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October 31, 2022

#1 The Crown

Eadlyn didn’t anticipate falling in love with any of her 35 suitors when she became the very first princess of Illéa to conduct her own Selection. During the initial stages of the tournament, she focused on ticking down the days until she was able send everyone home. Eadlyn discovers that she might not be comfortable staying alone when events at the palace thrust her even further into the spotlight.

Eadlyn is still unsure whether she will discover the happily ever after her parents did twenty years ago. However, the heart occasionally has a way of surprising you. Eadlyn will soon have to make a decision that feels more difficult—and significant—than she could have ever imagined.

#2 Half Blood

The offspring of two Hematoi pure types of blood possess godlike abilities. The Hematoi are descended from the couplings of gods and mortals. Hematoi children and mortals, not so much. The only two options available to half-bloods are to either train as Sentinels and hunt and kill daimons or to work as slaves in the pures’ mansions.

Alexandria, age 17, would rather fight than squander her life cleaning toilets, yet she might wind up slumming it anyhow. Students at the Covenant are required to adhere to a number of rules. All of them, but especially rule #1—the prohibition on relationships between pures and halves—cause Alex issues. Sadly, she has a serious crush on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden.

#3 The House On Mango Street

The House on Mango Street is Esperanza Cordero’s astonishing tale, which has been praised by critics, adored by readers of all ages, taught everywhere from inner-city elementary schools to universities across the nation, and been translated into many languages.

A little Latina girl growing up in Chicago and creating for herself who and what she will become is the subject of this collection of vignettes, some of which are painful and others which are incredibly joyful. Few other works have affected as many readers as this one in our time.

#4 The Most Dangerous Game

Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” also known as “The Hounds of Zaroff,” was first published on January 19, 1924, in Collier’s with artwork by Wilmot Emerton Heitland. In the story, ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, a big-game hunter from New York becomes shipwrecked on a remote Caribbean island and is pursued by a Russian aristocrat.

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#5 Better Than The Movies

Wes Bennett was never going to be Liz Buxbaum’s type of guy. You’d think that her next-door neighbor, Wes, would fulfill her romantic comedy fantasies, but ever since they were kids, Wes has only shown himself to be a pain in the butt. Wes was the little monster who concealed a lawn gnome’s severed head in her homemade neighborhood book exchange and the child who put a frog in her Barbie Dreamhouse.

Ten years have passed since the Great Gnome Decapitation. Liz needs Wes’ assistance throughout her senior year, which is filled with moments fit for any big screen. See, Wes is getting along with Michael, who has been Liz’s eternal crush, and who recently moved back to the area. In other words, Liz needs Wes if she wants Michael to start paying attention to her and, ideally, ask her to prom. He draws her in.

#6 Mythos

Greek stories are modernized in Stephen Fry’s book Mythos, which he has written, acted in, and humorously retold. Without sacrificing any of their initial enchantment, Fry turns the exploits of Zeus and the Olympians into stories that are both wonderfully hilarious and emotionally powerful.

This gorgeous book includes educational notes from the author as well as traditional artwork drawn from mythology. Fry’s particular wit, voice, and writing style permeate every adventure. Greek myth enthusiasts will value this innovative yet reverent retelling, and newbies will feel at home. Retellings have rich cultural backgrounds, are funny, and are filled with emotion.

#7 First And Then

There was nothing Devon Tennyson would alter. She is content to sit in the stands and watch Friday night games while secretly harboring crushes on her best buddy Cas and blissfully putting off thinking about life after high school. The universe, however, has different ideas. Foster, Devon’s cousin and an unrepentant social outcast with a surprising talent for football, as well as star running back Ezra, who is obnoxiously superior and indescribably attractive, are delivered into her P.E. class and then into every other area of her life, exactly where she doesn’t want them.

In this modern book about being in love with the surprising boy, with a new brother, and with oneself, Pride and Prejudice and Friday Night Lights collide.

#8 Black Ice

In this sensual thriller from Hush, Hush series author and New York Times bestselling novelist Becca Fitzpatrick, the danger is difficult to avoid.

