Books like Fablehaven

October 31, 2022

#1 Books Like Solo Leveling


Jinwoo Sung, an E-rank hunter, lacks resources, talent, prospects, and, it would seem, good fortune as well. He is abandoned by his team and forced to perish at the hands of some of the most horrifying monsters he has ever encountered as he enters a secret double dungeon one fateful day.

#2 Books Like Six Crimson Cranes

The sole princess of Kiata, Shiori, is hiding something. Her blood is infused with forbidden magic. Shiori usually manages to keep it under wraps, but on the morning of her wedding, she loses control. Her error initially appears to be a lucky break, preventing the wedding she had always wanted, but Raikama, her stepmother, notices it as well.

Using wicked magic of her own, Raikama banishes the young princess, changes her brothers into cranes, and warns Shiori not to talk about it to anybody since one of her brothers will die for every word that leaves her mouth. Shiori, who is silent, voiceless, and alone, sets out to find her siblings but instead discovers a plot to usurp the throne that is more sophisticated, clever, and twisted than even Raikama’s betrayal. Only Shiori has the power to restore order to the kingdom, but in order to do so, she must put her faith in the boy she battled so hard not to marry. And no matter the cost, she must accept the magic she has been taught to contain throughout her existence.

#3 Books Like Dungeon Crawler Carl

It’s the most-watched game show in the cosmos! Every human-built structure on Earth, including Buckingham Palace, the smallest shed, and all the automobiles and trucks, collapses in a heap and sinks into the ground in an instant. The dungeon, an 18-level maze full of traps, monsters, and treasure, has been created out of the buildings and all the people inside of them. A dungeon is so big it goes around the world.

Few people are brave enough to enter. However, once inside, there is no way to leave. Even worse, there is a time limit on each level. It’s game over if you can’t find a way down to the next level in the next few days. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or agile in this game. It has to do with your opinions and your audience. Building an audience and effectively dispatching the goblins are the goals.

#4 Books Like The Princess In Black

Princess Magnolia and Duchess Wigtower are enjoying hot cocoa and scones when… Brring! Brring! The alarm of the beast! The goats are under siege from a huge blue monster! Princess Magnolia is not the right person to be stopping monsters. Princess Magnolia has a secret, though, and that is that she is also the Princess in Black. As such, stopping monsters is the ideal job for her. Can the princess elude capture, assume the form of her alter ego and vanquish the monster before the curious duchess learns of her scheme? Here is the first in a comical and action-packed chapter book series for new readers who enjoy their princesses not only neat and perfect but also clothed in black, from the award-winning writing duo of Shannon and Dean Hale and illustrator LeUyen Pham.

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#5 Books Like Kushiel’s Dart

Terre d’Ange is a land of grace and beauty beyond compare. According to legend, angels discovered the area and judged it to be good. The race that emerged from the union of angels and mortals adheres to a single, uncomplicated moral code: Love what thou wilt.

Young Phèdre nó Delaunay was born with a red birthmark in her left eye. Her bond is acquired by Anafiel Delaunay, a nobleman with a very particular mission… and the first one to identify who and what she is: one pierced by Kushiel’s Dart, chosen to experience pain and pleasure for all time as one. She was sold into bonded servitude as a youngster.

#6 Books Like Baldur’s Gate

Bhaal has to be halted! A teenage mercenary is being led toward an unbelievable secret as someone is damaging the iron mines of the Sword Coast and driving strong realms toward a terrible conflict. In the action-packed novelization of the Baldur’s Gate video game from BioWare and Interplay, evil gods, enormous spiders, ruthless doppelgängers, flesh-eating ghouls, and malevolent Zhentarim come to life.

#7 Books Like Rivers Of London

Constable on Trial Peter Grant aspires to join the Metropolitan Police of London as a detective. It’s unfortunate that his superior intends to place him in the Case Progression Unit, where the only danger he’ll encounter is a paper cut. However, Peter’s chances change following a mysterious murder when he learns insider info from a witness who also seems to be a ghost. Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, who looks into criminal offenses magic, and other manifestations of the supernatural, notice Peter because of his capacity to communicate with the living dead. Peter is now thrust into a world where gods and goddesses mix with mortals and a long-dead evil is making a resurgence on a rising tide of magic. This is happening while a wave of cruel and weird murders sweeps the city.

