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February 27, 2023

#1 The Lost Years of Merlin Series

A 7-year-old boy washes ashore in Wales half-drowned with head trauma and no memory of his history. His mother washes ashore and raises him. Because she will not tell him about his background or her own, he does not think she is his mother, Branwen, or that his name is Emrys. Despite having to cure wounds and burns for a career, a skill many fear and loathe as “of the devil,” she takes good care of him. Emrys, 12, discovers he has remarkable powers and begins to wonder if he is “of the devil.” Emrys vows never to use his powers again if God will let him sight again after a dreadful demonstration.

Though blind, he gains a “second sight” Emrys determines he is recovered enough and leaves Branwen to continue his mission. He seeks his past, identity, and place. He only carries medicinal herbs and a miraculous stone. Emrys visits Fincayra, a bridge between our world and “the other world.” He seeks himself there. The danger that threatens Fincayra and his new pals is just as crucial. An evil spirit has blighted the realm and crushed its people’s souls, and a merciless monarch is taking all its magical abilities to himself, like Sauron from Lord of the Rings and Arawn from The Prydain Chronicles.

#2 The Great Library

Rachel Caine, the author of books that have been best sellers on the New York Times bestseller list, rewrites history in her latest novel, inventing a perilous universe in which the Great Library of Alexandria has been preserved. The Great Library is ruthless and possesses unrivaled power; it has established a presence in all of the major cities and controls the dissemination of information to the general populace.

The substance of the greatest works of history can be quickly delivered thanks to alchemy, but individual possession of books is strictly prohibited because of this. Although Jess Brightwell places a high value on libraries, the vast majority of his education came from books that were stolen or otherwise obtained illegally by his family. Jess has been dispatched to serve as a spy for his family, but his allegiances will be put to the test during the last few months of his training to enter the Library’s employ.

#3 Knights of the Borrowed Dark Series

As a child of orphans, Denizen Hardwick’s life is rather typical of others in that situation. Orphans in fairy tales are often spared from a life of misery by discovering their actual identities as a magician, warriors, or kings. Orphans are just children who have no parents in the real world. At the very least, it is what Denizen thought was happening… Even though it was pitch-black out, the Crosscaper Orphanage’s gates parted to admit an automobile with its engine grumbling in.

It is not long until Denizen gets picked up by a car with a man inside who promises to bring him back to his long-lost aunt. However, they are ambushed on their way into the city. Denizen discovers that monsters can rise from the abyss on their own accord. In addition, a venerable order of knights guards the land against their intrusions.

#4 Ranger’s Apprentice Series

The Rangers, with their gloomy cloaks and mysterious behavior, have always been a source of anxiety for him in the past. The villagers believe that the Rangers engage in magical practices that render them invisible to the populace at large. Will, who is now 15 years old and has always been on the younger side for his age, has been selected to become a Ranger’s apprentice. The fact that the Rangers are the ones who defend the kingdom is something that he is not yet aware of.

They are highly trained in the abilities to fight as well as the skills of surveillance, and they fight the battles before they reach the people. And Will is going to find out that there is a significant conflict on the horizon. Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, who was cast out of the kingdom, is currently rallying his troops in preparation for an assault on it. This time, he will not be turned down for the job…

#5 100 Dresses Series

In 1945, The Hundred Dresses was awarded a Newbury Medal. This book is primarily about the type of racism that children in American schools had to deal with. It focuses on the immigrants who were bullied by the bullies. One hundred dresses are based on the personal experiences of the authors, who wrote it. Wanda Petronski is the story’s main character. As a young Polish immigrant to the United States, she gets accepted into an American school where the majority of kids are descended from the country of origin.

Because of her uncommon name and fashion sense, Wanda is frequently tormented by her peers. Her classmates find it hard to believe that she has a hundred gowns and sixty pairs of shoes at home because she always wears a blue dress. Part one of The Hundred Outfits ends with her entering a school contest and submitting 100 drawings of her dresses, but her father has already dragged her out of school.

#6 Dragon Keepers Series

When Kate Klimo’s three sons were young, she found a geode in one of their sock drawers and it inspired her to write this book. During her spare time, Kate works as a children’s book author and publisher. She and her family, which includes her husband Harry, three horses, and a grandcat, reside in the hills of upstate New York. The Dragon Keepers series is the appropriate length and reading level for Magic Tree House readers who are ready for something longer, combined with the fast-paced narrative, excitement, and sense of teamwork that kids like reading.

Jesse and Daisy, two ten-year-old cousins, have always dreamed of a miraculous event occurring in their lives. This is a dream come true for Jesse when his freshly discovered thunder egg hatches and a tiny, but incredibly noisy, baby dragon emerges. Once they have figured out what to feed the dragon, the two kids find themselves at her command.

#7 His Dark Materials

Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon are the central characters of Phillip Pullman’s epic trilogy His Dark Materials, which begins with the first book. A child’s Dmons are animal-like expressions of the child’s inner self, and the two of them dwell in a magical universe where they exist. Dmons can also take on any form, real or fictitious until they “settle” into a final form that represents the character of the kid in its final form at some point during the child’s maturation.

The story takes place in Lyra’s house, where her uncle Lord Asriel, a scholar at Jordan College, is now absent. When Lyra’s best friend is kidnapped by someone in the Magistrate who she suspects is performing experiments on children and their demons, she finds herself sucked into a world of danger. During her journey, she discovers Lord Asriel’s scientific investigation into “dust,” a mysterious substance.