When Britt Pheiffer’s ex-boyfriend, who still haunts her every thought, wants to join her on her Teton Range backpacking trip, she is unprepared despite her training. Britt is forced to seek shelter in a secluded cabin by an unexpected blizzard before she has a chance to explore her feelings for Calvin. She accepts the hospitality of the cabin’s two incredibly attractive residents, but these men are wanted for murder, and they hold her prisoner.

#9 Defiance Of The Fall

The world suddenly transformed while Zac was by himself in the middle of the forest. An impersonal system—or God—introduced the entire world to the multiverse. a universe where countless races and civilizations competed for supremacy.

Zac finds himself alone in a dangerous jungle full with monsters, demons, and worse. He must find a way to survive and become stronger in this new, brutal reality while being all alone, bewildered, and devoid of any solutions. He will have to locate his family before the world ends, or he will perish trying, with just a hatchet as his weapon. Discover the beginning of the popular LitRPG series with over 20,000,000 views on Royal Road. Defiance of the Fall is now available for the first time on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible, read by Pavi Prozcko.

#10 Phoenix Project

Bill oversees the IT department at Parts Unlimited. On his way to work on Tuesday morning, Bill receives a call from the CEO. The future of Parts Unlimited depends on the company’s new IT venture, code-named Phoenix Project, but the project is wildly over budget and horribly behind schedule. Bill must report directly to the CEO and fix the problem within 90 days, or else the CEO will outsource Bill’s whole department.

Bill begins to realize that IT work has more in common with manufacturing plant work than he ever expected, thanks to the assistance of a potential board member and his cryptic ideology known as The Three Ways. Bill has a limited amount of time to streamline interdepartmental interactions, arrange workflow, and efficiently support the other business operations at Parts Unlimited.

#11 The Paladin Prophecy

Will West takes care to lead a quiet existence. He has made care to maintain a low GPA and was placed in the middle of his cross-country squad at his parent’s insistence. Then Will makes a mistake and scores astronomically high on a national exam.

A prestigious prep school is now courting Will, and men in black sedans are following him. Will is forced to run to the school after losing his parents unexpectedly. There he starts to discover all of his powers, including seemingly unachievable physical and cerebral prowess and discovers how they relate to a long-running conflict between titanic forces. This cerebral adventure, which combines intrigue, pulse-pounding action, and the supernatural, is co-created by Mark Frost, who also contributed to the breakthrough television series Twin Peaks.

#12 I Am Enough

The children’s book everyone needs is I Am Enough. From Empire actor and activist Grace Byers and gifted emerging artist Keturah A. Bobo, this is a beautiful, poetic hymn to enjoying who you are, appreciating others, and being kind to one another. For moms and daughters, baby showers, and graduation, this is the ideal present. Everybody is present for a reason. We have plenty of resources. Just have faith in it.

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#13 The Overstory

The Overstory is a grand, passionate piece of action and resistance that also serves as a breathtaking evocation of and ode to the natural environment. The twelfth book by Richard Powers develops in concentric rings of interwoven fables that span from antebellum New York to the Timber Wars of the Pacific Northwest in the late twentieth century and beyond. A world exists alongside ours that is enormous, slow, connected, resourceful, incredibly imaginative, and practically invisible to us. This is the tale of a select group of individuals who discover how to view that world and become enmeshed in its impending disaster.

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#14 Shuffle Repeat

For fans of young adult romance, When Harry Met Sally. Fans of Huntley Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Perkins, and Jenny Han will adore this story of opposites attracting. June is ready for high school to be over and for life to start. Oliver is enjoying his senior year to the fullest. They could have breezed through high school without really getting to know one another.

However, their mothers had arranged for Oliver to pick up June and drive her to school. Each and every day. These two polar opposites start arguing over music, life, and pretty much everything else all of a sudden. However, love might be a surprise. When hearts and commitments are broken, Oliver and June must determine what is truly important. then put up a battle for it.

