn’t stop her from offering crisis counseling to individuals who need it. The Bishops are in need of help. They all come into contact as they walk through Avery’s door and Marissa admits to having an affair. Because the biggest secrets are still kept a secret and more than just marriage is at risk.

#2 Books Like Billy Summers

Billy Summers is a man with a gun who is in a room. He is the greatest in the business and a hired murderer. But if the objective is a genuinely evil person, he won’t complete the task. Billy now wants to leave. But there’s one more hit to make first. Billy is a distinguished Iraq War veteran, one of the best shooters in the world, and a master at disappearing after the task has been completed. What could go wrong, then? Let’s see, everything…

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#3 Books Like The Terminal List

In this straight-from-the-headlines political thriller, a Navy SEAL learns that the US government is responsible for the deaths of his crew and has nothing left to live for but everything to die for.

Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s whole team was slain in a devastating ambush on his last combat mission, which also claimed the lives of the aircrew brought in to rescue them. Reece learns that the deaths of those closest to him on the day of his return home were the result of a conspiracy that extends to the highest echelons of government rather than a war crime committed by an enemy nation.

#4 Books Like Mr Nobody

A semi-conscious man without identity who is also mute is discovered on a British beach and is promptly identified as Mr. Nobody by the national press. Dr. Emma Lewis, a neuropsychiatrist, is asked to evaluate him and finds that he does remember details about her own past that nobody else is aware of.

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#5 Books Like The Therapist

A compelling psychological thriller novel and story about a home with a startling secret. It is all Alice and Leo had ever wanted when they move into a newly refurbished home in The Circle, a gated neighborhood of upscale homes. However, appearances can be deceiving… As Alice gets to meet her neighbors, she learns a terrible truth about her new house and starts to develop a close relationship with Nina, the former resident who was a therapist.

Alice has an obsession with trying to reconstruct what occurred two years earlier. However, nobody wants to discuss it. Things are not as perfect as they look, and her neighbors are concealing secrets.

#6 Books Like Duplicity

Every narrative has three sides, starting with yours. Mine. And reality as newlyweds, madly in love, and enviously wealthy, Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life. Then, at their home, Alissa miraculously flees with her life when Max is savagely stabbed to death. Why, though, was she spared? As the search for the murderer gets underway, several leads are found. Was Max’s great fortune the reason? Had his dubious business methods finally gotten to him? Or was it a dangerous stalker with an obsession? As gentle, sweet Alissa is left to mourn her husband’s passing and rebuild her life, devoted friends come to her aid. But not everybody is what they seem to be… Not all fairy tales have a pleasant conclusion, and behind the surface, there are deep-seated jealousies, secrets, and twisted loves. The bestselling author of Look Behind You and Where the Memories Lie brings us Duplicity, a gripping thriller.

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#7 Books Like Blood Orange

Fans of Gone Girl, Apple Tree Yard, and Anatomy of a Scandal will enjoy this riveting debut thriller. Alison has everything. She has a devoted spouse, a cute daughter, and a career that is taking off. She recently received her first murder case to defend. But nothing is ever what it seems. One more night, please. I’ll conclude then.

Alison drinks excessively. She is not caring for her family. Additionally, she is having an affair with a coworker whose penchant for pushing boundaries could be too much for her to bear. I finished. I murdered him. I ought to be imprisoned.

#8 Books Like 7 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle

Gosford Park meets Inception, via Agatha Christie and Black Mirror, in this incredibly creative higher aspirations murder mystery from a terrific new artist.

‘Somebody’s going to be murdered at the ball tonight. It won’t appear to be a murder and so the murderer won’t be caught. Rectify that injustice and I’ll show you the way out.’

#9 Books Like Without Remorse

When John Kelly, a former Navy SEAL and Vietnam War veteran, befriends a young woman with a dubious past, he is still grieving the accidental death of his wife, which had occurred six months earlier. He swears vengeance and gathers all of his former skills to set out to find the men guilty before it can happen again. When that history reaches out for her in an especially horrible way, he does so with a sense of urgency. In the meantime, the Pentagon is getting ready to launch an operation to free a significant number of detainees from a North Vietnamese POW camp. They discover that one man, a specific ex-Navy SEAL by the name of John Kelly, is the best at navigating the area around the camp.