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#8 Books Like Keeper Of The Lost Cities

Sophie Foster, a 12-year-old, is hiding a secret. She is a telepath, which means she can hear everyone’s thoughts. She has never been able to explain her skill. The day she meets Fitz, a mysterious teenager who emerges out of nowhere and has the ability to read minds, everything changes. She learns she does belong somewhere, and sticking with her family will put her in great danger. Sophie is abruptly forced to leave everything behind and begin a new life in a location that is quite dissimilar to everything she has ever known.

Although Sophie has returned “home,” not everyone is happy about it. She has new rules to master and new abilities to master. There are things that other people truly want to know about Sophie that are stored away in her memory, things like who she really is and why she was concealed among people. perhaps even kill for In this captivating debut novel by Shannon Messenger, a young woman must discover why she holds the key to her brand-new universe before the wrong person does.

#9 Books Like Queen Of The Tearling

In this epic debut, which combines magic, adventures, mystery, and romance, a young princess must retake her deceased mother’s kingdom, learn to be a queen, and confront the Red Queen, a potent and malicious sorcerer out to ruin her. Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, who was raised in exile, embarks on a treacherous trip to the castle of her birth on her eighteenth birthday in order to claim the throne that is rightfully hers. Unlike her arrogant and frivolous mother, Queen Elyssa, Kelsea is a plain and serious young woman who enjoys reading and learning.

Kelsea may be untrained and sheltered, but she is not helpless: The Tearling sapphire, a gem with tremendous magical power, hangs around her neck, and she is accompanied by the Queen’s Guard, a group of gallant knights under the command of the mysterious and devoted Lazarus. To survive a group of adversaries who will employ all available means—from assassins donning red capes to the most powerful blood magic—Kelsea will need them all.

#10 Attack On Titan

The Battle of Desperation begins! What’s remained of humanity has been hiding out in a massive, three-walled metropolis for the past century out of dread of the strange, enormous humanoids known as the Titans. Little is understood about where they originated from or why they are out to devour humanity, but everything is about to change when a massive Titan suddenly appears.

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#11 Moon Called

Mercedes Thompson, also known as Mercy, is a skilled Volkswagen mechanic who resides in Washington’s Tri-Cities region. She also seems to be a walker, a supernatural person with the ability to instantly transform into a coyote. The person living next door to Mercy is a werewolf. Her previous employer is a gremlin. She is also repairing a bus for a vampire. This is Mercy Thompson’s world, which resembles our own in many ways but is home to supernatural beings. And Mercy is about to fall into some severe trouble because of her relationship to those things.

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#12 Mageborn

For fans of Graceling and Sarah J. Maas, a dark and compelling fantasy novel. An orphan soldier’s life is intertwined with the enigmatic heir to the throne, whose sheer presence awakens the hidden magic she has been hiding inside her, a magic that violates every rule she is obligated to maintain.

The space is constrained and dim. The shelves are lined with row after row of jars, each with a blood-red wax seal. A tangled circle of briar with dazzling, gold-tipped thorns serves as the seal’s mark. Additionally, a terrible but beautiful dance of forbidden magic can be seen in each jar.

#13 Life Reset

Oren, a strong and important player, ends as a 1st-level Goblin after being deceived and damned by an exceptionally rare spell! He swears to persevere and get retribution on those who deceived him despite having only a small fraction of his former strength. The only things working in his favor are his in-depth familiarity with the game’s environment and his exceptional capacity for immersion. But first, he has to figure out how to continue playing what is essentially a low-level fodder monster for a long enough period of time!

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#14 House In The Cerulean Sea

A fantastic island, an unsafe task, and a fierce secret. The life of Linus Baker is peaceful and alone. He’s forty years old and resides in a little home with a cunning cat and his old recordings. He oversees the welfare of kids in officially recognized orphanages as a Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth.