#15 Braced

The start of a new academic year excites Rachel Brooks. She has finally earned a spot on her soccer team as a forward. Everything is fun because of her dearest friends. Additionally, she thinks Tate likes her a lot and that he reciprocates. She still has one more scoliosis doctor’s appointment, but after that, this will be her best year yet.

The doctor then breaks the bad news that Rachel must wear a back brace 24 hours a day due to the worsening sideways bend in her spine. From her shoulder blades to her hips, the brace encircles her in hard plastic. It alters how her clothes fit, how she kicks the ball, and how Tate and her friends view her. The biggest shift of all, though, maybe in how Rachel views herself as she faces the difficulties the brace offers.

#16 Playing For Pizza

The Cleveland Browns’ backup quarterback was Rick Dockery. To almost everyone’s amazement and dismay, Rick actually entered the game in the AFC Championship game versus Denver. Rick gave what was possibly the worst single performance in NFL history with just minutes remaining and a 17-point advantage. He was promptly released by the Browns and blacklisted by all other teams since he overnight became a national laughingstock.

But Rick insists that his agent, Arnie, locate a team that needs him because all he is familiar with is football. Against all chances, Arnie is able to find such a squad, and he tells Rick that he can now miraculously start at quarterback for the great Panthers of Parma, Italy. Yes, to some extent, Italians do play American football, and the Parma Panthers are yearning for a former NFL player—any former NFL player—to take over as their head coach. In order to avoid turning down a better offer, Rick grudgingly accepts to play for the Panthers and departs for Italy. He has no knowledge of Parma, has never been to Europe, and is completely illiterate in Italian. It would be an understatement to suggest that Rick Dockery will experience a few surprises while in Italy.

#17 Tell Me Three Things

Jessie has a lot of issues. It certainly seems that way during the first week of her junior year at her brand-new, incredibly scary prep school in Los Angeles. She receives an email from Somebody/Nobody (SN for short), offering to assist her to navigate the confusing waters of Wood Valley High School, just as she is preparing to go back to Chicago. Is it a sophisticated hoax? Or may she turn to SN for some much-needed assistance?

Just two years have passed since her mother’s passing, and Jessie has been forced to relocate across the country to reside with her stepmonster and her snobbish teenage son since her father eloped with a woman he found online. Jessie starts to rely on SN out of a leap of faith—or out of total desperation—and SN soon develops into her closest friend and ally. Jessie is compelled to seek out SN in person. But should certain enigmas remain unsolved?

#18 The Coldest Winter Ever

Sister Souljah, a well-known hip-hop singer, political activist, and bestselling author, vividly depicts the streets of New York in her debut novel. My mother gave me the name Winter when I was born amid one of the worst snowstorms to ever hit New York. Winter was raised in the ghetto and is the young, affluent daughter of a well-known Brooklyn drug cartel. She is quick-witted, seductive, and business-savvy. She understands and adores the streets as well as her own body’s curves.

Her street smarts and seduction abilities are put to the ultimate test, though, as a chilly Winter wind sweeps her life in a way she doesn’t want it to. This ghetto girl will stop at nothing to maintain her position as the leader. Including a Special Collector’s Edition Reader’s Guide with a Q&A with the author, in-depth character assessments, and the author’s personal comments on the significance of her work.

#19 11 Before 12

On the first day of middle school, students exchange their poolside freeze tag games for new schedules, stylish clothes, and a fresh start. The confusion of brand-new locker combos, cafeteria cliques, and prospective first kisses, however, is too much for eleven-year-old Kaylan to handle. She fears the beginning of sixth grade and feels like she needs a winning strategy.

Fortunately, Kaylan and her utterly laid-back BFF, Arianna, have a foolproof strategy for dealing with transitions: a list of eleven things they must accomplish to totally change themselves before they turn twelve in November. However, the first 100 days of school turn out worse than Kaylan ever anticipated due to making guy friends, receiving detention (and makeovers! ), helping mankind, and having incredibly honest chats with their mothers about their imperfections. When Kaylan and Ari lose sight of their friendship, their devotion to the list—which was supposed to keep them together all the very thing that is tearing their lives apart.