Kelly is on a specific mission. He’s wanted by the Pentagon for their use. When Kelly (now known by the code name Mr. Clark) tries to balance the two, he is met with a wide variety of foes—both domestically and abroad—who are so cunning that even the slightest error may result in death. And Kelly’s ability to ensure that error never occurs will determine the fate of a great number of people, including himself. Men aren’t inherently risky. They develop a threat. Kelly discovers that the most hazardous of all are the ones you least anticipate. Without Remorse is a page-turning thriller written by Tom Clancy. As he guides us through its twists and turns, Clancy combines his trademark excellent realism and authenticity with complex plotting, suspense on the verge of breaking, and a stunning ensemble of characters.

#10 Codename Villanelle

One of the most proficient assassins in the entire globe is Villanelle (a codename, of course). She is a psychopath with cat-like features who prefers the creature comforts of her opulent lifestyle to play the game, and she specializes in killing the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. However, she attracts a determined enemy to her trial when she murders a powerful Russian politician.

The national security agencies have engaged former MI6 agent Eve Polastri (no codename) to discover, apprehend, or kill the assassin who committed the crime and anybody who assisted her. Eve accepts the mission despite leading a calm and average life despite her bright wit and sharp intellect. The ensuing chase will take them across the globe, colliding with despotic regimes and formidable crime networks, all leading to a decisive showdown from which neither will survive unharmed. An intriguing new voice in fiction has written the slick, quick-paced international thriller Codename Villanelle.

#11 Do No Harm

Life is great for Emma. She has a fulfilling work as a doctor at the nearby hospital is the mother of an intelligent kindergartener and is wed to her true love, a devoted and caring police detective. But when she learns that her son Josh has a rare type of cancer, everything falls apart.

Emma, who is adamant about saving him, decides to sell opioids in order to pay for the necessary treatment that could save his life. However, when someone is found dead, a deadly game of cat and mouse starts, with her own husband taking the lead. Emma is drawn into the murky world of drugs, deception, and murder as the life of her kid is in danger. Will she learn the truth before she can help Josh?

#12 Recursion

Reality is created by memory. That’s what New York City cop Barry Sutton is discovering as he examines the horrific phenomena known as False Memory Syndrome—a strange illness that drives its victims insane with recollections of a life they never lived.

Helena Smith, a neuroscientist, believes this. That is why she has committed her life to develop technology that will allow us to save our most important memories. If she is successful, everyone will be able to relive their first kiss, childbirth, or final moments with a dying parent. As Barry seeks the truth, he encounters an adversary more horrific than any disease—a force that destroys not only our minds but also the fabric of the past. And, as its consequences begin to unravel the world today it, only he and Helena, functioning together, will be able to defeat it. But how can they remain firm when the reality is shifting and disintegrating all around them?

#13 You By Caroline Kepnes

When a lovely aspiring writer walks into Joe Goldberg’s East Village bookstore, he does what everyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card. In New York City, there is just one Guinevere Beck. She has a public Facebook account and constantly Tweets, informing Joe of all he must know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she attended Brown University, she resides on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the ideal location for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe takes control of Beck’s life covertly and compulsively, he organizes a sequence of events to guarantee Beck finds herself in his welcoming arms. Joe transforms himself from stalker to boyfriend, all while silently removing the hurdles that stand in their way—even if it involves murder. Caroline Kepnes’ debut novel is a scary investigation of how susceptible we all are to stalking and manipulation. It is a razor-sharp tale for our hyper-connected digital age.

#14 Camino Island

A band of robbers pulls off a spectacular theft from a safe vault deep beneath Princeton University’s Firestone Library. Their booty is precious, but Princeton has insured it for $25 million. Bruce Cable runs a popular bookstore in the tranquil tourist town of Santa Rosa on Florida’s Camino Island. He makes his true money, though, as a well-known rare book merchant. Few individuals are aware that he dabbles in the black market for stolen books and manuscripts on occasion.

