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September 12, 2022

#1 First Touch

The story begins with a teenager (Emily) who feels her best friend has been murdered by a frightening man. Emily Wayborn realizes something is drastically wrong when she hears an automated phone voice from her former closest friend Amber. Emily hasn’t spoken to Amber in years, so when Amber mentions a safe word in her message that She recognizes – a term they used to get out of tough circumstances during their wild partying days – Emily knows Amber needs her aid.

When Emily goes looking for her, she learns that Amber has gone missing. So, in order to find out what happened to her closest friend, she chooses to seduce and become his mistress. She is attempting to entice a potential killer who is scary and deadly. From the first time, she meets him.

#2 For the Love of Pete

This is a romantic suspense story in which the opposite attracts grumpily and lacks sunshine. Dante Torelli is an underground FBI agent tasked with safeguarding a mafia informant and his family. When the informant’s hiding spot is discovered, a merciless hitman kidnaps a newborn girl.

Dante now has three days to save the kid, find the traitor in his department, avoid different bad people, and deal with the toddler’s gorgeous aunt before the largest mafia trial in Chicago history begins. Then she must do all in her power to reclaim her niece. But what actually occurs is that she steals Dante’s automobile.

#3 The Girl in 6E

Because the central character is a cam girl, it is more erotic, with more explicit sexual content (Deanna). It implies she does things for people on camera. But it simply means she needs to dwell in her apartment since she has an uncontrollable murderous urge. She wants to kill others, so she shuts herself up in her bedroom to protect them from herself.

Deanna earns a lot of money doing this. But it’s fascinating to watch how she runs her company since she has intricate contraptions in her apartment. As a result, she doesn’t have to leave her residence. But one day, a person she’s conversing with online decides he’s going to murder a small child.

#4 Birthday Girl

JORDAN: When I had nothing else to do, he took me in. He doesn’t take advantage of me, mistreat me, or ignore me. He sees me, hears me, and offers protection. Over breakfast, I can sense his eyes on me, and when I see him pull into the driveway after work, my heart starts to race. I must stop right now. It is not possible. There are no good men, and if you do find one, he’s probably not available, my sister once informed me. The only person that isn’t unavailable is Pike Lawson. I am.

PIKE: He investigates how the tides of history have influenced our human societies, the plants and animals surrounding us, and even our personalities. He draws on concepts from biology, anthropology, paleontology, and economics. Has history made us happy as a result? Can we ever break away from the influences of our ancestors on how we act? And if anything, what can we do to shape the future of the centuries? Sapiens question everything we believed to be true about being human, including our thoughts, deeds, power, and future. It is audacious, all-encompassing, and controversial.

#5 See Me By Nicholas Sparks

Colin Hancock is making the most of his second chance. He has a history of violence and poor choices, but he’s eager to walk a straight line despite the prospect of going to jail following him at all times. Colin interprets that as putting all of his effort towards getting his teaching credential while staying away from anything that caused him to harm in the past. He constantly reminds himself of the lessons he has learned the hard way, so a committed relationship is the last thing he wants.

Maria Sanchez, a devoutly successful Mexican immigrant’s daughter, epitomizes conventional success. She is a dark-haired beauty with a job at a prominent business in Wilmington and a degree from Duke Law School. Her professional record appears to be faultless. Maria, however, has a painful past of her own, one that forced her to go back to her hometown and made her doubt a lot of the things she used to believe.

#6 Little Dove

How do I start? Oh. Yeah. There was a time. Don’t all wonderful fairy tales begin in this manner? Maximo and I were also unquestionably out of a fairy tale. Not the polished, sterile ones where issues were resolved with a song and a grin. We were the traditional type. The dark stories included violent endings, murder, and other horrible things.

So perhaps we weren’t a conventional fairy tale. Maximo was after all more of a villain than a prince. He was eerily seductive. delightfully sinister. Possessive, menacing, and in control. Particularly when it involved me. His tiny dove God help anyone who attempted to set me free from my prison cell.

