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August 31, 2022

#1 Go Ask Alice

It all began when she drank a soda that had been laced with LSD as part of a risky party game. She was soon ensnared and caught in a downhill trajectory that carried her from her cozy home and supportive family to the seedy streets of a merciless metropolis within a matter of months. She would lose her youth, innocence, and eventually her life on this adventure.

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#2 Speak

The very first ten lies your high school teachers ask you about:

“Speak up for yourself—we want to know what you have to say.”

#3 Fallout

Nineteen years after Kristina Snow encountered the demon known as Crank, her kids are still suffering from the effects of her choices. They are not one large, joyful family but a frantic jumble of scattered lives bound by rage, uncertainty, and dread.

All three are driven down the path of their mother’s infamous heritage by a propensity for addiction and a feeling of void where a mother’s compassion should be. More than her children would want to admit, Kristina is present in her children in the form of sex, drugs, alcohol, and abuse. But as the bond that unites them brings them together, they’ll learn something remarkable about one another and about themselves—the trust, hope, and courage to start breaking the pattern.

#4 Girl Interrupted

Susanna Kaysen, then 18 years old, was placed in a taxi and taken to McLean Hospital in 1967 following an appointment with a psychiatrist she had never seen before. She spent most of the following two years at a mental facility that was equally renowned for its famous patients as it was for its cutting-edge approaches to caring for those who could afford its sanctuary, including Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, James Taylor, and Ray Charles.

In addition to painting evocative portrayals of her fellow patients and their caregivers, Kaysen’s story includes terror and razor-edged vision. It is a brilliant portrayal of a “parallel universe” situated in the late 1960s’ constantly evolving environment. Girl, Interrupted is a clear-eyed, unwavering documentary that lends permanent and precise depth to our conceptions of sanity and insanity, mental illness, and healing.

#5 Perfect

Two seconds were added to the time in 1972. It was done to maintain equilibrium between clock time and the earth’s rotation. Byron Hemming was aware of this because James Lowe, the smartest student in the school, had informed him. How, therefore, could time alter? The consistent rotation of a clock’s hands was as certain as their prosperous futures.

Then, Byron’s mother, who was running late for the school run, commits a grave error. The idyllic world of Byron is destroyed. Were those extra two seconds at fault? Can what happens next ever be made right?

#6 A Million Little Pieces

This is a story of drug and alcohol misuse and rehabilitation like it has never been told before: intense, surprising, and immediately captivating. It also marks the debut of a daring and gifted literary voice.

A story in the Smoking Gun made the allegation that James Frey, the author of My Friend Leonard and A Million Little Pieces, had made up significant portions of his books. They cited police reports, court documents, and interviews with law enforcement officials that refuted several of Frey’s allegations regarding the crimes brought against him, the sentences he received, and his position as a wanted man. Frey acknowledged in an interview with the Smoking Gun that he had “embellished important aspects” in A Million Little Pieces and that he had made false statements earlier.

#7 Wintergirls

Best friends Lia and Cassie are rivals in a fatal competition to see who can be the smallest. They are wintergirls stuck in frail bodies. Then, though, Cassie experiences the ultimate loss—losing her life—and Lia is left behind, haunted by the memory of her companion and feeling regret for not having been able to intervene to save her.

Award-winning author Laurie Halse Anderson examines Lia’s battle, her arduous road to rehabilitation, and her pathetic attempts to cling on to the most crucial thing of all—hope—in her most profoundly heartbreaking book since Speak.

#8 Flowers In The Attic

Such beautiful young people. Such a lovely mother. Such a beautiful home. Such constant fear! Not that she didn’t care for her kids; she did. Did she? But there was money on the line—money that, if she could hide the kids from her dying father, would guarantee their later happiness. She then took her mother’s darlings and hid them in an abandoned attic. Just for a moment. However, the difficult days turned into excruciating years. Cathy, Chris, and the twins are currently waiting in their small, defenseless world, stimulated by adult fantasies and desires while being given meager nutrition by an enraged, superstitious grandma who is aware that the Devil employs cunning and dark means.

