Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus

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September 12, 2022

#1 American Dirt

The Oprah Book Club selection and number one New York Times bestseller American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, which has sold over two million copies, is now available in paperback. Living in Acapulco is Lydia. She is married to a lovely journalist and has a son named Luca who is her life’s love. Despite the fact that Acapulco is starting to exhibit signs of instability due to the cartels, Lydia’s life is often not too uncomfortable. But none of their lives will be the same again after her husband’s candid biography of the newest drug lord is published.

When forced to run, Lydia and Luca end up joining the numerous individuals making the journey to America. Lydia quickly realizes that everyone is evading something. But where are they really racing to?

#2 The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires

In this Southern-inspired supernatural thriller set in the 1990s, Dracula and Fried Green Tomatoes collide with Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes as a women’s book club fights to save their suburban community from a strange and attractive stranger who turns out to be a bloodsucking demon.

Patricia Campbell always envisioned a large life, but after giving up her nursing job to wedding a successful doctor and have children, Patricia’s life has never felt smaller. Her to-do list is never truly completed, her kids are ungrateful, her spouse is distant, and the days are long. Her book club, which consists of a group of Charleston mothers who are solely connected by their love of true-crime and suspenseful fiction, is the one item she has to look forward to. The FBI’s recent siege of Waco is more likely to come up in these discussions than the ups and downs of marriage and parenting.

#3 Split

Sharon Bolton is back in ‘The Split’, an exciting new solo thriller about just a woman on the run that is tense, riveting, and has a surprise you won’t see coming.

The last boat of the summer is ready to leave the isolated Antarctic island of South Georgia, signaling safety to the local glaciologist Felicity Lloyd. Felicity often worries that her ex-husband Freddie will locate her, even in this remote location. She got a job on this remote island to avoid him, but now that he’s out after serving a murder conviction sentence, she knows he won’t stop looking for her.

#4 Dark Places

When Libby Day’s evidence led to the imprisonment of her fifteen-year-old brother, she was only seven years old. She has been idling ever since. Libby begins to pose questions she had never ventured to before after being contacted by a group that believes Ben is innocent. Did she recognize her brother’s voice? Although Ben was an outcast in their little town, was he murderous in nature? At the family property, are there mysteries to be discovered, or is Libby just thinking things up because she needs her brother back?

She begins to believe everybody in her family—especially Ben—had something to conceal that day. Now, twenty-four years later, it will be much more difficult to uncover the truth. Who shot the Day family to death?

#5 The Gone World

Shannon Moss works with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s covert section. She is given the task of finding the missing teenage daughter of a Navy SEAL and solving the murder of his family in 1997 in western Pennsylvania. Moss learns that the missing SEAL was an astronaut onboard the spacecraft U.S.S. Libra, which was thought to have been lost to the Deep Time currents, but she is unable to alert conventional law enforcement of this information. Moss, who has personal experience with the psychological anguish of time travel, thinks that the SEALs’ encounter with the future is what has caused this brutality.

Moss travels across time to investigate potential futures in search of evidence to solve the current case. Moss is driven by her desire to discover the missing girl and a frightening link from her own history. To her dismay, the future reveals that not only the destiny of a family depends on her efforts, as she sees the Terminus—the frightening and cataclysmic end of humanity—rising over time’s horizon and speeding toward the present.

#6 The Banker’s Wife

A couple takes a private aircraft early in the morning in November with a destination of Geneva and flies into a storm. It just disappears from view shortly after that, and its debris is eventually found in the Alps. Matthew Werner, a financial insider at the significant offshore bank Swiss United, is one of the missing. Young widow Annabel, who discovered an encrypted laptop and a dubious client list, is left to deal with the mysteries he left behind. She realizes that Matthew’s death was not an accident and that she is now in the sights of his formidable foes as she starts a desperate search for answers.

Ambitious society journalist Marina Tourneau has at last reached the pinnacle. She will cease writing about wealthy families now that she is married to Grant Ellis and will actually belong to one. Although her ascent to the top of New York’s social scene is more alluring than any article could ever be, she decides to look into one more tale after the passing of her mentor. A few men who are too close to home are among the most influential men in the finance industry who are implicated in information Marina finds while investigating Swiss United. If Marina decides to publish the narrative, it might also include the solution to Annabel’s tragic search.

