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Books like The Bridge Kingdom

October 20, 2022

#1 Books Like The A List

Welcome to The A-List, an original paperback novel that takes readers inside the seductive world of Hollywood glitterati. This book is wickedly humorous and risqué. Seventeen-year-old Upper East Side blueblood Anna (pronounced “Aaaanah”) Percy is her route to Beverly Hills, California, where she will spend the remainder of the academic year living with her divorced father while her mother visits friends in Europe. Anna overindulges in champagne while flying, and Rick Resnick, a record producer, advances on her. Ben Birnbaum, a Princeton student, steps in to save her and invites Anna to famed actor Jackson Sharpe’s wedding, where she meets the cast of wealthy and well-known individuals who will soon be her Beverly Hills High classmates. The page-turning action of this exciting new book is driven by the fast lives of Beverly Hill’s most stunning and glamorous residents.

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#2 Books Like Young Mungo

Mungo, a Protestant, and James, a Catholic, were both born under separate stars and raised in a Glasgow housing estate. If they are to be considered men at all, they should be bitter enemies. Nevertheless, despite all chances, they end up becoming best friends as they find refuge in the pigeon dovecote James erected for his prize racing pigeons. While Mungo struggles to keep his actual identity hidden from everyone around him, particularly from his big brother Hamish, a local gang boss with a brutal reputation to uphold, as they fall in love, they both dream of finding a place they belong.

Mungo will need to muster all of his inner strength and courage to try to return to a location of safety, a place where he and James could perhaps still have a future, when his mother has sent him on a fishing trip to a loch in Western Scotland several months later with two strange men whose intoxicated banter belies murky pasts.

#3 Arcane

Augum, 14, and his companions Bridget and Leera want to become warlocks. To make that goal a reality, however, will require bravery, selflessness, and an iron resolve in the face of a kingdom in complete anarchy.

A bloodthirsty tyrant named the Lord of the Legion has defeated the king in his pursuit of seven mythical relics, one of which belongs to Augum’s tutor, the fabled Anna Atticus Stone. A treachery forces Augum, his companions, and his mentor through a terrifying adventure that threatens to ruin them all—and alter the course of history—while he battles demons from a tragic childhood.

#4 The Bunker Diary

2013 saw the release of Kevin Brooks’ young adult book The Bunker Diary. The Bunker Diary tells the tale of Linus Weems, a young man who is kidnapped and held captive in an enigmatic bunker. 2014 Carnegie Medal for Children’s Literature winner for the novel.

People are actually fairly simple creatures with basic requirements. food, drink, light, room, and privacy. Maybe just a little bit of dignity. some degree of freedom What happens if all of it is simply taken away?

#5 Hate List

Nick, Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend, started shooting in the cafeteria of their school five months ago. Valerie accidentally rescued the life of a student when she was shot while attempting to stop him, but she was charged with the shootings due to the list she contributed to making. She and Nick’s list of things and people they detested. the list from which he chose his victims.

As Val returns to school to finish her senior year after spending the summer alone, she is forced to face her guilt. In order to move on with her life and make atonement for the tragedy that occurred, Val must confront the memory of the lover she still loves as well as her complicated relationships with her family, former friends, and the girl whose life she saved.

#6 Crank

In Crank, Ellen Hopkins describes Kristina, a character is based on her child, and the “monster,” the dangerously addictive substance crystal meth, or “crank,” in a volatile and frequently unsettling relationship. When Kristina goes to see her notably absent and unsuccessful father, she is first exposed to the drug. There is only Bree, Kristina Georgia Snow learns when under the spell of the monster: “there is no perfect daughter, no smart high school student, no Kristina Georgia Snow.” Bree will do everything that Kristina, a decent girl, won’t do, even catching the eye of risky boys who can supply her with a continuous supply of crank.

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#7 Panic

Panic began in Carp, a dead-end village of 12,000 people in the middle of nowhere, as so many things begin: because it was summer and there was nothing else to do. Heather never expected to compete in Panic, a legendary game played by graduating students in which the stakes are high and the payoff even higher. She’d never considered herself as courageous, as someone who would strive to be seen. But once she finds something and someone to fight for, she will realize she is stronger than she ever imagined.