#7 The Ex Hex

Back in 2009, Vivienne Jones took care of her broken heart the way any young witch would: with vodka, somber music, bubble baths… along with a curse on the awful guy. Vivi is aware that she shouldn’t use her magic in this manner, but because she only has an “orchard hayride” fragrance candle available, she isn’t concerned that it will give him more than a few bad hair days.

That is, until Rhys Penhallow, a heartbreaker and annoyingly attractive as always, arrives at Graves Glen, Georgia, a descendant of the town’s progenitors. A brief journey to refuel the town’s ley lines and make a cameo appearance at the yearly fall festival goes horribly wrong.

#8 One Last Stop

August, a pessimistic 23-year-old, believes that going to New York City will demonstrate her point that there is no such thing as magic or romantic movies and that living alone is the only sensible course of action. She finds it hard to believe that living with too many strange housemates and working the register in a pancake cafe open 24/7 could alter that. There is also little chance that her daily subway ride will be anything other than a tedious slog through fatigue and electrical outages.

Then, on the train, there’s this stunning girl. Jane. Amazing, endearing, enigmatic, and difficult Jane. When August needed someone to save the day the most, it was Jane, with her rugged edges, swoopy hair, and sweet smile. August’s crush on a fellow commuter turns into the highlight of her day, but soon she realizes there is a serious issue: Jane doesn’t simply have the appearance of an old-school punk rocker.

#9 Perfect Chemistry

An innovative, urban take on the traditional story of star-crossed lovers. Brittany Ellis had no idea that her meticulously crafted “perfect” existence is going to fall apart in front of her eyes as she enters chemistry class on the first day of her senior year. Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the opposite side of town who is compelled to work within the lab, is about to endanger everything she has fought so hard to achieve, including her boyfriend’s relationship, her impeccable reputation, and the knowledge that her home life is anything from ideal.

And Alex is aware that he is a terrible boy. So he doesn’t take it seriously when he and his pals wager that they can get Brittany to commit to them. The bet Alex made in arrogance suddenly becomes much more as he finds Brittany is a genuine person of great concern. Simone Elkeles rips down the hurdles and misconceptions that could keep Brittany and Alex apart in her impassioned tale about going past the surface.

#10 Punk 57

Since the fifth grade, Misha and Ryen have been pen pals. Their unusual names led their teachers to believe that Misha and Ryen were of different sexes. When Ryen and Misha start writing to each other over time, they realize that Ryen is actually a woman and Misha is a man. They became unique people they could open up to and confide in ways they couldn’t with anyone else since they lived in towns next to each other and talked about everything that happened in each other’s life.

They also exchange concepts and lyrics for Misha’s band, though they would also argue frequently. However, they always agreed to keep their correspondence private by refusing to look each other up, text each other, or accept Facebook friend requests that would allow them to see each other’s appearances. They enjoyed how anonymous it was. Up to their senior year of high school, they continue.

#11 The Roommate

With the exception of their daughter Clara, the Wheatons are notorious among the elite of the east coast for their lack of self-control. She embodies the ideal socialite: overachiever, polite, and predictable. However, each Wheaton has a weakness. When Clara’s childhood sweetheart extends an invitation to move across the nation, she finds it impossible to refuse. Unfortunately, it’s also untruely good.

Clara is forced to share a lease with a beautiful stranger after being tricked. Josh might be a little too perceptive—not to mention attractive—for comfort, but there’s a decent chance that if Clara hadn’t searched him up online, they could have managed to share a summer sublet.

#12 Beautiful Player

A fierce bookworm. a persistent Casanova. And a chemical lesson that was too controversial for class. Hanna Bergstrom is determined to take on her overprotective brother’s implied assignment to get out, meet friends, and start dating when she hears him lecture her about ignoring her social life and immersing herself in graduate school. And who better than her brother’s stunning best friend, Will Sumner, a venture capitalist and unrepentant playboy, to transform her into the seductive siren every guy desires?

