Books Like Haunting Adeline

Books like Books Like Haunting Adeline

October 18, 2022

#1 Books Like Married To The Devil’s Son

A prince who is purported to be the Devil’s child.

He embodies danger in all its forms.

#2 The Sweet Gum Tree

Alix French, the precocious darling of a respected southern family, eats sweet tea, cornbread, and soup beans on a daily basis. But nothing about the day she encountered ten-year-old Nick Anderson, a child from the wrong side of town, was routine. Alix treats the raw evidence of a recent beating that scarred his back, an act that changes both of their lives forever, armed only with a tin of bee balm and steely determination.

Through childhood misfortunes and adolescent woes, they cling to each other as friendship blossoms to love. The future appears bright until the terrible night when Nick’s abusive father, Frank Anderson, is shot to death in his filthy trailer.

#3 Books Like Midsommar

A young American couple named Dani and Christian is on the verge of divorcing one another. Dani, who is grieving, accepts Christian and his friend’s invitation to travel with them to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in a far-off Swedish village after a family tragedy forces them to remain together. When the isolated villagers urge their visitors to participate in activities that make the pastoral paradise eerier and viscerally disturbing, what starts off as a joyful summer vacation in a country of endless sunlight takes a tragic turn. A terrifying cinematic fable where a world of darkness develops in broad daylight comes from the imaginative mind of Ari Aster.

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#4 Books Like Tryst Six Venom


Good females attend Marymount. We keep our tongues shut, so even if we weren’t chaste or virginal, no one would ever know. I don’t really have anything to share, though. I never permitted guys to go too far. I’m decent. I’m attractive, intelligent, talented, and popular. My skirt is always pressed, and I never have an out-of-place hairstyle. On Monday, I walk tall down the halls, but on Sunday, I get down on my knees like the good Catholic girl I am. I am that. constantly in charge. So they believe. The truth is that it’s simple for me to fight them off because they can never be what I really want. a smooth, velvety object. someone erratic and dangerous. Unfortunately, I have to conceal what I want. in the changing area after hours. during a break between courses in the restroom. in the restroom following a practice. Life is a labyrinth of secrets to me. Nobody can discover mine.

#5 Books Like Through My Window

Raquel Lvarez works diligently and takes her future seriously. She is only interested in becoming a psychologist. And to make Ares Hildago take notice of her. Raquel has been fixated on Ares ever since she can remember. Although he lives next door, Raquel has never had any communication with him. She can’t help but wonder if he is more than just a rich, hot playboy, and she can’t stop picturing what it might be like to kiss him.

Their sizzling connection develops into something that can only be characterized as unquestionably hot after a chance meeting reveals her crush is far from unrequited. They fall in love quickly and deeply.

#6 Books Like The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me

Vanessa Mazur is confident that she is doing morally. She shouldn’t regret giving up. Being a temporary helper, housekeeper, or fairy godmother to the best defensive end in the National Football League was always planned. She has plans, none of which call for cleaning extra-large underpants for an extended period of time.

She is utterly astonished when Aiden Graves knocks on her door and asks her to return. The so-called “Wall of Winnipeg” was unable to greet her in the morning or wish her a happy birthday for two years. Now? He is requesting the unfathomable. How do you respond to a man who is accustomed to getting whatever he wants?

#7 Books Like The Sweetest Oblivion

She’s a romantic at heart, even if she lives in the most unromantic of settings. Elena, who goes by the nickname Sweet Abelli due to her submissive demeanor, always has a sweet grin and answer. She is the preferred child and was the ideal mafia principessa. Her hands are now covered in a crimson paint-like stain of blood that she can only see in the mirror’s image. They claim that initial impressions matter a lot.

Elena’s sister is set up to wed Nicolas Russo in the seedy underbelly of New York. Even by mafia standards, a Made Man, a boss, and a cheat. His notoriety reaches far and broad and is darker than his black ties and suits. He accidentally gives Elena a glare during their first encounter, and she realizes he is just as obnoxious as he is attractive. She doesn’t agree with the man or anything he represents, but it doesn’t stop her heart from pounding like rain on the glass when he’s nearby or the chill that runs down her spine when he speaks.

#8 Books Like Date Me Bryson Keller

The challenge is well-known: every week, Bryson Keller must date the first person to seek him out on Monday. Few believe that Bryson can succeed. Despite being the ruler of Fairvale Academy, he has never actually been in a relationship. Before a boy approaches him and everything changes.