Panic has never frightened Dodge. He’s confident that his secret will fuel him and also get him all the way through it. But he doesn’t realize he’s not the only one harboring a secret. Everyone has a stake in the game. The game will offer new alliances, surprising disclosures, and the chance of first love for each of them—as well as the realization that sometimes the very things we dread are the exact things we need the most.

#8 Raised By Wolves

Bryn, a fifteen-year-old werewolf pack Alpha, adopted her when a rogue wolf savagely murdered her parents right in front of her eyes, knowing only about pack life and the harsh social structure that governs it. That doesn’t mean she’s not willing to breach a few rules.

But when she discovers Chase, a new kid trapped in a cage in her guardian’s basement, and witnesses him transform into a wolf before her eyes, the awful memories of her parents’ murders return. Bryn gets preoccupied with obtaining her questions answered, and Chase is the only one who can help her.

#9 Septimus Heap

Young Countess Meliara promises her dying father in a chilly, rundown tower room that she and her brother will protect their people from the king’s escalating greed. They enter a war for which they are ill-prepared because of this pledge, a battle that risks the lives and homes of the very people they are attempting to defend.

But in comparison to what happens when a brutal battle is over and a precarious peace is in place, war is uncomplicated. Meliara is called to the palace even though she wishes to leave politics and the throne behind. She quickly learns that there, everyone is intertwined in intrigue, including friends and foes, in the ballrooms and drawing rooms.

#10 I’ll Give You the Sun

Jude and Noah, her identical twin, are initially inseparable. Although daredevil Jude uses red-red lipstick, cliff dives, and does all the talking for the two of them, Noah continuously draws and is falling in love with the charming boy next door.

Years later, they seldom communicate at all. The twins have both undergone severe changes as a result of something, but Jude also meets a strange new mentor and an alluring, enticing boy. Noah will relate to the early years, while Jude will discuss the later years. They both only know half the story, but if they can just get back together, they might be able to change the course of the planet. You’ll be left speechless, inconsolable, and laughing—often all at once—after finishing this dazzling, award-winning book by the celebrated author of The Sky Is Everywhere.

#11 We Contain Multitudes

Dante and Aristotle’s Meetings of Discover the Secrets of the Universe I’ll Give You the Sun is a thrilling and heartfelt book that follows the development of two teenage boys’ friendship through the letters they exchange.

As part of a weekly pen buddy assignment, Adam “Kurl” Kurlansky and Jonathan Hopkirk are paired up in English class and assigned to write letters to one another. Each letter the two exchange marks the start of a friendship that will eventually blossom into love. But Jonathan and Kurl fight to resolve their differences and maintain their relationship—and each other—amid bigotry, bullying, and tragic family secrets. Fans of Jandy Nelson, Nina LaCour, and David Levithan will adore this uncommon and exceptional novel, which celebrates love and life with captivating characters and beautiful language.

#12 The Outsiders

In the book, The Outsiders, Ponyboy Curtis, a 14-year-old boy, contends with right and wrong in a society where he feels like an outsider. Ponyboy believes that there are two sorts of individuals in the world: greasers and socs. A soc (short for “social”) is a wealthy someone who can get away with practically anything. A greaser, on the other hand, is continually on the go and must watch his back.

Ponyboy has always been proud of his greaser status, even if it means fighting toe-to-toe with a group of socs for the sake of his fellow greasers. The difficulties and friendships that Ponyboy and his crew face as greasers are highlighted throughout the narrative. It’s a novel that’s simple to absorb no matter who the reader is since it’s written from the perspective of a 14-year-old boy. It’s a coming-of-age narrative that deals with friendship, adversity, and overcoming obstacles.

#13 Whisper

Subject Six-Eight-Four, also known as “Jane Doe,” has been imprisoned and subjected to experiments for two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours, and sixteen minutes without saying a word. Jane learns the truth about Lengard’s enigmatic “program” as her resolve starts to fray due to the influence of her new, unexpectedly compassionate, assessor, and she also learns that her own secret is at the center of an evil scheme. and one incorrect action or utterance has the power to alter history.

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#14 The Hate List

Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend, Nick, shot into their school cafeteria five months ago. Valerie accidentally saved the life of a student when she was shot while trying to stop him, but the list she helped make led to her being charged with the shootings. a list of the things and people Nick and she detested. He chose his targets from this list.