#20 A Danger To Herself And Others

The truth doesn’t start to come out until after she’s been locked up. With 4 Walls, a single window no means of escape Hannah is aware that something went wrong. She did not require institutionalization. It was an accident that happened to her summer program companion. She can return home to begin her senior year as soon as the physicians and judges determine that she poses no risk to herself or others. She will utilize her influencing abilities to win the staff over in the interim.

Then Lucy shows up. Lucy has a lot of baggage. She might also be the only one who can persuade Hannah to face the risky games and dark truths that got her locked up in the first place.

#21 Conversations With Friends

A sharply witty book about two college students who form an odd, unanticipated bond with a married couple. Frances, who is twenty-one years old, is calm and keenly perceptive. She spends her time in a life of the intellect and with Bobbi, her best friend and fellow combatant, who is gorgeous and insatiably self-possessed. She is a university student and aspiring author. The two young ladies, who were lovers in high school, now practice spoken-word literature together in Dublin, where a journalist named Melissa sees potential in them. Frances is reluctantly drawn into Melissa’s orbit and is impressed by her elegant home and tall, attractive husband. Frances feels that private property is a cultural evil and that Nick, a bored actor who has never lived up to his promise, embodies patriarchy.

However entertaining their initial flirtation may appear, it soon gives way to a peculiar intimacy that neither of them anticipates. Frances struggles to maintain control over her relationships with Nick, her tough and unhappy father, and eventually even with Bobbi as she tries to manage her life. Frances’s intellectual convictions start to give way to something new as she desperately tries to come to terms with the needs and weaknesses of her body. This new experience is a painful and confusing manner of living moment by moment.

#22 The Wild Robot

Robot Roz finds herself all by herself on a desolate, wild island when she opens her eyes for the first time. She doesn’t know how she got there or what her goal is, but she is aware that she must survive. She discovers that her only opportunity to survive is to adapt to her environment and learn from the island’s hostile animal residents after braving a fierce storm and avoiding a deadly bear attack.

Roz gradually becomes friends with the animals, and the island begins to seem like her home—until the robot’s enigmatic past returns to haunt her one day. A touching and exciting book about what happens when nature and technology combine is available from bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Peter Brown.

#23 Perilous Waif

My name is Alice Long, and I have always understood that I am unique. When I was younger, I used to spend the evenings scaling the house tree’s tallest branches to observe the starships landing at the orbital stations above. Watching ships thirty thousand kilometers above the earth from a height of forty meters, with senses that could distinguish radar pings and comm chatter almost as clearly as the ships themselves. At the moment, everything appeared quite natural.

At the orphanage, there were other children with mods, but none quite like that. I quickly figured out that I should play down my skills, keep my mouth quiet, and attempt to blend in. I already learned as a child not to trust the Matrons. What would they do if they discovered that the adjustments meant to turn me into a submissive little herd animal had had no effect? Then I made a mistake and revealed myself.

#24 Other Words For Home

Jude never imagined she would be departing for Syria across the seas, leaving her father and adored older brother behind. Jude and her mother are transferred to live with relatives in Cincinnati as things in her hometown start to get tense.

America initially appears to be a fast-paced, boisterous place. Jude had always loved American movies, but they didn’t completely prepare her for starting school in the US and her new identity as a “Middle Eastern,” which she had never known before. There are new friends, a brand-new family, and a school musical that Jude could just try out for, among other unanticipated surprises that come with this life. Maybe Jude can be accepted for who she truly is in America as well.

#25 My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend, a contemporary masterwork by one of Italy’s most renowned writers, is a complex, emotional, and kindhearted tale of two friends, Elena and Lila. A thorough portrayal of these two ladies that doubles as the history of a country and a moving reflection on the essence of friendship is well suited to Ferrante’s singular style. Ferrante chronicles the tale of a neighborhood, a city, and a nation as they undergo changes that also affect the connection between her two characters through the lives of these two women.

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#26 Front Desk

Mia Tang is very secretive.

