Books like Fallen

October 18, 2022

#1 Delirium

In a different version of the United States, the government requires everyone who turns 18 to undergo a surgery known as the Cure since it has been classified as a deadly disease. Lena Haloway, who resides in Portland, Maine with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, is eagerly anticipating her recovery and the start of a secure, routine life. Her mother was destroyed by love, and she is not ready to make the same error.

However, Lena meets mysterious Alex, a guy from the “Wilds” who lives beneath the government’s radar, with 95 days till her treatment. If they do the unthinkable and fall in love, what will happen?

#2 Matched

Society officials make decisions. those you cherish. the place you work after death. Cassia has always had faith in their decisions. For long life, the ideal work, and the ideal partner, it’s barely a price to pay. Cassia is therefore positive that her best buddy is the one when he shows up on the matching screen. until she briefly catches a glimpse of another face before the television becomes blank. Cassia is now forced to make unthinkable decisions between Xander and Ky, between the life she has always known and a route no one else has ever dared take—between passion and perfection. A story with the resonance of a classic, Matched is one for the present.

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#3 Legend

The Republic, a country that is constantly at war with its neighbors, now resides in what was formerly the western United States. June, 15, is a prodigy being prepared for achievement in the Republic’s top military circles. She was born into a wealthy family in one of the wealthiest districts of the Republic. Day, a 15-year-old who was born in a slum, is the most wanted criminal in the nation. But his motivations might not be as evil as they first appear.

June and Day, who come from completely different worlds, have no reason to interact—that is, until the day when June’s brother, Metias, is killed and Day is named the main suspect. The day is fighting for his family’s life in the ultimate cat and mouse game, while June is out to exact revenge on Day for Metias’s passing. The two learn the horrifying reality about what actually brought them together and the nefarious extent their country would go to maintain its secrets, however, in a startling turn of events.

#4 Uglies

Tally is eagerly anticipating turning sixteen. She will get the surgery that will transform her from a repulsive ugly into a stunningly beautiful in a matter of weeks. And because she’s attractive, she’ll be thrust into a futuristic paradise where her only responsibility is to have fun.

Shay, Tally’s new acquaintance, is unsure if she wants to pursue a career in beauty. Tally discovers a brand-new aspect of the picturesque world when Shay flees, and it’s not very picturesque. Tally is given the option by the authorities to either find her buddy and turn her in, or to never turn pretty at all. Tally’s decision will alter her reality forever.

#5 The Selection

The Selection is the opportunity of their lives for 35 girls – the chance to leave the life that has been predetermined for them since birth, to get sucked into a world filled with costly diamonds and glistening garments, and to contend for the affection of charming Prince Maxon while residing in a palace.

But being chosen is a nightmare for America Singer. It entails her abandoning her covert romance with Aspen, a member of a lower caste. leaving her home to participate in a challenging contest for a crown she doesn’t desire. residing in a palace that is frequently attacked by vicious rebels. Then Prince Maxon encounters America. She gradually begins to doubt all of her expectations for herself and discovers that the life she’s constantly envisaged might not be as fulfilling as the future she could never have imagined.

#6 Shatter Me

Just 264 days have passed since Juliette last touched anyone. Although it was an accident the previous time she did it, The Reestablishment imprisoned her for murder. Why Juliette’s touch is deadly is a mystery. Nobody really cares as long as she does not at all harm anyone else. Too much is happening in the world right now to focus on a 17-year-old girl. The population is being wiped out by diseases, food is scarce, birds can no longer fly, and the skies are the wrong color.

The Reestablishment locked Juliette in a cell after claiming that it was the only method for putting things right. As a result of the current death toll, the Reestablishment has shifted its position and the survivors are talking war. Juliette might be more than just a troubled soul trapped inside a lethal shell. Perhaps she is just what they need at this time. Decide if Juliette will be a weapon. or take up arms.

#7 Insurgent

One decision has the power to change you—or to ruin you. Tris Prior must continue working to save those she loves—and herself—while juggling haunting issues of loss and redemption, identity and loyalty, politics and love. But every decision has repercussions, and as unrest rises in the groups all around her, Tris Prior must keep trying to save those she loves—and herself.

The day of Tris’ initiation ought to have concluded in victory and celebration with her preferred faction; instead, it was filled with horrible atrocities. The threat of war has increased as tensions between the factions and their ideas rise. And during times of war, decisions must be made, secrets will come to light, and decisions will become even more final—and powerful. Tris must completely accept her Divergence, even though she is unsure of what she might lose in the process. Tris has been transformed by her own choices as well as by lingering grief and remorse, shocking new learnings, and altering relationships.