Will takes chances for a living, but he has his doubts about Hanna’s challenge. up till the wild night when his innocently attractive student tries to convince him into bed and gives him some advice on how to have a woman he won’t soon forget. Will must demonstrate that he is the only man Hanna will ever need now that she has realized the power of her own sex appeal.

#13 The Way Of A Man With A Maid

The Way of a Man with a Maid explores pleasure, suffering, lesbianism, and manners from the perspective of a stereotypical Edwardian gentleman. It is widely regarded as a landmark example of the erotic genre and exposes the evil side of human sexuality. It first appeared in Parisian periodicals around the turn of the century.

Do the greatest parts really come to the patient woman? In the padded room of what used to be a mad asylum, Jack created a particular space he calls “The Snuggery.” He selects Alice to finish the ornamentation, which is filled with straps, cushions, ropes, and feathers. She is tortured into obedience while being imprisoned against her choice. And in a fit of lust, when Jack refers to her as his “wife,” Alice ultimately gives up her maidenhead, yielding to the force of his unrestrained need.

#14 The Rosie Project

The genetics professor who serves as the narrator of this humorous, feel-good novel is an oddly charming but socially awkward man on a peculiar quest: to discover whether or not he is capable of genuine love.

Professor of genetics Don Tillman has never gone on a second date. He is a man whose longstanding trouble with social rituals has led him to believe that he is simply not built for romance. He can count all of his pals on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, he is shocked when a friend says that he would make a “great” spouse. However, he must admit that there is likely someone out there for everyone, so he starts The Wife Project. Don sets out to locate the ideal companion in the methodical, empirical way he handles everything. She won’t be a bartender, a smoker, a drinker, or a latecomer; rather, she will be on time and logical.

#15 The Cheat Sheet

Hello, my name is Bree Camden, and my best friend and star quarterback Nathan Donelson and I are over heels in love. Admitting is the first step, right? But I can never tell him since I know he doesn’t view me that way and I don’t want things to grow awkward between us.

Nothing except good ol’ fashioned platonic friendship between us, no touching the hottest man alive, please! Everything is just the way I prefer it to be! Yes. Good. (I’m simply peeling an onion; I’m not sobbing.) How am I supposed to pretend to date Nathan for three weeks without anything altering between us? Particularly when it almost-sort-of-sorta seems like he’s battling for an entirely different result?

#16 The Last Letter From Your Lover

It is 1960. Jennifer Stirling can’t remember anything when she wakes up in the hospital—not the horrible automobile accident that led to her being there, not her husband, nor even who she is. Until she comes upon a passionate letter encouraging her to leave her husband, written simply “B,” she feels as though she is a stranger in her own life.

Years later, in 2003, a reporter by the name of Ellie finds the same mysterious letter in an unopened file in the newspaper’s archives. She becomes fixated on the narrative and believes it will save her waning career. If the story of these two lovers ended happily, perhaps she will also find happiness in her own convoluted love life. Ellie’s quest will modify history and enable her to understand the reality of her own contemporary romance. The Last Letter from Your Lover is a captivating, seductive love story with a stunning conclusion that will appeal to the same fans who bought bestsellers like One Day and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

#17 Thoughtless

Denny, Kiera’s partner of over two years, has been all she could have ever wished for: caring, tender, and passionately devoted to her. Everything seems to be going well for them as they move to a new city to begin their lives together, Denny at his dream career and Kiera at a prestigious institution. The happy pair are then split apart by an unexpected duty.

Kiera seeks solace from an unlikely person when she is feeling sad, confused, and alone: a local rock sensation named Kellan Kyle. He is at first just a buddy she can rely on, but as her loneliness deepens, so does their connection. Then, all of a sudden, everything changes, and nobody will ever be the same again.

#18 Maurice

Unrequited love wounded Maurice’s heart and led him to discover his own gender orientation. He defies society’s frequently unstated restrictions of status, wealth, and politics in trying to be true to himself.

Forster knew that, if published when he finished it in 1914, his ode to same-sex love would likely put an end to his career. As a result, Maurice sat in a cabinet for fifty-seven years until being published at the author’s request following his passing. Since it was published in 1971, Maurice has received a lot of attention and appreciation. It has been and is still being adapted for significant theatrical performances, including the Hugh Grant and James Wilby-led 1987 Oscar-nominated film version.