Mercer Mann is a young novelist suffering from writer’s block who was recently laid off from her teaching job. An elegant, intriguing woman working for an even more secretive company approaches her. A significant monetary offer persuades Mercer to go incognito and infiltrate Bruce Cable’s network of literary acquaintances, with the goal of eventually becoming close enough with him to learn his secrets. However, Mercer finally knows far too much, and there is trouble in paradise, as only John Grisham can deliver it.

#15 The Split

Sharon Bolton is back in The Split, an exciting new solo thriller about a woman on the run that is tense, riveting, and has a twist you won’t see coming. Some secrets will always keep pace with you no matter how far you run… The last boat of the summer is ready to leave the isolated Antarctic island of South Georgia, signaling safety to the local glaciologist Felicity Lloyd.

Felicity often worries that her ex-husband Freddie will locate her, even in this remote location. She got a job on this remote island to avoid him, but now that he’s out after serving a murder conviction sentence, she knows he won’t stop looking for her. However, a doctor at Cambridge who is looking into the history of Felicity and Freddie’s relationship discovers that Felicity has been on the verge of collapse for a very long time. The only method he can think of to assist her is to leave for South Georgia himself in an effort to reach her first.

#16 One Second After

In this narrative, a man fights to save his family and his little North Carolina village after America loses a war that would plunge the country back into the Middle Ages in a split second, according to William R. Forstchen, a New York Times best-selling author. A conflict centered on an electromagnetic pulse as a weapon (EMP). a weapon that our adversaries might already be carrying.

One Second After was already being debated in the Pentagon’s hallways months before it was ever published as a book that every American should read because it provided a real sense of a weapon with the incredible capacity to obliterate the entire country in a matter of seconds. The Wall Street Journal cautions that this weapon has the potential to destroy America. This book, which is set in a typical American community, is an ominous warning of what might be our future—and our demise—in the vein of On the Beach, Fail Safe, and Testament.

#17 Emma In The Night

The popular author of All Is Not Forgotten returns with a suspenseful novel about two sisters who go missing, their dysfunctional family, and what happens when one of the girl’s returns.

The Tanner sisters, ages 15-year-old Cass and 17-year-old Emma, vanished one night three years ago. Cass returns three years later without her sister Emma. Her tale involves a mysterious island where the two were confined, kidnapping, and betrayal. But something doesn’t stack up with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter. Dr. Winter digs deep into this dysfunctional family and finds a life where limits were broken and a narcissistic parent was in charge. And where the homecoming of one sister might only be the start of the crime.

#18 The Undoing

In 2020, The Undoing is the most talked-about TV show. Big Little Lies creators; stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Donald Sutherland. Grace Sachs, a wedded therapist with a small boy, believes she has all the answers on relationships with both men and women. Her pet theory—that women undervalue their intuition about males, which can cause severe problems later on—is the basis of a book she is preparing to publish.

Grace knows her own husband, but how well? A brutal death, a missing husband, and a slew of shocking revelations will replace everything she previously believed she understood. She is about to find out. Grace must tear apart one life and build another for herself and her child after being left behind in the wake of a very public calamity and appalled by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice.

#19 The Order

A stunning new action-packed thriller with high stakes international intrigue, written by Daniel Silva, the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The New Girl and The Other Woman, stars the mysterious art restorer and master snoop Gabriel Allon.

Master of the espionage thriller Silva has delighted readers with twenty-two thought-provoking and suspenseful novels that transport them around the world and back, from the United States to Europe, Russia to the Middle East, with a wide cast of engrossing characters and clever storylines.

#20 The Whisper Man

Alex North crafts a multigenerational tale of a father and son who are targeted by an investigation to find a serial murderer preying on a tiny village in this dark, gripping thriller. Tom Kennedy is hopeful that a new beginning will help him and his little son Jake recover from his wife’s unexpected death. Featherbank is a new beginning, a new home, and a new community.