As Val returns to school to finish her senior year after spending the summer alone, she is forced to face her guilt. In order to move on with her life and make atonement for the tragedy that occurred, Val must confront the memory of the lover she still loves as well as her complicated relationships with her family, former friends, and the girl whose life she saved.

#15 Beautiful Creatures

Lena Duchannes is unlike anybody Gatlin, a little town in the South, has ever seen. She is attempting to hide her power as well as a curse that has followed her family for many centuries. But a secret can never truly remain concealed, not even in the overgrown gardens, dark bogs, or crumbling cemeteries of the forsaken South.

Dreams about a stunning woman he has never met plague Ethan Wate, who has been counting down the days until he can leave Gatlin. Ethan is strangely drawn to Lena and determined to figure out their connection when she moves into the oldest and most notorious plantation in the area. In a place where there are no secrets, one may upend everything.

#16 Little Brother

Marcus, also known as “w1n5t0n,” is only seventeen years old, but he assumes he already has an understanding of how the system functions and how to manipulate it. He has little issue outsmarting the intrusive but cumbersome surveillance devices at his high school because he is quick, smart, and knowledgeable about the ways of the networked world.

However, when he and his pals are trapped in the fallout of a significant terrorist strike on San Francisco, their entire life is turned upside down. Marcus and his group are caught by the Department of Homeland Security at the wrong time and place and taken to a hidden prison where they are brutally questioned for days. His wounded best friend Darryl does not emerge when the DHS finally releases them. Every resident is considered like a possible terrorist in the city, which has evolved into a police state. There is only one thing left for him to do since no one will believe his story: “M1k3y” will overthrow the DHS on his own.

#17 Gossip Girl

Welcome to the Upper East Side of New York City, where my friends and I reside, attend school, play, and occasionally sleep together. S has returned from boarding school, and if we don’t watch out, she’ll win over our teachers, fit into the dress we couldn’t, steal our lovers, and generally wreck our lives. I’ll be keeping a close eye.

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#18 The Art Of Being Normal

Both boys, two mysteries. Outsider David Piper has always been. His parents believe that he is gay. He is considered a freak by the school bully. The only people who are truly aware of David’s true desires are his two closest buddies.

Leo Denton wants nothing more than to blend in on his first day at his new school. Getting noticed by the most attractive girl in year eleven is not at all what they had in mind. In the midst of a conflict, Leo defends David, and an odd relationship develops. But chaos is about to break out. Because secrets don’t seem to stay hidden for very long at Eden Park School…

#19 Forever Judy Blume

At a New Year’s Eve celebration, Katherine and Michael first meet. They become attracted to one another and eventually fall in love. They then have their first kiss after deciding their love is eternal. It’s the start of a committed, exclusive relationship with a clear future in mind. Up until Michael and Katherine’s parents urge that they put their relationship to the test by spending the summer apart… The target audience for Forever is older than it is for Judy Blume’s previous children’s books. Because of its strong sexual nature, it sparked a firestorm of debate when it was initially released.

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#20 The Miseducation Of Cameron Post

When Cameron Post’s parents unexpectedly passed away in a car accident, her startling initial reaction is a relief. Relief that they will never find out that she kissed a girl hours before. Cam is soon compelled to move in with her conservative aunt Ruth and her well-intentioned but hopelessly antiquated grandma after feeling temporarily relieved. She is aware that her life will change drastically moving forward. Cam learns to fit in and, as her grandmother may say, “leave well enough alone” to survive in Miles City, Montana.

Coley Taylor then settles in the area. A stunning pickup driver, Coley is the ideal cowgirl, and her boyfriend is the perfect match. She and Cam develop a close bond that is both unexpected and intense, with the potential for more. Cam is confronted with the price of hiding her true self, even if she’s not exactly sure who that is, just as ultrareligious Aunt Ruth takes extraordinary action to “fix” her niece. At the time, Cam is just starting to think that’s a real possibility. A brilliant and fascinating literary debut, The Miseducation of Cameron Post is about coming to terms with who you are and finding the confidence to live your life as you see fit.