#19 Fix Her Up

The best home remodeling company in town is managed by Georgette Castle’s family, but since she chose balloons over plans, they haven’t taken her seriously. She is simply done with it. Georgie enjoys organizing kids’ birthday celebrations and making others laugh, but not at her expense. She is adamant about being a Woman of the World, whatever that may entail.

Georgie must accept the fact that she hasn’t been on a date in, well, ever if she wants to live her best life. That much is certain: no one is asking the local clown out for a night of steamy sex. Perhaps if people believe she is engaged in a passionate relationship, they would realize she is more than just the “little sister” who paints people’s faces for a livelihood.

#20 The Bachelor

Roman Chandler, a foreign correspondent who has lived abroad all of his life, is selected as the sibling to manage his mother’s matchmaking antics because she is in poor health. He has to find a wife quickly because of a coin flip. In slumbering Yorkshire Falls, where women swarm to snag a Chandler guy, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

But Roman is only interested in the one woman who escaped. Charlotte Bronson has returned to her hometown to establish roots and launch her lingerie company. She doesn’t care about her past or a man who preferred to follow breaking news to the ends of the planet over her. Regardless of how effective they once were or how explosive their chemistry was, they still burn. Roman must persuade Charlotte that he has changed and is here to stay.

#21 When It’s Real

Millions of people love pop star Oakley, who is attractive. He has girls lined up for him, but Vaughn doesn’t. She will have to assist him in shedding his bad boy persona. The bestselling author of The Royals book series, Erin Watt, has written an enthralling new book titled When it’s real. Millions of people love pop star Oakley, who is attractive. The paparazzi love to photograph his antics. But Oakley needs to change his image if he desires to be taken seriously in the music business. Who better than the typical Vaughn could assist him with that? She only needs to act like she is his brand-new girlfriend. Vaughn, though, believes Oakley to be a conceited dickhead. He’s attractive, sure, but don’t expect her to fall in love with him.

Best Quotes from this Book:

#22 You Can Have Manhattan

Welcome to the century’s worst wedding, to which you are graciously invited. Sydney Evans is accustomed to working hard. It is the only consistency in her life. Additionally, it has been simple for her to devote her entire being to her job as general counsel for Blackstone Holdings because she has no family or friends to speak of.

She doesn’t lack anything. till her boss presents her with a once-in-a-lifetime chance. She only needs to wed his useless son in exchange. Scott Blackstone once indulged in partying. Excuse me, party animal. But it’s been a while since he was that guy. Not since he relocated to Wyoming, acquired a struggling cattle ranch, and successfully turned it around. It’s all good until his peaceful, uncomplicated life is threatened by a call from his father. Get married or lose it all. And not even to a lady who despises him. Scott won’t surrender easily, though. He won’t ever return to Manhattan. If he can avoid it, no.

#23 Sparrow

Brennan, Troy That moniker is well-known among Boston’s Southies. the deceased mobster’s son. the ravishing man with steel blue eyes. In this metropolis, “The Fixer” has the power to make or ruin you. Oh, and my brand-new spouse. Raynes, Sparrow I am that. Before he suddenly entered my life, no one appeared to remember my name. And then he imprisoned me. I was abducted. That eliminated any opportunity I would have had to flee the area where we lived. Troy Brennan, to put it simply, clipped my wings. I have huge aspirations, but I don’t think he’ll always let me pursue them. I don’t know why he chose to make me his wife. I do, however, know that it will not serve me to enrage this man.

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#24 From Lukov With Love

Jasmine Santos would undoubtedly choose a four-letter word, to sum up the previous few years of her life if somebody were to ask her to. She knows her chance to participate in figure skating is closing after seventeen years—and numerous broken bones and broken promises.

Jasmine may have to change her mind about everything when the opportunity of a lifetime is presented by the conceited moron she has spent the last ten years fantasizing about ramming into the path of an oncoming bus, Ivan Lukov among others.

