Kingdom Of The Wicked

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September 12, 2022

#1 The Sinner

The Sinner, a psychological thriller written by Patricia Highsmith of Germany and a worldwide bestseller, is the inspiration for the eagerly awaited limited series on the USA starring Jessica Biel that will premiere on August 2nd.

Cora Bender kills a man with a knife on a warm summer day near the lake. Why? Why would this gentle, compassionate young mother repeatedly stab a total stranger in the throat in front of her family and friends? It’s a closed case in the eyes of the neighborhood police. There are plenty of witnesses and Cora soon confesses, but those questions are still unanswered. The police commissioner is haunted by the incident and fails to close the file before launching his own independent probe.

#2 Little Secrets

Marin led a life that was ideal. She owns a chain of expensive hair salons and is wedded to her college sweetheart; Derek owns his own business. They are a nice family who is well-respected in their neighborhood, but everything changes the day their son Sebastian is abducted.

Marin is a shell of the person she was a year ago. The FBI’s investigation is now dead. The media buzz has subsided. She seldom ever speaks to her hubby. When she employs a P.I. to continue the investigation where the police left off, she discovers that Derek is engaged in a relationship with a younger lady rather than Sebastian. This finding gives Marin new life.

#3 The Grace Year

The grace year is never brought up. It’s not allowed. Girls in Garner County are told they have the ability to entice grown men out of their beds and drive jealous wives crazy. They think that the potent spirit of youth, of a girl on the cusp of womanhood, emanates from their own skin, acting as a tremendous aphrodisiac. They are exiled for their sixteenth year in order to let their magic loose in nature and come back purified and prepared for marriage. However, not every one of them will return home alive.

Tierney James, 16, longs for a society where women and friends are not pitted against one another, but as her own grace year approaches, she rapidly understands that there are other dangers that people must be afraid of as well. It isn’t even the males lurking in the woods who are poaching women in order to sell them for a high price on the black market. It’s possible that they are each other’s greatest threat.

#4 The Guest List

Guests assemble on an island just off the coast of Ireland to celebrate the union of two persons. The bridegroom is a pleasant and attractive aspiring television personality. The bride is a magazine publisher who is brilliant and ambitious. It has all the makings of a wedding for a star or a marriage for a magazine: a designer gown, a distant venue, opulent party favors, and boutique whiskey. Even though there may not be consistent cell coverage and the waves may be strong, every aspect has been carefully prepared and will be carried out.

However, plans call for perfection, and humans are all too human. As the champagne is cracked and the celebrations get underway, resentments and small-scale jealousies mix with the memories and good wishes. The drinking game from the groomsmen’s school days gets started. Unintentionally, the bridesmaid ruins her outfit. The oldest male friend of the bride makes an uncomfortable caring toast. Then a body is discovered. Who didn’t wish the happy couple all the best? And possibly even more crucial, why?

#5 Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bront’s Jane Eyre, initially published in 1847 under the masculine pseudonym Currer Bell, is widely regarded as one of the first works of feminist literature and a model of the bildungsroman genre. The novel follows the orphaned Jane Eyre as she journeys from an abusive household to a dreary school for orphaned girls before becoming a governess for a wealthy youngster at Thornfield Hall.

Jane develops feelings for the master of Thornfield Hall, Mr. Rochester while serving as a governess. Jane Eyre contains substantial advances that make it a fascinating read that will keep you engaged until the very end. Jane Eyre, which was groundbreaking for her day, deals with subjects such as marriage for love, the class structure, and mental illness in the Victorian era and is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for books like Pride and Prejudice.

#6 Kingdom Of The Cursed

Emilia journeys to the Seven Circles with the mysterious Prince of Wrath where she is exposed to a seductive world of vice after purchasing her soul to become Queen of the Wicked. Even if that means taking the hand of the Prince of Pride, the king of demons, she swears to do whatever it takes to exact revenge on her beloved sister, Vittoria.

What is the first rule in the Wicked’s court? Never put your trust in anyone. Emilia finds herself more alone than ever before as a result of backstabbing princes, opulent palaces, enigmatic party invitations, and contradicting information about who actually killed her sibling. Is Wrath, her former ally in the mortal world, even someone she can trust, or is he hiding something terrible about who he really is?

#7 The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue

A young woman makes a Faustian pact to live forever in France in 1714 out of desperation, and as a result, she is doomed to be forgotten by everybody she encounters. Thus starts Addie LaRue’s amazing existence, a glittering adventure that will span decades, countries, history, and art as a young lady discovers how far she is willing to go to make her mark on the world. But all changes when Addie runs into a young man in a secret bookstore after almost 300 years and he recognizes her name.

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#8 Priory Of The Orange Tree

A divided world, a monarchy without a successor, and an old foe reawakens. Inys has been governed by the House of Berethnet for a millennium. Queen Sabran the Ninth, who is still single, needs to give birth to a daughter in order to save her country from annihilation, but assassins are closing in on her house.

At court, Ead Duryan is an outsider. She is devoted to a secret organisation of wizards even though she has attained the rank of lady-in-waiting. Ead keeps a close eye on Sabran and uses forbidden magic to covertly defend her. Tané, who has been training to be a dragonrider across the dark sea, is compelled to make a decision that could cause her life to fall apart.

#9 Harry Potter

A young woman from the woods arrives in an affluent kingdom with no knowledge of who she is or why she is there, only to realize she is at the center of a global struggle. She joins Pennyroyal Academy, where princesses and knights learn to fight witches and dragons. She was given the moniker “Evie,” and forced to navigate a new world of friends and foes while undergoing rigorous training from her Fairy Drill sergeant. As Evie learns what it means to be a princess, she comes to surprising conclusions about herself, her family, and the human capacity for compassion and brutality.

As the witch troops approach, she realizes the fight between princesses and wizards is more personal than she believed. Pennyroyal Academy combines adventure, humor, and magical mayhem. Set in Grimm’s fairytales, it is suitable for princess fans and non-fans alike. Harry, very soon came to know that his parents have not died in a car accident but were killed by a wizard named Voldemort. Voldemort plans to return to power, unbeknownst to Harry and the wizarding world. Voldemort makes attempts on Harry’s life beginning in the first book and continuing throughout the series.

#10 My Dark Vanessa

A remarkable, engrossing read that marks the explosive debut of an amazing new writer, exploring the psychological intricacies of the interaction between a clever yet naive young girl and her alluring and manipulative instructor. 2000. Bright, aspirational, and longing for maturity, fifteen-year-old Vanessa Wye is involved in an affair with her alluring and cunning 42-year-old English instructor, Jacob Strane.

2017. A reckoning is imminent amid the escalating tide of accusations leveled against strong men. Vanessa receives word that Strane has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former student, who contacts her. At this point, Vanessa is forced to make the impossible decision of whether to keep quiet, steadfast in the conviction that her teenage self willingly entered into this relationship, or to reframe herself and the occurrences of her past. However, how can Vanessa turn down the man who drastically altered her and has remained a constant in her life? Is it conceivable that the man she cherished when she was a teenager—who claimed to revere just her—might be very different from what she has always thought?