Featherbank, though, has a troubled background. Five locals were kidnapped and killed by a serial killer twenty years ago. Frank Carter was known as “The Whisper Man” before he was finally apprehended because he would lure his victims out by murmuring at their windows at night. A young boy disappears as Tom and Jake are getting settled in their new house. His disappearance resurrects previous accusations that he preyed on a partner by having an unsettling similarity to Frank Carter’s actions. Detectives Pete Willis and Amanda Beck are now under pressure to discover the boy before it’s too late, even if it means Pete must go back and face The Whisper Man, his greatest adversary from behind bars. Jake then starts to act suspiciously. At his window, he overhears whispering.

#21 Cryptonomicon

World War II and the present alternate conspiratorially amongst each other as Cryptonomicon soars across the globe. The brilliant mathematician Lawrence Waterhouse, the master cryptanalyst, and the gung-ho, morphine-dependent marine Bobby Shaftoe are our 1940s heroes. They’re a part of Detachment 2702, an Allied team attempting to decipher Axis communication codes while also keeping the enemy from discovering the success of their efforts. Their work consists primarily of covering up lies on top of lies. Dr. Alan Turing, who is a member of 2702, explains to Waterhouse how the unit operates in its peculiar way. “We send out an observation plane initially when we want to sink a convoy… In fact, its main responsibility is not to observe; the location of the convoy is already known to us. Its true responsibility is to be upheld… The Germans won’t be suspicious when we approach and sink them then.

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#22 My Husband’s Wife

When Lily, a young lawyer, marries Ed, she’s determined to start over and leave the past’s secrets in the past. However, when she takes on her first murder case, she meets Joe, a convicted killer to whom Lily finds herself curiously connected. Soon, she will sacrifice virtually anything for him.

Lily, however, is not the only person harboring a secret. Carla, who lives next door, may only be nine years old, but she has already discovered the power of secrets. that whatever she wants can be obtained for her. Twelve years later, Carla shows up at Lily’s door, starting a series of events that can only lead in one direction.

#23 Cruel Summer

Colby Cavendish is looking forward to a long, hot season of parties, beach BBQs, and possibly more hook-ups with Levi Bonham, the hottest man in school, since that she has lately let go of her nerdy image—and the best friend that went with it. But when her parents send her to spend the summer in Greece with her insane aunt Tally, her entire world collapses.

Colby worries that her new friends have completely forgotten about her while she is stranded on an uninteresting island with no shops, no cell phone connection, and an aunt who converses with her plants. However, all changes when she encounters Yannis, a charming native from Greece. In Alyson Noel’s Cruel Summer, she has an experience that is more profound and emotional than a summer romance, and it pushes her to view herself and the life she left behind in a completely new light.

#24 Sadie

A missing girl seeking retribution. a podcast similar to Serial that investigates the hints she leaves behind. And a conclusion that you won’t be capable of putting out of your mind. Sadie’s life hasn’t been simple. She raised her sister Mattie in a remote tiny village where she had grown up alone, doing her best to give them a decent existence and keep them afloat.

But Sadie’s entire world falls apart when Mattie is discovered dead. Sadie is driven to bring her sister’s murderer to justice after a slightly bungled police investigation and sets out on the road in search of him. Sadie’s story is overheard by West McCray, a radio host working on a piece about small, unnoticed villages in America, at a nearby gas station, and he becomes fixated on locating the missing girl. He launches his own podcast and follows Sadie’s journey while attempting to understand what transpired and searching for her before it was too late. The book by Courtney Summers launched her writing career. Sadie is a fast-paced, horrifying book that will keep you engrossed until the very last page.

#25 The Push

A gripping psychological thriller with page-turning tension about the creation and dissolution of a family and a woman whose experience as a mother is all she feared and nothing like what she had hoped for. Blythe Connor is adamant that she would provide Violet with the kind of loving care that she herself never received as a child.