#21 Steelheart

Ten years ago, tragedy struck. It was a sky burst that endowed regular people with extraordinary abilities. The amazing populace began referring to them as Epics. Epics, however, are not man’s friends. Amazing gifts also brought the urge to govern. You must subdue man’s will in order to rule him. Nobody but the Reckoners engages in combat with the Epics. They are a clandestine gang of common people that spend their days researching Epics to identify their flaws before murdering them.

David wants in as well. He desires Steelheart, the supposedly unbeatable Epic. David’s father was slain by the Epic. David has been preparing and studying for years, just like the Reckoners, and he has what they require. Not a thing, but a sensation. He witnessed Steelheart’s bleeding. And he wants retribution.

#22 She Drives Me Crazy

In this LGBTQ young adult romantic comedy, high school rivals fall in love—perfect for Becky Albertalli and Casey McQuiston fans. Scottie Zajac comes into a collision with her enemy, the stunningly attractive and brutally cruel Irene Abraham, after humiliatingly losing to her ex-girlfriend during their first game following their breakup. The girls are compelled to commute until Irene’s car is fixed, which only makes matters worse when their nosy, volunteer moms get involved.

The more time they spend together, the bumpier their already bumpy beginning becomes. But when a chance arises for Scottie to avenge her toxic ex (while also moving up the social scale at her school), she coaxes Irene into cooperating. A classic gay fake-dating scam, heartbreak, and antics. A brand-new, belly-laugh-inducing journey through the highs and lows of young romance is available from author Kelly Quindlen.

#23 Dreamland

Caitlin seems to have entered a semiconscious dreamland in which nothing is really real ever since she began seeing Rogerson Biscoe. Compared to everyone Caitlin has ever met, Rogerson is unique. He has an allure. He is captivating. He poses a threat. Caitlin forgets about her missing sister, her estranged mother, and her unfulfilling existence when she is with him. What transpires, though, when having Rogerson around causes more issues than having him away?

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#24 Our Chemical Hearts

It has never been a love for Henry Page. Although he considers himself an incurable romantic, the slow-motion, heart-pounding, can’t-eat, can’t-sleep kind of love he has been hoping for just hasn’t appeared in the cards for him—at least not yet. Instead, he has been content to concentrate on his academic performance, admission to a respectable college, and finally taking over as editor of his school newspaper. On the third Tuesday of his senior year, Grace Town enters his first-period class, and he immediately realizes that everything is going to change.

Grace is not the ideal girl Henry had in mind; instead, she uses a cane to go around, dresses like a boy instead of a girl, and appears to take very few showers. But when Henry and Grace are both selected to edit the school newspaper, he finds himself caring for her very quickly. The fact that Grace is so shattered makes her even more attractive in Henry’s eyes, and he would do anything to assist her in putting the pieces back together. However, this isn’t your typical boy meets girl tale. Krystal Sutherland’s stunning debut is a striking reminder of the love-at-first-sight joy that is equal parts humor and heartache.

#25 Bring Me Their Hearts

Zera is a Heartless, a witch’s immortal, never-aging soldier. Zera longs for independence from the woods they hide in but is tied to the witch Nightsinger ever since she protected her from the bandits who killed her family. She submits to Nightsinger’s control, her heart in a jar, and does the witch’s bidding.

Up until Nightsinger offers Zera a Prince’s heart in return for her own, with the proviso that if the latter is found out, Nightsinger will have her heart destroyed rather than subject her to the torture of the nobles who despise witches.

#26 The Duff

Bianca Piper, age 17, is cynical, devoted, and far from thinking of herself as the prettiest among her pals. She is also far too intelligent to be seduced by sleazy school hunk and man-slut Wesley Rush. Bianca actually despises him. She also hurls her Coke in his face when he calls her “the Duff.”

Bianca, meanwhile, is in dire need of a diversion because things at home aren’t going so well right now. Wesley receives a kiss from her. Moreover, she enjoys it. Bianca engages in a closeted adversaries relationship with him out of a desire to flee. Till everything goes horribly wrong. It turns out that Wesley isn’t really a lousy listener and that his life is also fairly chaotic. Bianca suddenly realizes with utter horror that she is falling for the person she had thought she disliked the most.

