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September 12, 2022

#1 If You Tell

Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Sisterhood Bond are depicted in this True Story. When Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek hear the word “mom” after more than a decade, it triggers memories that they have kept hidden since they were young and nails like an eagle’s talons. Before now. Their evil mother, Shelly, tortured and mistreated her daughters for years in secret in their farmhouse in Raymond, Washington, subjecting them to unspeakable humiliation, abuse, and mental terrors. Despite everything, Nikki, Sami, and Tori formed a resilient friendship that made them less exposed than Shelly had anticipated. The sisters discovered the fortitude and strength to flee an intensifying nightmare that resulted in several murders, even as others were dragged into their mother’s sinister web.

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#2 True Detective

Private eye Nathan Heller might be willing to put his life in danger to make a Depression dollar in 1932’s mob-ridden Chicago, but he never compromises his razor-sharp wit. That’s why both mystery enthusiasts and critics place the historical thriller True Detective at the top of their lists, and why the book won the Private Eye Writers of America’s Shamus Award for best novel. Author Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) has just released a new edition of the modern classic that features Nathan Heller in all his guts and glory. Nathan Heller of the pickpocket detail, the city’s youngest plainclothes officer, is tasked with cleaning up Chicago’s tarnished reputation in time for the World’s Fair.

Heller finds himself an inadvertent and unwilling participant in an assassination attempt on Frank Nitti, the heir to Al Capone when the Mayor’s “Hoodlum Squad” drags him along on a raid with no instructions other than to keep his mouth shut and his gun nearby. He soon finds himself in the thick of a mob vs. mayor power struggle, and the young detective must foil a political assassination that could have global repercussions in Miami Beach. Readers interact with historical figures like “Dutch” Reagan, George Raft, and FDR himself as Collins’ explosive and evocative large-landscape historical thriller mixes the complex history of Chicago’s Century of Progress with a classic noir mystery.

#3 Clue

All of Mr. Boddy’s enigmatic guests are made suspects after he is killed at Hill House.

#4 Monster

Steve Harmon, a 16-year-old, is on trial for murder. According to reports, Steve acted as the lookout when the proprietor of a drugstore in Harlem was shot and killed inside of his business. Steve is used as a pawn by “the system,” which is filled with cynical officials and dishonest inmates who will turn anyone in to reduce their own sentences, whether or not they are guilty. Steve is forced to consider his identity for the first time as he prepares to enter prison, where he may spend the rest of his days.

Steve, an aspiring filmmaker, attempts to turn his trial into a script in order to cope with the horrifying circumstances that surround him. Scene by scene, he records the entire account of how his entire life was abruptly changed. But despite his efforts, reality becomes hazy and his vision becomes distorted to the point where he is unable to distinguish between himself and the truth. The writing of Walter Dean Myers is at its finest in this gripping book.

#5 The Pact

The Hartes and the Golds have shared everything from Chinese food to chicken pox to carpool duties over the course of their eighteen years of living next to one another. They have become so close that it appears as though they have known each other forever. It’s hardly surprising that Chris and Emily’s friendship develops into something more in high school since they’ve always been best friends—parents and kids alike. Ever since they were born, they have been soul mates.

No one is prepared for the shocking reality that Emily is dead at the age of 17 after suffering a head injury from a gunshot when midnight hospital calls start coming in. The firearm Chris grabbed from his father’s cabinet had one live round that is still in it; Chris claims to have intended to use it for himself. But the suicide pact Chris has outlined raises questions in the mind of a nearby detective.

#6 Shantaram

This is how the enormous, captivating first book, which is set in the underground of modern Bombay, begins. Lin, an ex-convict with a fake passport who escapes from an Australian maximum security prison in search of a city’s bustling streets where he may vanish, tells the story of Shantaram. The two enter Bombay’s secret society of beggars and gangsters, prostitutes and holy men, soldiers and performers, Indians and exiles from other nations, who look for what they cannot find elsewhere in this amazing location, accompanied by his guide and devoted buddy Prabaker.

Lin is a guy on the run who has no family, home, or identification. He runs a clinic in one of the city’s most impoverished slums while learning the dark arts of the Bombay mafia. He discovers war, torture in detention, murder, and a string of sinister betrayals as a result of his search. Two people possess the keys that can free Lin from the secrets and intrigues that have bound her. The first is Khader Khan, a mafia figurehead, criminal philosopher, and saint who served as Lin’s tutor in the Golden City’s criminal underworld. The second is Karla, who is attractive, secretive, and motivated by secrets that torture her but endow her with frightening power.

#7 I Am Pilgrim

A frantic race against the clock…and an unforgiving foe. An unidentified young woman was killed in a run-down hotel, her identifying features destroyed by acid. In the sweltering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square, a parent was executed publicly. An infamous Syrian biotech expert was discovered blind in a junkyard near Damascus. Human remains in flames on an isolated Afghan mountainside. A perfect scheme to execute a terrible crime against humanity. Only one man may travel the route that connects them all.’

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#8 Hard Rain Falling

Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter is a dour narrative of crime, retribution, and the search for ever-elusive forgiveness. It is a story of being down and out but never down for good. The story revolves around the exploits of Jack Levitt, an orphaned youngster scraping by in the dingy pool halls and sleazy hotels of Portland, Oregon. Billy Lancing, a talented pool hustler and young black runaway, becomes pals with Jack. Jack is transferred to a reform school after a failed theft, where he is abused and placed in seclusion until being released. Billy has since become a member of the middle class, getting married, having a son, owning a business, and having a mistress. However, neither Jack nor Billy can avoid their troubled pasts, and before their unusual double drama reaches to a violent and revelatory conclusion, they will reunite in San Quentin.

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#9 Books Like Westworld

At Westworld, the ultimate resort, you can live out your desires for $1,000 per day. Any human need, including murder, violence, and wild sexual abandonment, is satisfied by fully automated, humanoid robots created solely for your amusement.

Up until a single man stands alone against the crazy machines bent on complete carnage as a little computer casualty spreads like wildfire!