Bryson’s acceptance came as a surprise to Kai Sheridan. Kai is therefore taken aback when Bryson offers to go on a date with him covertly. But as the days pass, he learns that Bryson is more complex than meets the eye and dating him starts to feel less staged and more genuine. Kai is aware of how the tale of a gay boy falling in love ends.

#9 Books Like November 9

The day before her cross-country transfer, Fallon meets Ben, an ambitious writer. Fallon and Ben spend her final day in Los Angeles together due to their unforeseen attraction, and her exciting life serves as the creative motivation Ben has been looking for to write his book. They strive to fulfill on the same date every year, despite the passing years, the many relationships they have, and the trials of their own individual lives. Until one day Fallon starts to question if Ben has been giving her the truth or creating a flawless reality in order to pull the biggest surprise. If Ben’s relationship with Fallon ends in heartbreak, can his book be categorized as a love story?

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#10 Books Like Hush Hush

Nora Grey’s strategy did not include romance. Despite how much her best friend Vee pushes her toward the boys at her school, she has never been especially drawn to them. not before Patch appears. Patch entices Nora to him despite her better judgment with his infectious smile and eyes that appear to see right through her.

But Nora is unsure of who to believe following a string of unsettling experiences. She seems to run across Patch everywhere, and he seems to know her better than her closest friends. She is undecided as to whether to run and hide or collapse into his arms. And when she attempts to get some answers, she discovers that the truth is far more unsettling than Patch has led her to believe. Because she is directly in the heart of a long-ago conflict between the immortal and the dead, Nora must choose sides carefully lest she loses her life.

#11 Books Like Arrogant Devil

Jack McNight is a conceited demon, as is well known throughout Cedar Creek, Texas. Physically, I get it; he is tan and in good shape, and his coal-black hair is definitely the result of hellfire scorching. Oh, and his character? The flame is equally hot. I’m exhausted and wearing my last pair of underpants when I arrive at Blue Stone Ranch. Instead of finding the savior, I was expecting, I did.

My initial impression of Jack is not favorable, but he already has a negative image of me. He knows I’m a spoilt princess there to abuse his generosity. I’m more bother than I’m worth to him. Our teasing should irritate me with its button-pushing. His haughtiness ought to be a significant turnoff. The issue is that devils are infamous for providing their own kind of temptation. His icy glares chill me to my core with each one. I’m left reeling after every hot encounter. There’s no way I’ll make it through the summer without stifling him with a kiss and forcing him out of those Wranglers, even if the Texas heat is messing with my head. Who knows…? Getting into bed with the devil might just be the answer to my problems.

#12 Books Like A Shadow In The Ember

Seraphena Mierel’s future has never been her own because she was born under the Primals’ cloak as a Maiden, just as the Fates had foretold. Sera must give up her life and offer herself to the Primal of Death as his Consort because she was predestined to uphold the desperate agreement her ancestor made to save his people.

Sera’s true fate, on the other hand, is the most closely-guarded-kept secret in all of Lasania; she is an assassin with just one goal and one target, not the well-protected Maiden. Make the Primal of Death fall in love, exploit his vulnerability, and finally, put an end to him. If she fails, she condemns her kingdom to the Rot’s slow destruction.

#13 Books Like Diary Of An Oxygen Thief

Hurt people hurt other people. Imagine there was a book where Lolita was a photographer’s assistant and Holden Caulfield was an alcoholic and they somehow met in Bright Lights, Big City. He is love-blind. She is driven. Above all, Diary of an Oxygen Thief is a very realistic portrayal of what we do to each other and what we let to be done to us. It is an honest, amusing, and heartbreaking work.

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#14 Books Like Pack Darling

I’ve convinced everyone I’m a failure after surviving childhood at the snobby, pretentious boarding school for aspiring omegas. My waking up? Never going to occur. Heat, partners, and a fantastical pack lifestyle? Maybe in the next life. I simply need to be left alone. I’m invisible and on my way to a wonderful future by myself, at least, until the Wyvern Pack shatters my desire for independence.

Orion, Atlas, Hunter, Finn, and Jett are all poisonous candies. Even though there can never truly be a place for me in their pack, they need an omega even though they don’t want one. Who would need a pack? As always, I’ll keep myself secure. I won’t ever wake up, and I won’t ever give my heart to the Wyverns. They won’t do anything but tear me apart. The first novel in a reverse harem duology with an MMFMMM romance, profanity and MM scenes is titled Pack Darling. There are growly alpha men in the human omegaverse, but no shifters or shifting.