#27 The Way I Used To Be

This outstanding debut book tells the fascinating tale of a young lady who battles to regain her power in the wake of an assault, following in the footsteps of Speak. Eden had a knack for doing nice things. Who she was didn’t change when she started high school. Eden’s life, however, turns upside down the night her brother’s best friend rapes her.

Previously easy things have become complex. Eden now despises what and who she previously loved. What she previously believed to be true is now false. She realizes she needs to explain what occurred to someone, but she is unable to do it because nothing makes sense anymore. She decides to bury it instead. And she buries in the same manner as before.

#28 The 100

Humanity has been living on spaceships thousands of miles above the radioactive surface of Earth ever since a horrific nuclear war. A perilous expedition to recolonize the planet is currently being sent by society’s disposable group of 100 juvenile offenders. They might have a second chance at life, or they might be on a suicide mission.

Although CLARKE was detained for treason, the recollection of what she actually did still terrifies her. The chancellor’s son WELLS traveled to this world in order to be with the girl he loves, but would she ever pardon him? BELLAMY, the reckless member of the sole sibling pair in the cosmos, forced his way onto the transportation pod to defend his sister.

#29 These Hollow Vows

Brie despises the Fae and won’t associate with them in any way, even if it means going hungry on the streets. But then when her sister is sent to the cruel ruler of the Unseelie court as payment for a debt, she will stop at nothing to win her back, even agreeing with him to capture three magical artifacts from the Seelie court.

Accessing the Seelie court without restriction is much easier said than done. Brie’s only option is to pretend to be Prince Ronan’s prospective bride, and she quickly starts to fall for him. She takes assistance from a group of misfit Unseelie characters with their own hidden goal since she refuses to let her heart get in the way. As Brie spends time with their enigmatic leader, Finn, she finds it difficult to resist his allure. Brie is forced to make a loyalty decision while being caught between two potentially hazardous courts. with her heart as well.

#30 The Sun Is Also A Star

Natasha: I’m a young woman who respects facts and science. No chance, no fate, or hopes that will never materialize. I’m absolutely not the type of girl who falls in love with a cute boy she meets on a busy New York City street. Not when my family’s deportation to Jamaica is just twelve hours away. It won’t be my tale to fall in love with him.

Daniel: I’ve always done well in school and been a decent kid, going to live up to my parents’ high standards. The poet, never. perhaps the dreamer. But the moment I see her, I put everything else aside. I feel like fate has something even more remarkable in store for both of us because of Natasha.

#31 Crave Tracy Wolff

When I entered the academy, everything in my life was altered. There is nothing good about this environment or the other students here. Here I stand among gods or demons, a mere mortal. I’m still unsure of which of these battling factions I connect to if any. The only thing I am aware of that links them is their enmity for me.

Jaxon Vega is another. lethal vampire with dark secrets who hasn’t felt anything in a century. However, there’s something about him that draws me in; brokenness in him that somehow matches my own. This might result in us all passing away. Jaxon closed himself apart for a reason, after all. Now that a monster is supposed to be sleeping, I’m wondering whether I was purposely sent here as the bait.

#32 Before I Fall

Samantha Kingston, a prominent senior in high school, believes that February 12—also known as “Cupid Day”—should be one big celebration filled with valentines, roses, and other perks of being at the top of the social scale. And so it goes until that night when she perishes in a horrific tragedy.

She still awakens the following morning, though. Sam actually experiences her death seven times before realizing that, by making even the smallest adjustments, she might have more influence than she ever thought possible. Now starring Kian Lawley, Halston Sage, and Zoey Deutch, Before I Fall is a big-budget movie. The book was added to many state reading lists and named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly, Barnes & Noble, The Daily Beast, NPR, and

#33 Becoming Alpha

Tessa McCaide possesses a special knack for getting into mischief. But a girl with visions finds it hard to deny what she sees. Fortunately, Tessa and her family are fleeing California and going in the opposite direction of the country, providing her the ideal chance to shed her reputation as “Freaky Tessa.”

Tessa, however, is unaware that kissing the wrong person in her new Texas town could get her into much more trouble than she ever anticipated. like being compelled to attend the werewolf boarding school St. Ailbe’s Academy.

#34 Dear Martin

Nic Stone joins industry heavyweights Jason Reynolds and Walter Dean Myers as she bravely tackles American race relations in this astonishing debut. Nic Stone is raw, compelling, and absolutely real.