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#9 Thirteen Reasons Why

When Clay Jensen gets home from school, he discovers an odd box on his porch that bears his name. He finds several cassette tapes inside that Hannah Baker, a classmate, and crush of his, had recorded two weeks before to her death. He is informed by Hannah’s voice that she chose to take her own life for a total of thirteen reasons. One of those is clay. If he pays attention, he’ll learn why.

With Hannah as his tour guide, Clay spends the evening traveling throughout his town. As he follows Hannah’s recorded comments throughout his community, he encounters Hannah’s suffering firsthand and learns information that alters his life forever.

#10 Heartstopper

A high-strung, openly gay over-thinker named Charlie and a jovial, kindhearted rugby player named Nick meet at a British grammar school for boys. Quickly, a friendship develops, but might there be more…?

During Year 10 at Truham Grammar School for Boys is Charlie Spring. Although the past year has not been pleasant, at least he is no longer the target of bullying. In Year 11, Nick Nelson plays rugby for the school. He has heard some stories about Charlie, the boy who was bullied for a while after being out last year, but he has never had a chance to speak to him.

#11 Suicide Notes

On January 1st, fifteen-year-old Jeff awakens to discover himself in a hospital. Correct, the mental health ward. among the lunatics. All of this is obviously a terrible error. Forget the notes on his chart and the bandages on his wrists. Forget about his issues with Allie and her boyfriend Burke, his best friend. Unlike the other children in the hospital with him, Jeff is in great health and is completely normal. Their issues have now arisen. But as his 45-day sentence stretches out, a weird thing happens: the crazy people start to seem a little crazy.

Suicide Notes is a darkly comic novel by acclaimed novelist Michael Thomas Ford that explores the hazy boundary between “normal” and the rest of us. It is compelling, clever, and refreshingly honest.

#12 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

A bold new voice in modern literature makes a startling debut with this unsettling book about the conflict between apathy and passion: What It’s Like to Be a WALLFLOWER

This is the account of growing up at a high school. Charlie’s letters are distinctive and exceptional, amusing and heartbreaking, and more private than a diary. We may not be aware of his residence. We could not know the recipient of his letter. We only have knowledge of his shared universe. He embarks on an unusual journey through an unknown country because he is torn between wanting to lead a normal life and attempting to flee from it. The world of new acquaintances and family dramas, first meetings, and mix tapes. when all one needs is the ideal song on the ideal drive to feel limitless, the universe of sexuality, narcotics, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

#13 If We Were Villains

For a homicide he may or may not have committed, Oliver Marks recently completed ten years in prison. He is greeted by the person who jailed him on the day of his release. Detective Colborne is about to retire, but not until he finds out what actually transpired ten years ago.

Oliver and his buddies perform the same roles both on and offstage as one of seven young actors studying Shakespeare at an elite arts college: hero, villain, tyrant, temptress, ingenue, and extra. However, the plays dangerously overflow into real life when the casting changes and the supporting characters overtake the stars, and one of them is discovered dead. The rest’s biggest acting challenge to date is persuading the police and themselves that they are innocent.

#14 The Secret History

The Secret History is a Psychological Fiction novel by Donna Tartt. In this novel, a group of intelligent, eccentric misfits at a prestigious New England college discovers a method of thinking and living that is very different from the mundane existence of their colleagues as a result of their passionate classics professor. However, when they cross the line into immoral behavior, they progressively progress from obsession to deceit and betrayal until finally—and inexorably—turning evil.

#15 All The Young Dudes

A Harry Potter fanfiction that follows Remus Lupin as he chronicles the Marauders’ lives during their time at school.

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#16 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Stephen Chbosky

A bold new voice in contemporary fiction makes a startling debut with this unsettling book about the conflict between apathy and passion: What It’s Like to Be a WALLFLOWER This is the account of growing up at a high school. Charlie’s letters are singular and exceptional, amusing and heartbreaking, and more private than a diary. We may not be aware of his residence. We could not know the recipient of his letter. We only have knowledge of his shared universe. He embarks on an unusual journey through an unknown country because he is torn between wanting to live his life and trying to escape it. the world of new acquaintances and family dramas, first dates, and mix tapes.