1. She does not reside in a large home, but rather in a motel. Mia, 10, runs the Calivista Motel’s front desk and attends to its customers as her immigrant parents clean the rooms.

#27 Interpreter Of Maladies

The characters in Jhumpa Lahiri’s exquisite, moving stories navigate between the inherited Indian traditions and the perplexing new world as they look for love that transcends generational and cultural boundaries. A young Indian-American couple experiences the heartache of stillbirth in “A Temporary Matter,” which was published in The New Yorker, as their Boston neighborhood struggles with regular blackouts. An interpreter takes an American family on a tour of India of their ancestors in the title story, during which the interpreter overhears an unexpected confession. Anita Desai would be proud of Lahiri’s acute cultural knowledge and Mavis Gallant would admire her nuanced depth in her writing.

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#28 The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer

Mara Dyer thinks that waking up in the hospital with no recollection of how she arrived there is the craziest thing that has ever happened in her life. It can. She is convinced that the accident that left her friends dead and her mysteriously unhurt must have had more to it than she can recall. It exists. She doesn’t think she can fall in love after everything she’s been through. She is mistaken.

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#29 Dory Fantasmagory

Ivy & Bean and Junie B. Jones, get out of here! Here comes a cute, vivacious young sister with a BIG personality and an equally big imagination! Dory, the youngest member of her family, craves interaction with her brother and sister more than anything else. She is, however, too much of a baby for them, so she is left to fend for herself, using her irrational imagination and boundless energy. While her siblings may scoff at her silly antics, Dory has plenty to keep her occupied, including outwitting the creatures who lurk around the home, escaping from time out, and getting even with her sister’s beloved doll.

Daring Dory will display her courage when they really needed her and eventually find what she has been searching for. This amusing book about an enticing rogue, which has a tonne of illustrations and is filled with charm and personality, is the newest must-read for chapter book readers.

#30 Pete The Cat

Don’t miss the iconic Pete the Cat series’ bestselling debut novel! In his brand-new white shoes, Pete the Cat strolls down the street. He walks over piles of strawberries, blueberries, and other large messes as his shoes turn from white to red to blue to brown to WET along the way! Pete continues to move, groove, and sing his song despite the colour of his shoes because everything is okay. Children enjoy interacting with stories, and Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes does just that by asking the reader questions about the hues of various meals and items.

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#31 Biscuit

I say, “Woof!”

Even when it is time for bed, Biscuit still wants to eat, play, and hear stories. Will he ever get any shut-eye?

#32 Sweet Evil

What if certain teenagers’ survival depended on their ability to be negative role models? For daughters and sons of fallen angels, this is their reality. Anna Whitt, a sweet-natured Southern girl, was born with a sixth sense that allowed her to perceive and feel other people’s emotions. She is aware of an internal fight and an irrational want to run away from danger, but it isn’t until she reaches sixteen and meets the seductive Kaidan Rowe that she learns about her dreadful past and has to rely on all of her willpower. Your father forewarned you about this boy. If only Anna had been forewarned. Will Anna accept her halo or her horns when she must accept her fate?

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#33 Beauty And The Beast

Marie Leprince de Beaumont is the author of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. A wealthy merchant who is widowed and has six children—three sons and three daughters—lives in a mansion. The youngest of his daughters, Beauty, is the most lovely of them all and is also gentle, educated, and of pure heart, whereas the two older daughters are wicked, self-centered, conceited, and spoilt. They treat Beauty less like a sister and more like a servant in private. The merchant ends up losing everything during a storm at sea. As a result, he and his kids are made to live in a modest farmhouse and labor to support themselves.

A few years later, the merchant learns that one of the commerce ships he had dispatched has returned to port after sparing its fellow countrymen’s annihilation. He goes back to the city to see whether there is anything valuable there. He asks his kids if they want him to bring them any presents before he departs. His oldest daughters request clothing, jewelry, and the most luxurious gowns while his sons request hunting equipment and horses. The oldest girls believe that their father’s money has returned. Since no roses grow in that region of the country, beauty is satiated by the prospect of a rose. The merchant is shocked to discover that his ship’s cargo has been taken to settle his debts, leaving him without money and unable to purchase presents for his children.