However, throughout the arduous early stages of parenthood, Blythe starts to believe that there is something flawed with her daughter because she doesn’t act like most kids. Or is Blythe imagining everything? Fox, her husband, claims she is hallucinating. Blythe starts to doubt her own sanity the more Fox downplays her anxieties, and we start to doubt what Blythe is telling us about her life as well.

#26 The Good Sister

The Good Sister by The Mother-in-Law author Sally Hepworth is a fantastic book about the secrets that connect two sisters together. Only once has Rose been unable to prevent me from making a bad decision, and that was a mistake I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

In her neighborhood library, Fern Castle works. Three times every week, she eats dinner with Rose, one of her twin sisters. She also does her best to stay away from crowded areas, bright lights, and loud noises. Because Fern has a meticulously planned-out existence, upsetting her routine may be deadly.

#27 Red Storm Rising

“Allah!” Three Muslim terrorists blast up a crucial Soviet oil complex with that piercing yell, causing a major oil crisis that jeopardizes the USSR’s stability. Members of Politburo and the KGB come up with a brilliant scheme of diplomatic trickery to offset the effects of this catastrophe. They orchestrate a series of events to pit the NATO allies against one another, creating a distraction that will allow the Soviets to take control of all the Persian Gulf oil.

The Soviets are faced with another possibility, one they hadn’t anticipated, as this captivating tale of international espionage and global politics approaches its climax: a full-scale confrontation in which no side can prevail.

#28 The Secrets We Kept

At the peak of the Cold War, the CIA selects two secretaries from its typing pool and gives them the job of a lifetime. Their goal was to smuggle Doctor Zhivago out of the USSR, where no one dared publish it, and aid Pasternak’s masterpiece in entering the global publishing market. Sally Forrester is a glamorous and intelligent spy who has developed her knack for deception throughout the world by using her charm and attraction to get information out of strong men. Irina is a total newbie who, with Sally’s guidance, picks up how to mix in, conduct drops, and sneakily transport sensitive data.

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#29 The Cellar

In the community of Long Thorpe, nothing ever happens—that is, till sixteen-year-old Summer Robinson vanishes without a trace. No search by her family or the police can find her. Summer discovers Colin’s abusive past and his views of his victims as his family—his lovely, pure flowers—while spending months in the cellar of her captor with a number of other ladies. But time is running out, and flowers can’t thrive without the sun for very long.

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#30 City Spies

Hacker Sara Martinez is. She did break into the foster care system in New York City to reveal her foster family as dishonest and illegal. Instead of being celebrated as a hero, Sara is forced to spend years in a juvenile detention center and is also forbidden from accessing computers for the same amount of time. Enter Mother, a British agent who not only frees Sara from prison but also gives her the opportunity to establish herself within the covert MI6 organization.

The City Spies are a group of five young people from different countries who operate out of a base in Scotland. They are developing their special abilities, such as hand sleight of hand, breaking and entering observation, and explosives when they are not attending the neighborhood boarding school. All of these enable them to travel to spy locations where adults are unable to.

#31 The Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo’s captivating adult debut is a story of privilege, murder, dark magic, and power that is set among the Ivy League elite. The most unlikely student in Yale’s freshmen class is Galaxy “Alex” Stern. Alex, who was raised by a hippie mother in the suburbs of Los Angeles, dropped out of school early and entered a world of sketchy drug-dealer boyfriends, hopeless jobs, and much, much worse. She is actually the only survivor of horrifying, unsolved multiple homicides by the age of twenty. Some could argue that she wasted her life. However, in her hospital bed, Alex is given a second chance: a full scholarship to one of the most famous colleges in the world. Why her and what’s the catch?

Alex, who is still looking for answers, is sent to New Haven to keep an eye on Yale’s secret organizations by her enigmatic sponsors. Their eight windowless “tombs” are well-known hangouts for the wealthy and powerful, from top politicians to the greatest names on Wall Street. However, their occult practices are far more terrible and spectacular than anything a paranoid mind could conjure up. They play around with illegal magic. The deceased are raised. They also occasionally feed on the living.