When Linus is unceremoniously summoned by Extremely Upper Management, he is given a strange and highly classified task: visit the Marsyas Island Orphanage, where six dangerous children live: a were-Pomeranian, the Antichrist, a gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, and five other children. Linus needs to put his worries to the side and assess their likelihood of bringing about the end of the world.

#15 Practical Magic

This captivating book by New York Times bestselling author Alice Hoffman follows the Owens sisters as they deal with the difficulties of life and love. The Owens ladies have been held accountable for everything wrong in their Massachusetts community for more than 200 years. The sisters Gillian and Sally shared the same destiny as children, always being teased, disparaged, and pointed at. With their musty home, strange concoctions, and a horde of black cats, their elderly aunts almost seemed to encourage the rumors of witchcraft. However, Gillian and Sally only wanted to get away.

One will achieve this by getting married, and the other by leaving. But the connections they have will bind them together again, almost magically. However, after Pino is hurt, he is hired at the young age of eighteen to work as General Hans Leyers’s personal driver in Italy. General Leyers was one of the Third Reich’s most enigmatic and powerful commanders.

#16 Tuesdays At The Castle

Princess Celie’s preferred days in Castle Glower are Tuesdays. That’s because the castle frequently adds a new room, turret, or even a whole wing on Tuesdays. No one, save Celie, ever takes the time to lay out the new expansions, and no one ever understands what the castle will do next. But when the King and Queen of Glower are ambushed and their destiny is unknown, Celie must defend their house and save the kingdom with her secret understanding of the castle’s never-ending turns and turns. The first book in a brand-new series that is guaranteed to become a modern classic is this charming one from a beloved among readers and booksellers.

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#17 He Who Fights With Monsters

Jason awakens in a shadowy realm filled with creatures and magic. The transition from the middle manager of an office supply store to a brave interdimensional explorer is not simple. Jason at least makes an effort to be brave, but it’s challenging to be good when all of your abilities are bad.

On the first day alone, he will battle against cannibals, cultists, wizards, and monsters. He will require strength, cunning, and his own unique set of magical abilities. He’s going to require pants first, though. He Who Fights with Monsters is now accessible on Kindle after becoming one of the highest-rated serial novels on Royal Road with an astounding 13 million views.

#18 Hollow Kingdom

In this singularly hilarious debut book from a literary author who blurs genre lines, one pet crow battles to save mankind from an apocalypse. S.T., a domesticated crow, enjoys the finer things in life, including spending time with his owner Big Jim, picking fights with the stupid wild crows in Seattle, and eating Cheetos®.

Then, when Big Jim’s eyeball begins to slide out of his head, S.T. begins to suspect something is amiss. Big Jim’s crippling illness is not cured by his tried-and-true treatments, including beak-delivered beer and Dennis, his devoted but dimwitted dog.

#19 The Beginning After The End

In a society where martial prowess rules, King Grey possesses unmatched strength, money, and prestige. However, individuals with enormous power trail behind in a close second to isolation. The empty shell of a man, devoid of motivation and will, lies beneath the opulent appearance of a strong monarch.

The king is given a second chance to live out his life after being reincarnated into a brand-new world full of magic and monsters. However, he will face more difficulties than just making up for his previous errors. An undercurrent that threatens to undermine everything he has labored for and raises questions about his purpose for being born again lies beneath the serenity and prosperity of the new world.

#20 Dragonriders Of Pern

The first three books in the most well-known science fiction series in the world, THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, by Anne McCaffrey, one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time, are now collected in one book: THE WHITE DRAGON, DRAGONFLIGHT, and DRAGON QUEST. Lessa, F’lar, Ruth, Lord Jaxon, and all the others will be able to reminisce with others who are familiar with these incredible stories. And for others who are only now learning about this fascinating location, there are countless tales of peril, trickery, and bravery that are just waiting to be discovered.