#34 American Beauty

For the A-List crew, graduation season arrives. That entails extravagant yacht celebrations, fancy caps, and gowns, and permanently saying goodbye to high school. Anna isn’t in the mood to the party despite the festivities. She has been concerned about Ben’s distant behavior. Caine Manning, the attractive tattooed intern who works for her father, would lift Anna’s spirits. Sam has been heartbroken and without Eduardo ever after her nefarious kiss with Parker. But hopefully, Sam will employ her vast intelligence and resources to come up with novel ways to get Eduardo back. the notorious Cammie? Not now that she’s so close to solving the mystery behind her mother’s passing, she couldn’t give a damn about graduating. She will do whatever it takes to learn the truth.

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#35 The Last Time We Say Goodbye

Lex last experienced happiness earlier. when she had a complete family. a beloved boyfriend. Friends who didn’t treat her as though she was about to cry any second. She is now just known as the girl whose brother committed suicide. And it seems as though she will only ever be that.

Lex attempts to forget what occurred the night Tyler passed away as she begins to put her life back together. However, she has a well-kept secret that Tyler sent her that could have made all the difference. Brother of Lex is missing. Lex is about to learn that a ghost need not be real in order to prevent you from moving on.

#36 Redwall

Matthias, a foolish young novice monk, sets off on a journey to find a renowned sword that has been lost. The peaceful Redwall Abbey, inhabited by a group of peace-loving mice, is in danger from the ferocious bilge rat warlord Cluny the Scourge and his battle-hardened army. However, the courageous and powerful Redwall mice team up with their devoted woodland companions.

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#37 Three Men In A Boat

Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat, a comedy masterwork that has never been out of print since it was first released in 1889, has an introduction and notes by Jeremy Lewis in Penguin Classics.

J. and his cronies George and Harris feel that a trip up the Thames would suit them to a “T,” being martyrs to hypochondria and overall seediness. Tow lines, inaccurate weather predictions, and cans of pineapple pieces, not to mention the destruction left in the path of J.’s little fox-terrier Montmorency, are among the problems they can hardly foresee when they start out.

#38 Constantine

The angels and devils who dwell with humans are invisible to mortal eyes; these supernatural beings aim to positively or negatively impact our lives. John Constantine, an immoral and sarcastic renegade occultist, and the paranormal investigator have the gift and the curse of being able to communicate with this hidden realm. To solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, Constantine partners up with skeptic Angela Dodson of the Los Angeles Police Department. As their inquiry propels them into a catastrophic chain of supernatural occurrences, the forces of Hell plot to steal Constantine’s immortal soul.

#39 On The Fence

Getting nurtured by a single father, three elder brothers, and Charlotte Reynolds, 16, has many advantages. She can outperform every boy she knows, even Braden, her longtime neighbor, and honorary fourth brother, in terms of speed, accuracy, and cunning. Charlie, meanwhile, is completely ignorant when it comes to being a girl. In order to pay off a speeding ticket, she begins working in a trendy shop. As a result, she is thrust into a weird new world of makeup, lacy skirts, and BeDazzlers. And to make matters crazier, she is hanging out with a boy who has never witnessed her dominate a pickup game.

Charlie retreats to her backyard late at night to unwind after the strain of bluffing her way through her new life, chatting things out with Braden behind the fence separating them. However, their Fence Chats can’t stop Charlie from falling for Braden, which is her biggest issue. Hard. She is aware of the value of going all in, but the stakes have suddenly become too high if disclosing her identity means permanently losing him.

#40 All This Time

Kyle and Kimberly were the ideal pair throughout high school, but when she leaves him the evening of their graduation party, Kyle’s entire world literally comes crashing down. He gets a brain injury when he awakens after their vehicle crash. Kimberly passed away. Furthermore, nobody in his life could possibly comprehend.

prior to Marley. Marley is going through her own loss, which she feels she should have prevented. Kyle recognizes in her all the unspoken emotions he is experiencing as their paths cross. Kyle and Marley’s affections for one another intensify as they attempt to mend each other’s scars. But Kyle can’t get rid of the feeling that he’s about to experience another life-changing incident right when he starts to put his life back together and he is correct.