When all one needs is the ideal song on the ideal drive to feel limitless, the world of sexuality, narcotics, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Stephen Chbosky has written a really moving coming-of-age tale in Charlie, a potent book that will transport you back to those chaotic and poignant days of growing up.

#17 The Picture Of Dorian Gray

The surreal tale of a young fellow who trades his soul for everlasting youth and beauty is the subject of Oscar Wilde’s sole book. A youthful aesthete in late 19th-century England was the subject of a devastating depiction by Oscar Wilde in this well-known work. The book centers on a striking premise: As Dorian Gray descends into a life of crime and excessive sensuality, his body retains perfect youth and vigor while his recently painted portrait develops day by day into a grotesque record of evil, which he must keep hidden from the public. The book uses a combination of a Gothic horror novel and decadent French fiction. This captivating tale of terror and suspense has been incredibly popular for more than a century. It is one of Wilde’s most significant works and one of the pioneering examples of its kind.

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#18 Song Of Achilles

American author Madeline Miller published The Song of Achilles in 2011. It is an adaption of Homer’s Iliad recounted from Patroclus’ viewpoint, and it is set in the Greek Heroic Age.

The ruthless ocean goddess Thetis and the legendary king Peleus’ son Achilles, known as “the best of all the Greeks,” is a powerful, fast, and alluring figure who makes an impression on all who meets them. The awkward young prince Patroclus was banished from his country following a stunning act of violence. By coincidence, they meet and develop an unbreakable friendship while running the risk of incurring the wrath of the gods.

#19 They Both Die At The End

In this heartbreaking yet inspiring tale of two people whose lives transform over the duration of one unforgettable day, Adam Silvera serves as a reminder that there is no life without death and no love without grief. Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio receive a call from Death-Cast on September 5 just after midnight to inform them that they will pass away today.

Although Mateo and Rufus are complete strangers, they both want to make new friends on their End Day for various reasons. There is an app for that, which is fantastic news. Rufus and Mateo are going to get together for one final big adventure—to experience a lifetime in a single day—through something they call the Last Friend.

#20 This Is Where It Ends

New York Times bestseller number one, one of Buzzfeed’s Top Ten Books of the Decade, and a decade-best book according to Paste Magazine. The boy with the pistol is a threat to everyone for good cause. 10:00 a.m.: The principal of Opportunity High School in Alabama completes her remarks, wishing the entire student body a successful start to the new semester. The students depart the auditorium at 10:02 a.m. for their following class. The auditorium doors won’t open at 10:03. 10:05: A gunman opens fire. Four pupils will have to face their deepest fears and greatest dreams in 54 minutes when they come face to face with the gun-toting youngster.

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#21 My Heart And Other Black Holes

Aysel, a sixteen-year-old physics geek, is preoccupied with planning her own demise. Aysel is prepared to waste her potential energy because of her mother’s inability to look at her without cringing, her classmates’ whispering, and the fact that her father’s terrible crime shocked her little village.

The only issue is that she is unsure of her bravery to go it alone. Aysel is confident she has discovered the answer after seeing a website with a section called Suicide Partners: a young man with the nickname FrozenRobot (aka Roman) who is troubled by a family tragedy is looking for a companion.

#22 Every Last Word

Samantha McAllister resembles the other popular girls in her junior class in terms of appearance. However, there is a revelation that her friends would never be able to decipher under the straightened hair and professionally applied makeup: Sam suffers from Purely-Obsessional OCD, which causes her to be overcome by a constant stream of unsettling anxieties.

Daily life is a hardship because she constantly questions her every action, idea, and statement. It also doesn’t assist that her lifelong pals will become poisonous at the first sign of a wrong wardrobe, wrong lunch, or incorrect crush. Sam is aware that it would be insane for her to leave the safety of the most well-liked students. As a result, Sam needs to keep Caroline’s existence a secret, right up there with Sam’s monthly appointments with her psychiatrist. Caroline has a refreshing sense of humor and is unfashionable.