#32 We Need To Talk About Kevin

An international best-seller about motherhood gone wrong is riveting. The unlovable youngster who killed seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker, and a beloved teacher who sought to befriend him all two days before his sixteenth birthday was not the kind of son Eva ever really wanted to be. Now, two years later, she must confront her marriage, her work, her family, her parenting responsibilities, and Kevin’s heinous rampage in a series of stunningly direct letters to her ex-husband, Franklin. Eva worries that her frightening disdain for her own son may be to blame for sending him so nihilistically off the rails because she is uncomfortable with the sacrifices and social denigration of motherhood from the beginning.

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#33 Then She Was Gone

THEN, She was her mother’s golden girl, fifteen years old. She still had the rest of her life to live. Ellie vanished in an instant after that. NOW, Ellie has been missing for ten years, but Laurel never has given up on locating her daughter.

Then, one day, Floyd, a charismatic and charming stranger, enters a café and completely wins over Laurel. She is introduced to his nine-year-old daughter and spends the night at his home before long. Poppy is young and beautiful, and Laurel was immediately taken aback upon first meeting her. Because Poppy resembles Ellie in every way at that age. And now Laurel is once again plagued by all the unresolved mysteries.

#34 Nine Perfect Strangers

At a far-flung wellness resort, nine people assemble. Some people come here to improve their health, others to reset their lives, while still others come for reasons they can’t even acknowledge themselves. They are aware that these ten days may require some actual work in addition to all the luxury and pampering, awareness, and meditation. But none of them could have predicted how difficult the ensuing ten days would be.

Formerly successful romantic novelist Frances Welty arrives at Tranquillum House with a poor back, a shattered heart, and an excruciating paper cut. She is quickly drawn to the other visitors. The majority of them don’t appear to require any kind of health resort. She is most intrigued by Tranquillum House’s eccentric and fascinating owner/director, though. Could this guy actually have the solutions that Frances had no idea she was looking for? Should Frances put her reservations aside and engross herself in just about everything Tranquillum House has to offer, or should she leave while she still has the chance?

#35 The Wife Upstairs

I’m Jane. Jane, a recent immigrant to Birmingham, Alabama, works as a broke dog walker in the gated community of Thornfield Estates, which is home to McMansions, gleaming SUVs, and bored housewives. a location where Jane could steal unwanted trinkets and jewelry from the side tables of her affluent clients without anybody noticing. where nobody would think to inquire about Jane’s real name.

However, when she meets Eddie Rochester, her luck changes. Eddie, a recent widower, is the most enigmatic resident of Thornfield Estates. Bea, his wife, and her best friend died in a boating accident, their remains lost to the depths. Eddie presents Jane with a chance since he is not only wealthy, menacing, and attractive but he might also be able to provide her with the security she has always desired.

#36 The Plot

Once upon a time, Jacob Finch Bonner was a bright young novelist with a well-received debut. He hasn’t written or published anything respectable in years, and right now he’s battling to keep what’s left of his self-respect while teaching in a subpar MFA school. Jake is ready to brush the statement off as normal amateur narcissism when Evan Parker, his most conceited pupil, claims he doesn’t need Jake’s assistance because the narrative of his currently unfinished novel is a foregone conclusion. He then hears the plot, though.

Jake picks up where his career left off and prepares himself for the supernova release of Evan Parker’s debut book, but it never happens. All of Evan Parker’s forecasts have come true in a matter of years, but Jake is the one riding the wave. He is well-off, well-read, and highly praised all around the world. But just when he is getting used to his wonderful new life, an email arrives—the start of a scary, anonymous campaign—and reads: It claims you are a thief.

#37 New Girl

She was dressed head to toe in pricey wool and plaid, the kind of clothing one would see at the Burberry store in Harrods. She didn’t wear a nylon backpack; she carried a leather bookbag. Her ballet slippers were made of shiny, patent leather. She was a prim and modest new girl. But she also had another quality.