#21 Magyk

Readers are taken on a spectacular voyage by the first book in an intriguing new series, which is full of eccentric characters, cunning charms, potions, and spells. Ages 9+. Septimus Heap, the 7th son of the 7th son, is kidnapped the night he is born by a midwife who declares him dead. The newborn’s father, Silas Heap, discovers a bundle in the snow that night that contains a baby girl with violet eyes. The Heaps adopt this defenseless infant into their family, give her the name Jenna, and raise her as one of their own. But who is this enigmatic infant and what actually transpired to their cherished kid, Septimus?

The first installment of this captivating new series takes readers on a spectacular adventure packed with eccentric people, cunning charms, potions, and spells, as well as a desire to solve the mystery surrounding Septimus Heap, who is at the center of this tale. In the spirit of great British storytellers, Angie Sage writes. Magyk will make readers smile and want more because of her creative fantasy heart and comedy.

#22 Land Of Stories

In this action-packed adventure that masterfully mixes our contemporary reality with the enchanted realm of traditional fairy tales, Alex and Conner Bailey’s world is about to change. Alex and Conner’s story is told in The Land of Stories. They leave their own world behind and arrive in a strange place full of magic and wonder where they encounter the fairy tale characters they have been reading about since they were young. This is made possible by the mysterious abilities of a treasured book of stories.

Nevertheless, they soon discover that returning home will be more difficult than they anticipated following a string of confrontations with witches, wolves, goblins, and trolls.

#23 Words Of Radiance

The engrossing fantasy epic that The Way of Kings started is continued in Book Two of the Stormlight Archive, Words of Radiance. The royal bodyguards are under Kaladin’s command, a controversial first for a low-status “dark eyes.” Kaladin must defend the king and Dalinar from everyday dangers as well as the distinctly uncommon threat posed by the Assassin, all while secretly attempting to master remarkable new abilities that are somehow connected to his honorspre, Syl.

Szeth, the assassin, is back at work assassinating kings across Roshar, using his enigmatic abilities to evade every bodyguard and escape every pursuer. Highprince Dalinar, who is regarded as the force behind the Alethi monarchy, is one of his main goals. The war’s importance would seem to be sufficient justification, but the Assassin’s master has much deeper motivations.

#24 Kafka On The Shore

Two remarkable characters drive Kafka on the Shore, a tour de force of metaphysical reality: Kafka Tamura, a young man who runs away from home either to escape a horrifying oedipal prophecy or to look for his long-missing mother and sister; and Nakata, an elderly simpleton who never recovered from a wartime illness and is now drawn to Kafka for reasons that, like the most basic activities of daily life, he cannot understand. Their voyage, which is equally mysterious to them and us, is enhanced by colorful companions and captivating circumstances throughout.

Conversations between cats and people occur, a ghostlike pimp hires a Hegel-quoting prostitute, troops in a forest seem to have not aged since World War II, and fish rainstorms (and worse) fall from the sky. This and every other question are eventually resolved, just as the intertwined fates of Kafka and Nakata are gradually revealed, with one escaping his fate entirely and the other given a fresh start on his own. There is a brutal murder, with the identities of both the victim and the perpetrator remaining a mystery.

#25 The Book Of Life

This much-awaited climax, which brings the enchantment and suspense of the All Souls Trilogy to a wonderfully gratifying finish, immediately shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. In The Book of Life, Diana and Matthew’s time travel from Elizabethan London to the present in a dramatic way, where they encounter fresh challenges and resurgent foes. They rejoin with the adored cast of A Discovery of Witches characters at Matthew’s ancestral house, Sept-Tours, with one notable exception. The search for Ashmole 782 and its missing pages becomes even more urgent when it becomes clear the actual danger to their future, which has not yet been made public.

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#26 Unearthly

There is a boy standing among the trees at the beginning. Recently, Clara Gardner discovered that she has angelic ancestry. In addition to being superior to humans in terms of intelligence, strength, and speed (a term that, she realizes, no longer applies to her), having angel blood in her means that she has a mission and was placed on this planet for a reason. It’s difficult to determine what that is, though.

She is sent to a new school in a new town by images of a huge forest fire and a seductive man. Everything seems to fit into place and to be out of place at the same time when she meets Christian, who ends up becoming the boy of her fantasies (literally).