#25 This Man

The owner of The Manor, Mr. Jesse Ward, has scheduled the first consultation with young interior designer Ava O’Shea. On arrival, nothing else would suggest anything other than the overweight, well-to-do countryman she is only expecting to see. How could she be in error? This man is stunningly attractive, endearing, and self-assured. Additionally, he is a pretentious, hedonistic playboy who has little regard for propriety. Even though Ava passionately tries to resist her attraction to him, she is powerless over it. She runs because she is being driven to do so by every instinct, but Jesse Ward is not so eager to let her go. He is adamant about getting her because he wants her. Even though she is aware that she is headed for heartbreak, how can she escape when he won’t allow her?

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#26 The Last Song

When Veronica “Ronnie” Miller, then 17,’s parents split up and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina, her world was completely flipped upside down. When her mother decided it would be better for everyone if she spent the entire summer in Wilmington with her father, she is still bitter and estranged from her family three years later, especially her father. Former concert pianist and teacher Ronnie’s father leads a quiet life in the beach town while working on a piece of art that will be the focal point of a nearby church.

The story that emerges is a fascinating tale of love in its many manifestations, such as first love and the love shared by parents and children. As Nicholas Sparks’ book can, it depicts the various ways that deeply felt connections can both tear and mend our hearts.

#27 Love And Other Words

The heart’s history cannot be undone. Macy Sorensen is getting used to her ambitious but emotionally reserved routine: put in a lot of effort as a brand-new pediatrics resident; arrange her marriage to an older, well-off man; and hold her head down and heart hidden.

But when she crosses paths with Elliot Petropoulos, her one and only love, the meticulous bubble she had built starts to burst. Before he broke her heart the night he confessed his love for her, Elliot was once Macy’s entire world. He had evolved from being her gangly, bookish buddy to the man who helped her heart heal following the death of her mother.

#28 Five Feet Apart

In this heartwarming tale, two teenagers fall in love with the exception of a small danger that prevents them from being within five feet of one another. Stella Grant prefers to be in charge, despite the fact that she has spent the majority of her life in and out of the hospital due to her completely uncontrollable lungs. At this time, Stella needs to exert maximum control over maintaining herself away from anybody or anything that could spread an illness and put her chances of receiving a lung transplant in jeopardy.

Will Newman just wants to have control over one thing: leaving this institution. He gave neither his medical treatments nor a glitzy new clinical medication study a second thought. He will soon turn eighteen, at which point he will be able to unplug all of these devices and travel outside of hospitals.

#29 American Royals

General George Washington was given a crown by the American people after their victory in the Revolutionary War. The House of Washington is still in power today, 255 years later. The obligation Princess Beatrice has embraced her entire life now feels oppressive as she approaches becoming America’s first queen pregnant. Princess Samantha doesn’t care much about anything, either, save from the one boy who is clearly off-limits to her, because no one cares about the spare until she’s breaking the rules.

Prince Jefferson, Samantha’s twin, is another. He would have been first in line for the throne if he had been born a generation earlier, but the new rules of succession place him third. The majority of Americans think their prince is shockingly attractive, but two completely distinct girls are vying for his affection.

#30 Never Let Me Go

Hailsham appears to be a lovely English boarding school removed from urban influences. Its pupils receive excellent care and support, instruction in literature and the arts, and development into the kind of individuals that the world desires. Curiously, however, they have minimal exposure to and no instruction about the outside world.

Kathy develops from a young girl to a lady while living on the grounds of Hailsham, but it’s not until she and her companions Ruth and Tommy leave the secure confines of the school (as they always knew they would) that they fully comprehend what Hailsham is.

#31 Red White And Royal Blue

The closest thing to a royal this side of the Atlantic is First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz. The White House Trio, made up of his intrepid sister and the brilliant granddaughter of the Veep, is a lovely millennial marketing tactic for his mother, President Ellen Claremont. The drawbacks of being an international socialite include when images of a conflict with Prince Henry, a lifelong enemy, at a royal wedding endanger US-UK relations. Damage control strategy: pretending that the First Son and the Prince are buddies.