#8 Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series

The books in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series follow the story of young Jacob Portman, a typical kid who lives in Florida. The tales are set in the titular home for peculiar children. At the very least, he believed it to be the case. Jacob is desperate to find out what had happened after the mysterious death of his grandfather, Abraham Portman. This determination led him to the discovery of some very unusual people who were involved in the events leading up to his grandfather’s death. They band together and beat the foe, only to discover that more foes are on their way.

Jacob and his newly acquired allies face numerous perilous beasts, both in the physical and figurative sense, as well as deceitful persons who are not what they appear to be. Furthermore, along their trip, they are forced to save each other from the edge of death consistently. Jacob has already made a lot of decisions that have altered the course of his life, but the one he is about to make is the most significant one of all: should he remain with the only true friends he has ever had or return home?

#9 The Uncommon Series

Welcome you to a universe in which nothing is exactly as it seems… Ivy Sparrow and her bothersome older brother Seb had no idea what kind of excitement is in store for them once their grandmother Sylvie is taken to the hospital in an emergency. Soon after, their home will be broken into by unknown intruders, and a very peculiar law enforcement officer will show up at the scene, intent on capturing them with a toilet brush.

Ivy and Seb managed to get away, but once they do, they find themselves in a world that is utterly foreign to them: a mysterious underground metropolis known as Lundinor, in which simple items have extraordinary capabilities. Some belts give their wearers the ability to fly, yo-yos that can be transformed into weapons, buttons that have healing capabilities, and a variety of other charming things that are capable of performing quite bizarre tasks.

#10 An Epic Series of Failures Series

Risk-averse Greg Belmont is happy with his life despite its lack of excitement. At the posh preparatory school he attends, he has one and only one friend, although his father is quite awesome. The trouble is that Greg is not typical; in reality, he is a real-life, fantasy dwarf! The day his father brings home a strange new tea, the day he finds out the truth about himself is also the day that Greg’s strange skills begin to emerge.

Then, a savage Bro-Troll kidnaps Greg’s father, and the two of them are carried away to the Underground, which is located just beneath the streets of Chicago and is home to Dwarves who have lived there for ages. Greg learns everything about the history of the Dwarves, which has been marked with tales of epic failure since the beginning of time, with the assistance of some great new pals and a talking ax.

#11 Sam London Adventure Series

Sam London plunges headfirst into his second case involving a selkie, a mysterious girl, and an ominous new threat to the mythical and human worlds in this exciting sequel to Guardians of the Gryphon’s Claw, an epic adventure novel that “is sure to keep lovers of Rick Riordan running to the shelves”!

Sam London did not intend to unearth an old secret, but after he discovered that mythological animals are real and live in our national parks, he became the newest member of the Department of Mythical Wildlife and was given the title of “Mythical Wildlife Recruit.” Since that time, the young man in middle school has been eagerly anticipating the call for his next case, which finally comes with the bold appearance of a selkie in San Francisco Bay.

#12 The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series

Sophie and Josh Newman, 15-year-old American twins, had their summer occupations flipped upside down by Dr. John Dee. Dr. Dee battles bookshop owner Nick Fleming where Josh is an employee, to steal The Book of Abraham the Mage (aka the Codex). Dr. John Dee grabs the book from Josh’s hand, but he keeps two pages from it. Nick’s wife Perry Fleming is also imprisoned by Dr. John Dee.

After the struggle, Nick Fleming tells Josh and Sophie that he is the French alchemist Nicholas Flamel, that he is immortal, and that the twins, himself, and Perry (his immortal wife Perenelle Flamel) are in danger. Nicholas tells the twins he believes they are named in a Codex prophesy and that the fate of the world could depend on him awakening their dormant magical skills. Without the Codex, he and Perry will perish in a month since their immortality, youth, and longevity depend on a particular elixir. Monthly, this elixir changes.

#13 Pennyroyal Academy

A young woman from the woods arrives in a prosperous kingdom with no memory of who she is or why she is there, only to discover that she is at the epicenter of a conflict that spans the entire planet. She enlists in Pennyroyal Academy, which is a place where the princesses and knights are taught to combat the two greatest threats of the day, which are witches and dragons.

There, she was given the name “Evie,” and in addition to navigating a completely new universe of friends and foes, she had to suffer through a rigorous training routine that was overseen by her Fairy Drill sergeant. Evie comes to some shocking conclusions for herself and her family, as well as both the human capacity for compassion and the inhuman capacity for cruelty, as she gains a deeper understanding of what it means to be a princess.

#14 Magic Tree House

Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon are all included in the Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4.

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#15 Harry Potter

A young woman from the woods arrives in an affluent kingdom with no knowledge of who she is or why she is there, only to realize she is at the center of a global struggle. She joins Pennyroyal Academy, where princesses and knights learn to fight witches and dragons. She was given the moniker “Evie,” and forced to navigate a new world of friends and foes while undergoing rigorous training from her Fairy Drill sergeant. As Evie learns what it means to be a princess, she comes to surprising conclusions about herself, her family, and the human capacity for compassion and brutality.

As the witch troops approach, she realizes the fight between princesses and wizards is more personal than she believed. Pennyroyal Academy combines adventure, humor, and magical mayhem. Set in Grimm’s fairytales, it is suitable for princess fans and non-fans alike. Harry, very soon came to know that his parents have not died in a car accident but were killed by a wizard named Voldemort. Voldemort plans to return to power, unbeknownst to Harry and the wizarding world. Voldemort makes attempts on Harry’s life beginning in the first book and continuing throughout the series.