#27 Heir Of Fire

Celaena has persevered through life-threatening battles and crushing heartache but at an unthinkable price. Her worst truth—a revelation about her ancestry that has the potential to completely alter her life and her future—must now be faced in a foreign country. Brutal and monstrous forces, intent on enslaving her Earth, are assembling in the meantime. Will Celaena muster the fortitude to battle not only her personal demons but also the impending evil?

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#28 The False Prince

Civil war is raging in a kingdom full of dissatisfaction. Conner, a court aristocrat, comes up with a cunning plot to locate a pretending to be the king’s long-lost son and put him as a puppet prince in an effort to bring the divided people together. A stubborn young man named Sage is one of the four orphans enlisted to compete for the part. Sage is well aware of Conner’s dubious motivations, but his life hangs in the balance since either he is cast as the prince or he will undoubtedly be slain. However, Sage’s competitors also have their own goals.

Layer upon layer of treachery and deceit emerge as Sage transitions from a dilapidated orphanage to Conner’s opulent palace, until at last truth is exposed that, in the end, may very well prove to be more perilous than all of the lies put together.

#29 Keeper Of The Lost Cities

Sophie Foster, a 12-year-old, is hiding a secret. She is a telepath, which means she can hear everyone’s thoughts. She has never been able to explain her skill. The day she encounters Fitz, a mysterious teenager who emerges out of nowhere and has the ability to read minds, everything changes. She learns she does belong somewhere, and sticking with her family will put her in great danger. Sophie is abruptly forced to leave everything behind and begin a new life in a location that is quite dissimilar to everything she has ever experienced.

Although Sophie has returned “home,” not everyone is happy about it. She has new rules to learn and new abilities to master. There are things that other people truly want to know about Sophie that are stored away in her memory, things like who she really is and why she was concealed among people. perhaps even kill for In this captivating debut novel by Shannon Messenger, a young woman must discover why she possesses the key to her brand-new universe before the wrong person does.

#30 The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial is the first book in The Magisterium Series, authored by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and released on September 9, 2014, by Scholastic Corporation. Call’s father has always advised him to steer clear of magic. Success in the Iron Trial and acceptance into the prestigious Magisterium school would be horrible. But he fails even in failing. Only arduous work, devoted friends, peril, and a dog are in store.

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#31 Evermore Academy

One thoughtless mistake forces me to spend the next four years with the monsters that killed my parents after I’ve spent my entire life avoiding them. My atonement? The famed Evermore Academy, a finishing school for the Seelie and Unseelie Fae courts, offers the opportunity to become a human shadow. The ruthless and conceited Winter Prince, the most powerful Fae in the academy and ostensibly also my Fae keeper, and I become enemies on the first day. But the academy is threatened by something dreadful and evil. People are dying, long-forgotten grudges are coming to light, and the legal system is more ruthless than ever. What can a mortal girl accomplish on a planet populated by stunning monsters? fight back with all of my might while attempting to avoid falling in love.

#32 A Court Of Mist And Fury

Feyre has endured more hardships than a single human woman can bear inside her. She is troubled by her stay Under the Mountain and the awful acts she committed to save Tamlin and his people’s lives, even though she has been given the abilities and longevity of the High Fae.

Feyre experiences nightmares and a sense of hollowness as her marriage to Tamlin draw near. She discovers that she has been divided into two distinct people: one who upholds her agreement with Rhysand, High Lord of the dreaded Night Court, and one who spends the rest of her life with Tamlin in the Spring Court. A bigger evil lurks as Feyre negotiates a complex web of politics, desire, and stunning power.

#33 Assassin’s Blade

The most dreaded assassin in Adarlan is Celaena Sardothien. Despite being a member of the Assassin’s Guild and having Arobynn Hamel as her master, Celaena pays no attention to anyone and only has Sam, another hired murderer, in her corner. Celaena takes on five risky missions in these action-packed novellas, which are being published together in one volume for the first time. They transport her to inhospitable deserts and distant islands, where she struggles to free captives and get revenge on the oppressive. She is defying Arobynn’s commands, nevertheless, and faces an improbable punishment for her treason. When will Celaena actually be free? Discover the truth by venturing into this badass heroine’s shadowy underworld.