#7 The Chemist

An ex-agent on the road from her former employers must take one more case in this riveting page-turner if she wants to clear her name and save her life. Few people were aware that she once worked for the American government. She was a specialist in her profession and one of the most closely guarded secrets of a secretive organization that doesn’t even have a name. And when they came for her without warning after deciding she was a liability.

She no longer regularly uses the same name or residence for an extended period of time. Even though they killed the only other person she could have trusted, she is still concerned about something. They want her to die quickly. She thinks it’s her only chance to remove the massive bullseye on her back when her former handler gives her a way out. But it requires accepting one final position with her former bosses. To her horror, the knowledge she gathers only makes things riskier for her.

#8 The Number 23

Walter Sparrow gets an antique book named “The Number 23” for his birthday. He begins to think that the book is based on his life. Walter begins to act like the main character, Fingerling, as his preoccupation with attempting to figure out the mysterious number 23 grows. Walter gradually learns the truth about “The number 23” with the aid of his family.

#9 Dark Matter Blake Crouch

From the creator of the best-selling Wayward Pines trilogy comes a mind-bending, never-ending astonishing thriller. Jason Dessen is looking forward to a calm evening in front of the fireplace with his wife, Daniela, and their kid, Charlie, when his reality is shattered as he makes his way home through the frigid streets of Chicago.

“Are you happy with your life?”

#10 Defending Jacob

The best novel about a troubled family in crisis has been written by award-winning author William Landay. It is a gripping, character-driven mystery that also tells a riveting story about guilt, treachery, and the horrifying speed at which life can spiral out of control.

For more than twenty years, Andy Barber has served as an assistant district attorney in his suburban Massachusetts county. He enjoys spending time at home with his wife Laurie and son Jacob. He is well-liked in his town. However, Andy is taken by surprise when a startling crime rocked their New England community and his fourteen-year-old son was accused of killing a classmate.

#11 The One

All that is required is a quick DNA test. With just a brief mouth swab, you can be genetically matched with the ideal companion in no time. Match Your DNA makes that commitment. The business claimed to have discovered the gene that matches each of us with our soul mate ten years ago. Since then, millions of individuals have been linked globally. However, the discovery has some drawbacks: test results have destroyed numerous relationships and challenged conventional notions of dating, romance, and love.

Five very different persons have now each received a “Matched” notification. Each of them is about to find their true love. But not everyone gets to live happily ever after because secrets exist even amongst soulmates. Additionally, some are more stunning than others… The One is a fascinating book that demonstrates how even the most straightforward findings can have complex repercussions. It was a word-of-mouth sensation in the UK.

#12 The Sanatorium

Le Sommet has long been a dark spot, partially concealed by woodland and shrouded by menacing peaks. The previously abandoned sanatorium has recently been transformed into a five-star minimalist hotel, ending years of troublesome rumors.

The last place Elin Warner wishes to be is a towering, remote retreat in the Swiss Alps. However, Elin has taken a break from her work as a detective, so she really has no excuse not to accept her estranged brother Isaac’s and his fiancée Laure’s invitation to commemorate their engagement at the hotel.

#13 They Wish They Were Us

A murder mystery with the Long Island setting of a prestigious prep school. Everything on Gold Coast, Long Island, including the upscale downtown shops, the well-kept beaches, and Jill Newman and her friends’ perfectly pressed uniforms, looks flawless. But nothing is as it seems, as Jill discovered three years ago.

Shaila Arnold, a clever and captivating friend of Jill’s from her freshman year, was murdered by her boyfriend. Graham confessed after that gloomy night on the beach, the case was resolved, and Jill tried to go on. Jill is currently in her senior year and she plans to make it the finest one yet. She is a senior and a Player, a member of the exclusive, not-so-hidden secret society at Gold Coast Prep.