The identity of the stunning girl with raven hair who travels to an elite private school in Switzerland every morning in a motorcade befitting a head of state is shrouded in mystery. She is alleged to be a wealthy multinational businessman’s daughter. In reality, her father is Saudi Arabia’s despised crown prince Khalid bin Mohammed.

#38 Orphan X

A fabled figure is known only in whispers, The Nowhere Man. According to legend, the Nowhere Man will stop at nothing to save and defend those who come to him when they are genuinely helpless and deserving. He is not, however, a legendary figure.

A man with abilities, money, and a personal goal to assist individuals with no one else to turn to, Evan Smoak. Additionally, he is a man with a risky background. He was selected as a young child and nurtured and educated as part of the clandestine Orphan program, which was created to produce the ideal assassins for the deniable intelligence community. Orphan X was him. Evan disobeyed the rules and vanished using what he had learned. But now, someone is after him. someone with comparable qualifications and skills. someone familiar with Orphan X. someone who is approaching steadily. They will use Evan’s frailty—his role as The Nowhere Man—to track him down and get rid of him. The first book in Gregg Hurwitz’s riveting new series starring Evan Smoak, Orphan X, is a brilliant thriller that captures the reader’s attention from the initial page.

#39 The Gray Man

He is referred to as the Gray Man by those who prowl the shadows. He is a legend in the shadows, slipping stealthily from job to job, doing the unthinkable, and then disappearing. And he consistently hits his mark. Always.

However, the world has more deadly forces than Gentry. money-like forces and strength. And there are men who believe that this is the only thing worth fighting for in the world. And in their eyes, Gentry’s usefulness has simply run its course. However, Court Gentry will demonstrate that there is no distinction between killing to survive and killing to earn a living in his eyes.

#40 Gather The Daughters

This chilling debut about a cult on a remote island, in which nothing is as it seems, is reminiscent of The Giver and Never Let Me Go. Ten men and their families settled on an island off the coast many years ago, right before the nation was burned to ashes and left as a wasteland. They created a revolutionary society with tight knowledge and history rationing, and ancestor worship, and managed to breed. Only the Wanderers, chosen male descendants of the original ten, are permitted to enter the wastelands, where they scavenge for debris among the still-burning fires. The daughters of these men are future wives. They encounter their Summer of Fruition at the first hint of puberty, a ritualistic season that ushers them from adolescence into marriage.

When they are no longer needed, they take their last drink and pass away. They have kids, who have children, and so on. However, during the summer, the younger kids are in charge. The children live wildly, fighting over food and shelter, free from their dads’ grasp and their mothers’ anguish, with the adults inside and the teenagers in Fruition. And at the conclusion of one summer, young Caitlin Jacob witnesses something so horrible and in direct violation of the island’s laws that she is forced to inform the others.

#41 Heroes Of Olympus

The first three books of the hugely successful Heroes of Olympus series are collected in a gorgeous paperback boxed set. Both devoted followers of the series and fresh readers just starting out will desire this compilation.

I have a sweet space in my heart for this series. The typical structure of a Riordan book is widely known. There is a demi-god, they receive a quest, finish it, and briefly save the world, only for it to happen again in the following book. But Riordan does provide enough minor surprises and information to keep this style engaging. This series covers both the Roman demigods and their demi-god counterparts in addition to the Greek demigods and their demi-gods. The way that these two universes were combined for this plot intrigued me. Once more, the gods were employing the demi-gods as pieces in their chess games.

#42 The Maidens

A murderer, Edward Fosca is. Mariana is assured of this. Fosca, though, is untouchable. Fosca is a charming and attractive Greek tragedy professor at Cambridge University who is adored by both staff and students, especially by the female members of The Maidens, a covert organization of female students. When one of The Maidens, a friend of Mariana’s niece Zoe, is found killed in Cambridge, Mariana Andros, a bright but unstable group therapist, gets fascinated with the group.