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#34 The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic

Emily Croy Barker’s captivating debut novel, which has drawn compared to immensely popular fantasy books by Deborah Harkness and Lev Grossman, provides an erudite escape into a beautifully conceived world. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic is certain to pique readers’ interest since it features an endearing female protagonist, cinematic storytelling, sardonic humor, and incredibly clever literary allusions.

Nora Fischer, desperate to forget about her catastrophic breakup and her procrastinated dissertation, slips off during a dismal weekend at a friend’s wedding. Somehow, she ends up in an entirely different world. She meets wealthy Ilissa and her gorgeous son Raclin there, who introduce Nora to an opulent new world. But as this dreamland’s opulent exterior breaks, Nora discovers herself in a fairy tale gone horribly wrong. And she must become proficient in genuine magic if she wants to survive.

#35 Dance Of Thieves

The Ballenger empire’s next ruler is Jase when the patriarch passes away. Even neighboring kingdoms submit to the might of this outlaw family, who have always maintained their own system of government. But a young queen has started a new age, and because of this, the dynasty is resentful of and angry with her.

The queen also assigns Kazi, a renowned former street thief, to look into crimes committed against the new colonies. Kazi discovers that Jase is more complex than she initially believed when she travels to the hostile land of the Ballengers. They get deeply entwined as unanticipated events spiral out of their control and bring them together, and they continue to engage in a cat and mouse game of fictitious actions and intentions in order to carry out their own personal missions.

#36 Snow Like Ashes

A girl in tears, a courageous warrior, and a potential hero. The Kingdom of Winter lost both magic and a king sixteen years ago after being invaded and its inhabitants were made into slaves. The eight survivors who were able to flee, who have been hoping for a chance to reclaim Winter’s magic and restore the kingdom ever since are now the Winterians’ only hope for freedom.

Meira has spent her entire life as a refugee after being abandoned as a newborn during Winter’s defeat. Sir, the general of the Winterians, nurtured her. She was preparing to be a warrior and was in love with her closest friend and future king, Mather, and would do anything to restore the glory of her realm. Therefore, Meira chooses to go after the ancient locket herself when scouts find its location of it. This is because it can revive Winter’s magic. Finally, she is climbing towers and battling enemy warriors, just as she had always imagined. However, things don’t go as planned, and Meira quickly finds herself thrown into a world of dark magic and perilous politics. She eventually realizes that her fate is not, and never has been, her own.

#37 Vicious By Ve Schwab

A great story about passion, ambition, jealousy, and superpowers. At first, Victor and Eli shared a dorm room in college. Both were intelligent, haughty, and lonely boys, but they also saw the same drive and desire in the other. In their final year, they discover an intriguing possibility: that under the appropriate circumstances, someone could acquire amazing talents. They both have similar study interests in adrenaline, near-death experiences, and incidents that seem supernatural. However, things go horribly wrong when their thesis shifts from the scholarly to the experimental.

Ten years later, with the help of a young girl whose quiet demeanor hides a remarkable talent, Victor escapes from prison and sets out to catch up to his old buddy (now an enemy). Aside from his companion, a mysterious woman with an unbreakable will, Eli is on a mission to eliminate every other super-powered individual he can locate. The archenemies have set out on a road for retribution with dangerous power on both sides and are motivated by memories of treachery and tragedy, but who will survive in the end? Vicious by V. E. Schwab vividly describes a grim comic-book-style world where acquiring superpowers doesn’t inevitably translate into heroism and a period when allegiances are questioned.

#38 Wizards Of Once

This is the amazing narrative of what transpires when a little boy Magician and a young girl Warrior, who has been bred to loathe each other like poison, clash. Ideal for children who enjoy imaginative adventures… When magic existed, it used to dwell in the pitch-black woodlands. Wizard child Xar wants to find a witch and take her magic so that he can use it for himself. He should have learned his magic by now, but he hasn’t. However, if he wants to have any chance of locating one, he must enter the banned Badwoods.