Alex finds himself rushing into a secret connection with Henry as President Claremont launches her reelection campaign. This romance has the potential to ruin the campaign and upend two countries. What merits making a sacrifice? How can you do as much good as you can? The most crucial factor is how history will remember you.

#32 The Kiss Quotient

A lovely and energizing debut book that shows that there isn’t enough information available to determine what will warm your heart. According to Stella Lane, the only thing that connects the cosmos is math. She develops algorithms to forecast client purchases, a career that has made her richer than she understands what to do while giving her significantly less dating experience than the typical 30-year-old.

The fact that Stella has Asperger’s and compares French kissing to a shark having its teeth cleaned by pilot fish doesn’t help. She came to the conclusion that she needed a lot more practice—with an expert. This is the reason she employs Michael Phan as an escort.

#33 Beautiful Disaster

The fresh Good girl Abby Abernathy is. She has the right quantity of cardigans in her wardrobe and doesn’t drink or swear. Abby thinks she has enough distance from her terrible past, but when she and her best friend arrive at college, Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand throws a wrench in her plans for a fresh start.

The person Travis Maddox needs to avoid—and wants to avoid—is Travis, who is trim, slim, and covered in tattoos. He spends his days being the perfect college campus charmer and his nights fighting for cash in a floating boxing ring. Travis lures Abby into his life with a simple bet because he finds it intriguing that she rejects his advances. He has to abstain for a month if he loses. If Abby loses, she’ll have to spend the same length of time in Travis’s residence. Travis is unaware that he has faced his match in each case.

#34 Spanish Love Deception

In order to attend her sister’s wedding, Catalina Martin needs a date bad. especially now that her small white lie regarding her boyfriend in America has gotten out of hand. Now everyone she knows will be there and anxious to meet him, including her ex and his fiancee.

She has just four weeks to locate a person who will travel across the Atlantic and help her trick people. It takes a while to get from New York to Spain, and her boisterous family won’t be simple to mislead. Enter her tall, attractive, and pompous colleague Aaron Blackford, who suddenly offers to take over. Never has a man been more irritable, blood-curdling, and intolerable; she would like to decline.

#35 It Ends With Us

Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.

Even though Lily hasn’t always found it easy, she’s never let that stop her from striving to live the life she desires. She had graduated from college, relocated to Boston, and launched her own business. She has traveled a long way from the small Maine hamlet where she was raised. So everything in Lily’s life appears almost too beautiful to be true when she gets a spark with a stunning neurosurgeon called Ryle Kincaid.

#36 The Hating Game

Joshua Templeman and Lucy Hutton are hostile to one another. not aversion. not reluctantly put up with. Hate. And since they are executive assistants to the co-CEOs of a publishing company, they have no issue acting out their emotions through a sequence of ritualistic passive hostile gestures while they sit next to one another. Lucy finds it difficult to comprehend Joshua’s dreary, rigid, and exacting approach to his work. Joshua is obviously perplexed by Lucy’s eccentric behavior, excessively bright attire, and upbeat outlook.

They are now competing for the same position, and Lucy is refusing to give in even though their latest installment could lose her dream job. However, the conflict between Lucy and Joshua also has intensified, and Lucy is starting to realize that she might not actually despise Joshua. Perhaps he doesn’t despise her either. Or perhaps this is simply a game.

#37 Song Of Achilles

American author Madeline Miller published The Song of Achilles in 2011. It is an adaption of Homer’s Iliad recounted from Patroclus’ viewpoint, and it is set in the Greek Heroic Age.

The ruthless ocean goddess Thetis and the legendary king Peleus’ son Achilles, known as “the best of all the Greeks,” is a powerful, fast, and alluring figure who makes an impression on all who meets them. The awkward young prince Patroclus was banished from his country following a stunning act of violence. By coincidence, they meet and develop an unbreakable friendship while running the risk of incurring the wrath of the gods.