#15 Books Like Boyfriend Material

Unwillingly and incidentally, Luc O’Donnell is famous. When he was a child, his rock star parents divorced, and the father—whom he has never met—spent the ensuing 20 years cruising in and out of rehab. Since his father is now making a comeback, Luc is once again in the spotlight, and all it takes is one embarrassing snapshot to wreck everything.

Luc needs to find a pleasant, normal relationship to improve his reputation, and Oliver Blackwood is about as lovely and normal as they get. He is a lawyer, a devout vegetarian, and has never in his life caused a scandal. Or to put it another way: ideal boyfriend material. Unfortunately, Luc and Oliver have little in common other than the fact that they are both gay, single, and desperately seeking a partner for a significant event.

#16 Books Like Uncharted

Owen Sparks, a 23-year-old dot-com millionaire, left his privileged existence with one purpose in mind: to go as far away from those who despised his success or were vying for a piece of it. A distant, uninhabited island halfway across the globe felt like the ideal location to disconnect.

Owen didn’t include Calia Reed in his preparations. Owen pondered whether getting away from it all may be much more pleasurable with a carefree girl who didn’t even know about the life he left behind when he saw the stunning British lady, who was vacationing in the Maldives with her brother, James.

#17 Books Like Virgin River

In Virgin River, which has a population of 600, a midwife or nurse practitioner is needed. Against a backdrop of soaring California redwoods and beautiful rivers, make a difference. Includes a cabin without rent.

Melinda Monroe, who was just widowed, immediately determines that the isolated mountain village of Virgin River could be the ideal spot to get away from her grief and reignite her passion for nursing. Her lofty expectations are quickly dashed though; the cottage is a dump, the roads are dangerous, and the local doctor doesn’t want anything to do with her. The following morning, Mel makes the terrible decision to leave town. However, a little baby left on a doorstep forces her to rethink her plans. and ex-marine Jack Sheridan firmly establishes them.

#18 Books Like 10 Things I Hate About You

This book is a companion to the new teen film, The Taming of the Shrew, starring Larisa Oleynik, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and teen heartthrob Andrew Keegan. It is a romantic comedy based on the classic Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew.

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#19 Books Like 99 Mine

A global survey of men has been conducted by Darcy Barrett. She has traveled the globe and is confident that no one compares to Tom Valeska, whose only shortcoming is that Jamie, Darcy’s twin brother, was the one to first notice him and identify him as his lifelong closest friend. Tom is off limits and, 99% of the time, faithful to her brother despite Darcy’s best attempts. The result of meeting her ideal partner at age eight and reaching the pinnacle of her photography profession at age twenty is that she has had to develop the ability to accept good enough ever since.

When Darcy and Jamie inherit their grandmother’s run-down home, they are given strict instructions to restore it to its former splendor and sell the property. When the renovations begin, Darcy intends to be in an aisle seat halfway across the world, but before she can flee, she sees a familiar face on her porch: an expert house flipper. Tom has come; he is carrying power tools; and, for the first time in almost a decade, he is single.

#20 Books Like You Deserve Each Other

In this wickedly comic, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy debut, happily ever after gets a lot more tricky when your foe also happens to be your fiancé. Nicholas Rose is the ideal fiancé for Naomi Westfield: he remembers her restaurant orders, holds doors open for her and hails from the kind of respectable society family any bride would adore. Never do they argue. Three months out from their grandiose wedding, they are getting ready. And she has had enough of him completely and terribly.

Naomi wants to break off the engagement, but there is a catch: whoever does so will be responsible for paying the nonrefundable wedding costs. When Naomi learns that Nicholas has also been acting happy, the two of them engage in an all-out emotional struggle while pulling practical jokes and sabotaging one another. But Naomi notices that her determination is eroding as the wedding countdown approaches, which may or may not happen. They are finally being themselves and having fun with the last person they assume: each other, because they no longer have anything to lose.

#21 Books Like Valley Of The Dolls

For Anne, Neely, and Jennifer, it really doesn’t matter if the dolls are red or black; pills or tablets; washed down with vodka or just swallowed—as long as the pill bottle is close at hand. When these three women are young and striving in New York City, they become closest friends. Later, when they get to the pinnacle of the entertainment world, they discover that there is nowhere else to go except down, into the Valley of the Dolls.