Xar is going to capture a whole different type of adversary, but he is unaware of this. Wish is a Warrior girl. Two universes collide inside this book right now, changing the course of the country’s history forever. Wish and Xar must confront the demonic Queen in the dungeons of Warrior Fort. However, something that has lain dormant for centuries is now stirring.

#39 Uprooted

Agnieszka adores her house in the valley, her peaceful village, the forests, and the sparkling river. However, the corrupted Wood, which is on the border and is full of nefarious power, casts a shadow over her life.

To restrain its abilities, her people rely on the icy, obstinate wizard known only as the Dragon. But in exchange for his assistance, he wants a terrible price: a young lady must be given up to assist him for ten years, a fate that is almost as horrible as being taken by the Wood.

#40 Entwined

Azalea should feel like she has it all—beautiful clothes, handsome suitors, dancing at balls—but then it’s taken away. all of it. Azalea is also entrapped. The Keeper is aware. He is also imprisoned inside the palace’s walls, where he has been for generations. He, therefore, extends a welcome.

Azalea and her eleven sisters are permitted to enter his silver woodland each night via an enchanted entrance in their room, but there is a fee. The Keeper enjoys holding onto things. Azalea might not understand how caught up in his web she is until it’s too late.

#41 The Red Knight

The monthly cost of $28 florins is a hefty price to pay for a man to protect you from the Wild. When a wyvern’s jaws slam shut on your helmet in the heat of battle and the beast begins to tear the head from your shoulders, twenty-eight florins per month is nothing near enough. Leading a group of men—or, worse, a group of mercenaries—against the cunning, lethal beasts of the Wild is even tougher than just standing and fighting.

It needs all the benefits of birth, education, and the devil’s luck to succeed. The Red Knight possesses all three, is motivated to get money, and has youngsters on his side. So it’s just another duty when he contracts his business to guard a nunnery and an abbess. The nuns are attractive, Abby is wealthy, and he is able to deal with the monster that is preying on them. But it’s more than simply a job. There will be a conflict…

#42 Sorcery Of Thorns

Evil sorcerers are the norm. Since she can remember, Elisabeth has known that. Elisabeth was nurtured as a foundling in one of Austermeer’s Great Libraries, where she spent her formative years surrounded by magical grimoires that rattled beneath iron chains and whispered on shelves. They can become hideous ink and leather monsters when provoked. She aspires to hold the position of warden, which involves defending the realm against their influence.

The library’s most lethal grimoire is then released as a result of sabotage. Elisabeth is forced from her home to appear in court in the capital after her frantic intervention makes her appear guilty of the crime. She finds herself caught up in a long-standing scheme with no one to turn to but her sworn foe, the sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn, and his mysterious evil servant. The entire globe might burn to the ground along with the Great Libraries.

#43 The Gilded Ones

Deka, age 16, is terrified and eagerly awaits the blood ritual that will determine if she will be accepted into her village. Deka, who already stands out from the others due to her unusual intuition, wants to pray for red blood in order to feel more at home. However, on the day of the ritual, her blood turns a purplish gold tint, and Deka is aware that she will suffer an outcome worse than death.

Then a mystery woman approaches her and offers her the option to either remain in the village and accept her fate or to join an army of girls who are just like her in fighting for the emperor. They are known as alaki, nearly immortal beings with uncommon talents. The biggest threat to the empire can only be stopped by them. Deka chooses to leave the only life she has ever known while being aware of the perils that lay ahead and wishing for acceptance. But she will find that the vast walled city has many surprises in store when she travels there to prepare for the biggest fight of her life. Even Deka herself cannot be trusted to be who she claims to be.

#44 This Savage Song

In a city at war or one overtaken by monsters, there really is no such thing as safety. A young woman and a young man must decide whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—in this dark urban fantasy by author Victoria Schwab, with the destiny of their home on the line. the first book of a series.