#8 Red Queen

The color of the blood—red or silver—divides this planet. The Silver elite, who control the Reds, are commoners with superhuman abilities akin to those of gods. Mare Barrow, a Red teenager from the impoverished Stilts, is seventeen years old, and she believes that nothing will ever shift. Up until the point when she starts working at the Silver Palace. Mare learns that despite having red blood, she wields a lethal power of her own here, surrounded by those she despises the most. one that poses a danger to the power dynamic. The Silvers conceal Mare in plain sight and claim she is a long-lost princess who is now engaged to a Silver prince out of fear for Mare’s potential. Mare works covertly to support the Red Guard, a militant rebel movement, and overthrow the Silver government even though she is aware that one wrong move could result in her demise. Mare has entered a hazardous dance, pitting Reds against Silvers, princes against princes, and herself against her own heart, yet this is a world of treachery and deception.

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#9 The One

All that is required is a quick DNA test. With just a brief mouth swab, you can be genetically matched with the ideal companion in no time. Match Your DNA makes that commitment. The business claimed to have discovered the gene that matches each of us with our soul mate ten years ago. Since then, millions of individuals have been linked globally. However, the discovery has some drawbacks: test results have destroyed numerous relationships and challenged conventional notions of dating, romance, and love.

Five very different persons have now each received a “Matched” notification. Each of them is about to find their true love. But not everyone gets to live happily ever after because secrets exist even amongst soulmates. Additionally, some are more stunning than others… The One is a fascinating book that demonstrates how even the most straightforward findings can have complex repercussions. It was a word-of-mouth sensation in the UK.

#10 Divergent

In the dystopian Chicago society created by Beatrice Prior, there are five factions: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the courageous), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the learned) (the intelligent). All sixteen-year-olds must choose the faction to which they’ll dedicate the rest of their lives on a designated day each year. Beatrice must choose between remaining with her family and coming out as who she truly is since she cannot be both. She thus makes a decision that shocks both herself and everyone else.

Beatrice adopts the name Tris during the extremely competitive induction that follows and battles with the other initiates to carry out their decisions. Together, they must endure difficult physical endurance tests and demanding psychological simulations, some of which have grave repercussions. Tris must decide who her true friends are as initiation alters them all and where precisely a romance with an often interesting, sometimes irritating boy fits into the world she has chosen. Tris has a secret, though, and she has kept it a secret from everyone since she has been warned it may be fatal. Additionally, she finds that her secret might either help her save the people she cares about or endanger them as she uncovers unrest and escalating conflict that threaten to tear apart her society’s façade of perfection.

#11 The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner, the first book in The Maze Runner series, is a young adult dystopian science fiction book created by American novelist James Dashner.

Thomas can only recall his name when he awakens in the elevator. Guys whose memories are likewise lost are all around him; they are strangers. The Glade is surrounded by imposing stone walls, yet beyond them is an endless maze that changes constantly. There is no other way out, and no one has ever survived. Then a female shows up. the first-ever female. She also conveys a terrible message. Remember. Run, then live.

#12 If I Stay

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Mia, who is now seventeen, has no recollection of the disaster; all she can recall is what happened later when she saw her own wounded body being removed from the wreck. She labors to piece everything together, to understand what she has gained, what she has sacrificed, and the extremely difficult decision she must make. This will alter how you view life, love, and family because it is so exquisitely beautiful and heartbreaking. Mia’s narrative will stick with you for a very, very long time. It is now a big-budget movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

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#13 The Host

Melanie Stryder won’t go away. A species that takes control of human hosts’ minds while maintaining their bodies unharmed has invaded the earth. Wanderer, the alien “soul” that has been given Melanie’s body, wasn’t prepared to discover its former occupant reluctant to give up control of her thoughts.

Wanderer starts to crave for a man she’s never encountered as Melanie feeds her thoughts with images of Jared, a human who is still hiding out. Melanie and Wanderer set off in pursuit of the man they both love as reluctant companions.

#14 The Unhoneymooners

Today, we’ll discuss Christina Lauren’s novel The Unhoneymooners! I have seen this book a lot, so I chose to give it a try and see whether it is deserving of the attention it is receiving. My eagerness to complete this book is increased by the fact that it is my first Christina Lauren book.

Olive and Ethan, two sworn adversaries, are the subjects of the storyline in The Unhoneymooners. The story opens with Ami, Olive’s twin sister, getting married. Ami has always been the fortunate twin of the two of them, but Olive used to be the unfortunate one.