#38 Call Me By Your Name

The plot of Call Me by Your Name centers on a young man and a summer visitor to his parents’ hillside mansion on the Italian Riviera who develops a spontaneous and intense affair. Both initially pretend to be unconcerned since they are unprepared for the effects of their attraction. However, in the restless summer weeks that follow, as they examine the charged ground between them, uncompromising buried currents of addiction and dread, amazement and desire, intensify their passion. What emerges from the depths of their souls is a romance that lasts just around six weeks but leaves a lasting impression on both of them.

For what the two learn on the Riviera and during a steamy night in Rome is the one thing that they both worry they may never fully find again: complete intimacy. In André Aciman’s frank, unsentimental, and heartbreaking elegy to human passion, the psychological tricks that go along with attraction are deftly captured. Clear-eyed, bare-knuckled, and ultimately unforgettable, Call Me by Your Name is.

#39 Eleanor And Park

Rainbow Rowell’s debut young adult book is titled, Eleanor & Park. The story is told in parallel narratives by Eleanor and Park, two outcasts who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, between 1986 and 1987, and was published in 2012.

“Bono met his wife in high school,” Park says. “So did Jerry Lee Lewis,” Eleanor answers. “I’m not kidding,” he says. “You should be,” she says, “we’re 16.” “What about Romeo and Juliet?” “Shallow, confused, then dead.” “I love you,” Park says. “Wherefore art thou,” Eleanor answers. “I’m not kidding,” he says. “You should be.”

#40 The Love Hypothesis

Ali Hazelwood’s romance book, The Love Hypothesis, will be available on Berkley Books’ website on September 14, 2021. Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student, doesn’t think long-lasting love relationships exist, but her best friend believes so, which is how she ended up in this predicament. It was always going to require more than just hand-wavy Jedi mind tricks to persuade Anh that Olive is dating and is well on her way to a happily ever after.

Scientists need evidence. Olive panics as a result and kisses the first man she sees, just like any self-respecting biologist. Adam Carlsen, a hotshot young professor, and notorious ass is the one and only. Because of this, Olive is delightfully shocked when Stanford’s top lab tyrant offers to be her pretend lover and keep Olive’s farce a secret.


#41 Talk Me Down

Molly Jennings lives in a small town and writes naughty, gorgeous romance books behind a pen name so that no one knows who she is. She’s still a little cautious and discreet about her work, which is understandable in a tiny town where everyone gossips. Someone is observing her in her house. As a result, she is attempting to stay alert and detect any potential risk. Ben is dispatched to explore several things surrounding her.

But he feels a magnetic draw towards her and can’t seem to get her out of his head. It’s really cute and comfy to see this connection grow. Romance is drawn to opposites. She has a grouchy character that wants her to survive the day and needs to preserve her. Molly and Verity have numerous behavioral similarities.

#42 Books Like Before The Coffee Gets Cold

There is a café in Tokyo that has been selling expertly prepared coffee for further than a century, hidden away in a little back lane. But this coffee shop gives its patrons a one-of-a-kind opportunity: the chance to go back in time.

We meet four visitors in Before the Coffee Gets Cold, each of whom wants to take advantage of the café’s time-traveling offer in order to: encounter the man who left them; get a letter from their husband for whom the memory has been chosen to take by early onset Alzheimer’s; see their sister for the last time; and encounter the daughter they never got the opportunity to learn.

#43 Books Like 500 Days Of Summer

The film (500) Days of Summer kicks off at breakneck speed into a witty, true-to-life, and original deconstruction of the turbulent and unexpected year and a half of one young man’s no-holds-barred love affair with the sarcastic, probing narrator declaring, “This is a narrative of boy meets girl.”

The Newmarket Shooting Script book also features production notes, the whole cast and crew credits, an 8-page color section, and special forewords by screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber in addition to the complete screenplay.

#44 Books Like To All The Bright Places

Theodore Finch is obsessed with death and frequently considers ways to commit suicide. But every time, he is stopped by something positive, no matter how minor. Violet Markey is counting down the days till graduation so she can leave her Indiana village and her agonising grief following the tragic passing of her sister.