Mariana, who was previously a student at the institution, rapidly develops the suspicion that something dark hides beneath the ancient traditions and behind the beautiful grandeur of the spires and turrets. She also comes to the conclusion that Edward Fosca committed the crime despite having a plausible excuse. But why would the teacher pick on one of his pupils? And why does he constantly bring up the rituals associated with the female Persephone and her trip to the underworld?

#43 One By One

A stunning view, a roaring fire, and company to make you feel comfortable don’t sound like the worst problems in the world when you’re snowed in at a charming, rustic mountain cabin. But what if that company consists of eight of your coworkers, and none of them can be trusted?

When an avalanche strikes during a work retreat intended to foster mindfulness and collaboration, the corporate food chain is rendered meaningless and survival takes precedence over camaraderie. How many members will the team be missing on Monday? Another exciting thriller set on a snow-covered mountain is written by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Turn of the Key and In a Dark Dark Wood.

#44 Silent Patient

The life of Alicia Berenson appears to be ideal. She is a well-known painter who is married to a well-known fashion photographer. She resides in a lavish home with large windows that looks out onto a park in one of London’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Gabriel, her husband, arrives home late one evening from a fashion assignment, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face before going silent.

By being silent and refusing to offer any explanation, Alicia elevates a family tragedy into a mystery that captivates the public’s interest and makes her famous. She, the quiet patient, is kept out of the spotlight and tabloids at the Grove, a secure forensic facility in North London, as the value of her artwork soars.

#45 The Raven Cycle

“There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve,” Neeve said. “Either you’re his true love . . . or you killed him.”

Before the dead ever arrive, the churchyard is chilly. Every year, as the soon-to-be-dead pass by, Blue Sargent and her psychic mother watch from a distance. Not until this particular year, when a boy steps out of the shadows and speaks to Blue directly, does Blue herself ever see them.

#46 Behind Her Eyes

Louise is a secretary, a single mother, and a victim of the modern rut. Sparks flare when she encounters a man in a bar on a rare night out. He leaves after their kiss, but she is still happy to have found someone. Louise meets David, her new supervisor when she reports working on Monday. the bar’s patron. The extremely married bar patron admits the kiss was a grave mistake but who can’t stop staring at Louise.

Then Louise encounters Adele, a newcomer to the area in need of friends who also happens to be David’s wife. Although David and Adele appear to be the ideal couple, why is David so domineering and why is Adele so afraid of him?

#47 The Goldfinch

Theo Decker, the thirteen-year-old son of a dedicated mother and a negligent, largely absent father, escapes a collision that would have otherwise destroyed his life. He is welcomed in by a wealthy friend’s family in New York after being lost and alone there. He is plagued by an intolerable yearning for his mother, and over the years, he has clung to the item that reminds him of her the most: a small, oddly alluring painting that eventually pulls him into the underworld of crime. Theo develops the ability to move effortlessly between the opulent drawing rooms of the wealthy and the dingy antique shop where he works. He is in love and alienated, and his talisman, the painting, puts him in the center of a circling area that is getting smaller and riskier by the second.

The Goldfinch is a fascinating drama with a ghostly journey across modern-day America. It is a magnificent, enthralling triumph that combines unforgettable vivid characters with exhilarating suspense. It is a vast story of grief and obsession, of safety and self, and of the greatest riddles of love, identity, and fate.

#48 You

Joe Goldberg does what any reasonable person would do when a stunning aspiring author enters the East Village bookstore where he works: he searches the name on her credit card. In New York City, there is just one Guinevere Beck. She does have a public Facebook page and frequently updates her Twitter account, giving Joe all the information he requires: she goes by Beck among her friends, attended Brown University, resides on Bank Street, and will be in a Brooklyn bar tonight—the ideal setting for a “chance” encounter.

Joe manipulates a series of circumstances to make sure Beck ends up in his welcoming arms as he stealthily and compulsively seizes control of her life. As Joe transitions from stalker to boyfriend, he becomes Beck’s ideal partner while subtly erasing any barriers in their path, even if it involves killing. Caroline Kepnes, a debut author, writes a razor-sharp book for our hyper-connected digital world that explores how vulnerable we are all to stalking and manipulation.