The city is divided, and Kate Harker and August Flynn are the successors to it. In this metropolis, violence has started to produce real monsters. Kate only aspires to be as merciless as her father, who allows the monsters to prowl free while charging the populace for his defense. All August’s desires are to be human, to have the same moral character as his father, and to do more to defend the defenseless—but he is one of the demons. one who can take someone’s soul with only a single musical note. August seizes the opportunity to watch over Kate, who has just been sent home after being expelled from her sixth boarding school when it presents itself. However, Kate learns August’s truth, and the two are forced to run for their life following a botched assassination attempt.

#45 Carnival Row

Tourmaline Larou leads a perfect life of study during the day and revelry at night. She wants to be a poet, and her future looks brilliant. When Vignette Stonemoss enters the room, Tourmaline’s entire world is turned upside down. Tourmaline and her fellow fairies face a rising threat from the human realm as she tries to comprehend the impact this stranger is having on them. The prospect of war puts their entire existence in jeopardy. Tourmaline will also find out if love can save her or break her.

The universe of Travis Beacham and René Echevarria’s Amazon Original series Carnival Row, Tangle in the Dark, is where the story takes place. Amazon Prime Video is the only place to see Carnival Row.

#46 To Kill A Kingdom

The most dangerous siren of them all is Princess Lira, who is siren royalty. She is admired all over the sea because she has the hearts of seventeen princes in her possession. Until a cruel turn of events compels her to murder one of her own. The Sea Queen turns Lira into the creature that they despise most, a human, as punishment for her daughter. Lira has been stripped of her song and has until the winter solstice to give the Sea Queen Prince Elian’s heart or she will always be a human.

Prince Elian is the heir of the most potent kingdom in the world, yet he only ever calls the ocean home. More than a sinister pastime, siren hunting is his vocation. She is more than she seems as he saves a woman who is drowning in the ocean. Can he believe her when she says she will assist him in discovering the secret to permanently wiping out the siren race? And how many agreements will Elian have to make in order to defeat the greatest foe of humanity?

#47 Daughter Of The Pirate King

Seventeen-year-old pirate captain Alosa is sent on a quest to find an ancient buried map, which is the key to a fabled treasure trove. However, she purposefully allows herself to be imprisoned by her opponents so that she can explore their ship.

Alosa is a formidable match for the vicious pirate crew, and the only thing standing in her way of the map is her captive, the unfairly handsome and shockingly cunning first mate, Riden. But don’t worry, the Daughter of the Pirate King Alosa has some cunning plans in store, and no lone pirate can stop her.

#48 Ash Princess

When Theodosia was six years old, her mother, the Fire Queen, was assassinated right in front of her eyes. Theodosia’s family, her land, and her name were all taken by the Kaiser on that day. Theo was named Ash Princess, which was a humiliating title for her to carry in her new life as a prisoner.

Theo has been held prisoner within her own palace for ten years. She has put up with the Kaiser and his court’s constant abuse and mockery. She is helpless and can only survive in her new environment by burying the little girl she once was inside.

#49 The House In The Cerulean Sea

A fantastic island, an unsafe task, and a fierce secret. The life of Linus Baker is peaceful and alone. He’s forty years old and resides in a little home with a cunning cat and his old recordings. He oversees the welfare of kids in officially recognised orphanages as a Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth.

When Linus is unceremoniously summoned by Extremely Upper Management, he is given a strange and highly classified task: visit the Marsyas Island Orphanage, where six dangerous children live: a were-Pomeranian, the Antichrist, a gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, and five other children. Linus needs to put his worries to the side and assess their likelihood of bringing about the end of the world.

#50 Piranesi

Piranesi’s home is unlike any other structure; it has countless rooms, countless hallways, and walls covered in tens of thousands of sculptures, each one unique from the others. An ocean is trapped within the maze of halls; waves pound up the stairs, flooding the chambers in an instant. Piranesi, however, is unfazed because he is aware of the tides and is familiar with the layout of the labyrinth. He enjoys exploring the house.

There is only one other resident in the home, a man by the name of The Other who seeks Piranesi for assistance with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge twice a week. But as Piranesi continues to investigate, proof of a second individual appears, and a dreadful truth starts to come into focus, exposing a world beyond what Piranesi has always known.