It’s unknown who saves who when Finch and Violet encounter one other on the edge of the school bell tower. And Finch and Violet both make additional significant discoveries as they work together on a project to learn about the “natural wonders” of their state: Only with Violet can Finch be himself—a peculiar, humorous, and live-out-loud kind of guy who is actually not such a weirdo after all. And Violet can only stop counting the days and begin living them when she is with Finch. However, as Violet’s world expands, Finch starts to contract.

#45 Nomadland

Employers have identified a new, low-cost labor pool, mostly made up of roving older individuals, from the beet fields of North Dakota to the campgrounds of California to Amazon’s CamperForce program in Texas. Tens of thousands of these unnoticed victims of the Great Recession have hit the road in RVs and vans that have been converted, constituting a growing nomad society.

Nomadland is a startling account of the murky underbelly of the American economy, one that portends the uncertain future that may be in store for many of us in the future. It also recognizes the extraordinary resiliency and ingenuity of these Americans, who have given up their normal roots in order to live but have not given up on themselves.

#46 Ghosts By Dolly Alderton

Nina Dean is now in her early thirties and has a new house and neighborhood in addition to adoring friends and family. She is also a popular culinary writer. It seems like everything is going according to plan when she meets Max, a seductive romantic hero who tells her on their first date that he wants to marry her.

Her thirties haven’t been the liberated, simple experience she was marketed; a new relationship couldn’t have arrived at a better time. She is always being told how quickly time is going by and how few opportunities remain. Ex-boyfriends are moving on, friendships are deteriorating, and, worst of all, everyone is relocating to the suburbs.

#47 The Virgin Suïcides

Jeffrey Eugenides, an American author, published his first book, The Virgin Suicides, in 1993. The Lisbon girls, five tragic sisters, are the main characters of the fictional drama, which takes place in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in the 1970s.

The girls’ appearance when their mom let them out for their one and only date in their life was stunning because it seemed almost regular. Twenty years later, the boys who worshipped the sisters can still vividly recall the details of their enigmatic personalities, including the brassiere that the promiscuous Lux draped over a crucifix, the sisters’ breathtaking entrance the night of the dance, and the sultry, lethargic street where they witnessed a family break apart and frail lives disappear.

#48 Ugly Love

In the novel Ugly Love, Colleen Hoover – the author opens the story with Tate Collins recognizing that she didn’t fall in love with airline pilot Miles Archer at first sight. Even if they were to consider themselves pals, they wouldn’t. There is no denying that Tate and Miles are attracted to one another. They understand they have the ideal situation once their wishes are made clear. The only option left is sex because he doesn’t want love and she doesn’t have time for love. If Tate can follow the two guidelines Miles has for her, their arrangement might be surprisingly easy.

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#49 Midnight Sun

Twilight’s Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s encounter marked the beginning of a legendary love story. Fans, however, have only ever heard Bella’s perspective up until this point. In the eagerly anticipated companion book, Midnight Sun, readers can at last experience Edward’s interpretation.

Through Edward’s eyes, this remarkable story is portrayed in a fresh and unmistakably dark way. In all his years as a vampire, meeting Bella is the most unsettling and fascinating experience he has ever had. We comprehend why this is the most important conflict in Edward’s life as we uncover more fascinating insights about his past and the nuanced nature of his inner thoughts. How can he defend following his emotions if doing so puts Bella in harm’s way?

#50 The Hate U Give

Starr Carter, a sixteen-year-old, alternates between her affluent suburban prep school and her impoverished neighborhood of residence. When Starr sees her childhood closest mate Khalil being fatally shot by a police officer, the delicate balance between the two worlds is upended. Khalil had no weapons.

His death makes national headlines not long after that. He is being referred to be a thug, possibly even a drug trafficker, and gangbanger, by some. In Khalil’s honor, demonstrators are marching in the streets. Starr and her family are being threatened by some police officers and the local drug lord. What actually happened that night is what everyone is interested in learning. Starr is the only living person who can respond to that.