Justyce McAllister is the best in his class and destined for the Ivy League, but the policeman who just handcuffed him doesn’t care about either of those things. And despite moving away from his dangerous area, he still has to deal with the derision of his old friends and the jeers of his brand-new classmates. Justyce seeks guidance from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings. But do they still hold up today? To learn more, he starts a notebook for Dr. King.

#35 The Rest Of The Story

Emma Saylor’s mother passed away when she was ten years old, and she has very few memories of her. She does, however, recall the tales her mother told her about the large lake that seemed to go on forever, with its icy waters and moss-covered trees at its margins.

With just Emma and her father left, life is wonderful despite being rather predictable. Until Emma receives a surprise invitation to spend the summer with her mother’s family, which includes her grandmother and distant cousins she hasn’t seen since she was a young child.

#36 The Silence Between Us

Teenage deaf Maya must go to a hearing for the first time after moving across the nation. She finds it difficult to fit in with the hearing culture, which is made even more challenging by the fact that some of her classmates, like Beau Watson, make an effort to learn ASL. Nothing, not even an unforeseen romance, will stop Maya from achieving her goals as she looks ahead to the future and concentrates on her goals after graduation. However, when hearing and deaf individuals in her life ask her to explain some aspects of her deaf identity, Maya stands up and refuses to accept the notion that being deaf is a disadvantage.

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#37 Turtles All The Way Down

American author John Green has published the young-adult book ‘Turtles All the Way Down’. On October 10, 2017, Dutton Books released the book. This is Green’s sixth book overall and fifth book written alone.

Everything starts with a billionaire on the run and the prospect of a monetary prize. A longstanding friendship, the warmth of an unanticipated reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara are all topics covered in Turtles All the Way Down. Aza Holmes, a young lady navigating daily life within the pace with the fast spiral of her own thoughts, is at the center of the story. With shattering, unwavering clarity, John Green tells Aza’s story in his eagerly anticipated comeback.

#38 Fangirl

A tale of first love, family, and fanfiction as a young adult. Cath appreciates Simon Snow. Okay, Simon Snow is well-liked by everyone. But Cath’s life is spent being a fan, and she excels at it. When she and her twin, Wren, were little children, they immersed themselves in the Simon Snow series, which helped them cope with their mother’s separation.

Reading. Rereading. Simon Snow’s fandom activities include participating in online forums, creating fanfiction, and dressing up as the characters at film premieres. Cath can’t let go, even though her sister has largely grown away from fandom. She is unwilling to. Wren has informed Cath that she does not want to share a room with her in college. Cath is utterly alone and out of her comfort zone. She has a snarky roommate with a charming, always-present boyfriend, a professor of fiction writer who believes that fanfiction is the end of civilization, a handsome classmate who is only interested in talking about words, and she can’t quit fretting about her loving, frail, and never truly alone dad.

#39 Aristotle And Dante

Swimmable is Dante. Not Ari. Dante is intelligent and confident. Ari struggles with language and experiences self-doubt. Poetry and art engross Dante. Ari finds himself daydreaming about his older brother, who is imprisoned. Dante has light skin. Ari has significantly darker features. Dante seems to be the final person to dismantle the barriers that Ari has put up for himself because of his unrestricted outlook on life.

However, against all chances, Ari and Dante form a unique link when they first meet. This bond will educate them on the most crucial lessons of their life and help them determine the kinds of people they want to be. But there are significant obstacles on their path, and Ari and Dante can only overcome them by having faith in one another and the strength of their friendship.

#40 Hatchet

So when the pilot of his little propeller-driven plane had a heart attack, Brian is en route to Canada to see his estranged father. With only his clothes and the hatchet his mother bought him as a present before leaving, Brian is left trapped in the isolated Canadian countryside after being compelled to crash-land the aircraft in a lake.

In addition to being upset about his mother’s secret and his parents’ probable divorce, Brian is now utterly alone and forlorn. Brian fights to gather food and construct a home for himself when he is exhausted, afraid, and hungry. Since he has no prior experience in the woods, he must develop a new awareness level and tolerance as he faces the trials of each day. Is it okay to drink the water? Are the fruits he discovers toxic?