#14 The Butterfly Garden

A lovely garden is located close to a remote mansion. This garden is home to lush flowers and shady trees. As well as a group of priceless “butterflies,” young girls who have been abducted and beautifully tattooed to match their namesake. The Gardener, a cruel, depraved man who is obsessed with collecting and keeping his beautiful specimens, is in charge of everything.

One of the survivors is brought in for interrogation once the garden is found. One of the most nauseating cases of FBI agents Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison’s careers must be pieced together. However, the unnamed girl, Maya, turns out to be a mystery in and of herself. Maya exposes ancient resentments, new saviors, and horrifying tales of a man who would do anything to hold beauty hostage as her story swings and turns, gradually illuminating life in the Butterfly Garden. But as she divulges more, the agents are left to wonder what more she might be keeping secret.

#15 Firekeeper’s Daughter

Daunis Fontaine, who is biracial, not enrolled in the tribe, and the subject of a scandal, has never quite fit in, either in her hometown or on the nearby Ojibwe reservation. Daunis puts her goals on waiting to care for her frail mother when tragedy strikes her family. Meeting Jamie, the charming new player on her brother’s hockey team, is one positive development.

Daunis decides to go undercover after witnessing a shocking murder that draws her into a police investigation. However, the lies—and fatalities—keep coming, and eventually, the threat comes too close to home. Will she go to any lengths to safeguard her village, even if it means shattering the only world she has ever known?

#16 The Shack

Missy, the youngest daughter of Mackenzie Allen Philips, is kidnapped while on a family vacation, and evidence suggesting that she may have been brutally killed is discovered in an abandoned shack in the middle of the Oregon woods. Mack receives a strange note urging him back to that cabin for a weekend four years later while he is experiencing his Great Sadness. The note seems to have come from God. On a winter afternoon, against his better judgment, he makes his way to the hut and enters his worst nightmare. The things he discovers there will alter Mack’s life forever.

The answers Mack receives to the age-old question, “Where is God in a world so filled with unfathomable pain?” will astonish you and possibly transform you as much as it did him in a time when religion seems to become less and less relevant. You’ll want to recommend this book to everyone you know!

#17 11 22 63

Three shots were fired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, killing President Kennedy and altering the course of history. What if you could reverse the change? A man goes back in time to thwart the JFK assassination in Stephen King’s new, heart-stoppingly dramatic novel, which is a thousand-page masterpiece. Following the phenomenal success of Under the Dome, King transports readers to another instance—a period in actual history—when everything goes awry: the JFK assassination. Additionally, he provides an introduction to a figure with the ability to alter the course of history.

Jake Epping, a 35-year-old English teacher at Lisbon Falls High School in Maine, also works as a GED instructor for adults. One of the students gives him an essay, a grisly, terrifying account of the night fifty years ago when Harry Dunning’s father returned home and murdered his mother, his sister, and his brother with a hammer. Harry survived with a broken leg, as was evident from his awkward gait. The owner of the neighborhood diner, Jake’s friend Al, reveals a secret shortly after that: his cellar is a doorway to 1958. In an insane—and absurdly possible—mission to try to stop the Kennedy assassination, he enlists Jake. So begins Jake’s new life as George Amberson, a life that defies all the laws of time and is filled with Elvis and JFK, big American cars and sock hops, a disturbed loner named Lee Harvey Oswald, and a stunning high school librarian named Sadie Dunhill, who ends up being Jake’s love.

#18 Monday’s Not Coming

Monday It appears that only Claudia is aware that Charles is missing. More like sisters than pals, Claudia and Monday have always been inseparable. Claudia is concerned when Monday doesn’t show up for the first day of school. Claudia recognizes a problem when she doesn’t show up for the second day or the second week. She wouldn’t be left alone on Monday to deal with tests and bullies. Not with her grades on the line and the rumors from last year. More than ever, Claudia needed her best friend—and only friend. Monday’s sister April is even less helpful, and Monday’s mother won’t give Claudia a straight answer. Claudia learns that no one can recall when they last saw Monday as she continues to investigate the disappearance of her friend. How is it possible for a teenage girl to simply go without anyone noticing?

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