#41 Normal People

Connell and Marianne play the relationship off at school. She is isolated, prideful, and fiercely private in contrast to him who is popular, well-adjusted, and the star of the school soccer team. The two adolescents, however, develop a weird and enduring bond that they are driven to keep hidden until Connell arrives to pick up his mother from Marianne’s house where she is working as a housekeeper.

They are both enrolled in classes at Dublin’s Trinity College a year later. Connell stands on the sidelines, timid and unsure, while Marianne has settled into a new social environment. Throughout their time in college, Marianne and Connell continually circle one another, veering away to explore other options and people but always being magnetically drawn back together.

#42 The Stars Beneath Our Feet

In the wake of his brother’s passing, a kid struggles to navigate a safe way through the Harlem slums in an exceptional debut book that honors community and creativity.

Twelve-year-old Lolly Rachpaul and his mother aren’t enjoying Christmas Eve in Harlem. His older brother was killed in a gang-related assault only a few months prior, and they are still in shock about it. Then two large bags loaded with Legos from Lolly’s mother’s girlfriend arrive and disrupt everything. Lolly has always enjoyed playing with Legos and takes great delight in adhering to the kit’s instructions. Now that Lolly has a collection of building materials but no directions, he must fend for himself.

#43 Defy The Night

The Kandala kingdom is on the verge of collapse. Since a disease started devouring the kingdom, rifts across sectors have only gotten worse, and inside the Royal Palace, the monarch ruthlessly maintains a precarious peace.

After his parents’ unexpected assassination, King Harristan abruptly assumed control, allowing the younger Prince Corrick to assume the harsh duties of the King’s Justice. As the disease can strike anywhere and the only known treatment, an elixir created from delicate Moonflower petals, is tightly constrained, the brothers have learned to respond ruthlessly to any indication of rebellion.

#44 10 Happier

Dan Harris, the anchor of Nightline, sets out on an unexpected, humorous, and deeply skeptical quest through the bizarre worlds of mysticism and self-help, and he finds a real, doable method to be happier.

Dan Harris realized he needed to make some changes after experiencing a panic attack on Good Morning America that was broadcast nationwide. He has never been religious and now finds himself on an odd journey with a disgraced pastor, an enigmatic self-help guru, and a group of brain scientists. Harris eventually understood that the thing he always considered to be his greatest asset—the constant, insatiable voice in his head—was actually the cause of all of his problems. This voice was what propelled Harris through the ranks of a fiercely competitive industry and drove him to make the incredibly foolish decisions that resulted in his on-air freak-out.

#45 Tweet Cute

All is fair in love and cheese… until Pepper and Jack’s argument escalates into a trending Twitter battle. They have no idea that while they’re openly arguing with caustic memes and retweet wars, they’re actually beginning to develop feelings for one another.

People on the internet are shipping them as their relationship develops and their online antics intensify. Even these two enemies can’t deny that they were meant for the most surprising, awkward, all-the-feels relationship that neither of them anticipated as their conflict becomes more and more personal. A brand-new, captivating romantic comedy by debut author Emma Lord about the risks we take, the directions life may take us, and how love can be found in unexpected places.

#46 Underworld

DeLillo provides a stunning, at times overwhelming, documentation of forces when Edgar Hoover finds out about the Soviet Union’s second nuclear bomb explosion, he is seated next to a buzzed Jackie Gleason and an agitated Frank Sinatra. It’s a literary moment that is unquestionably exciting. The events of the following few decades are set in motion when Bobby Thomson smacks Branca’s pitch into Cotter’s outstretched hand, creating the “shot heard around the world,” and Jackie Gleason hurls up on Sinatra’s shoes.

DeLillo creates a tenuous web of connected experiences through snippets and interwoven tales that include those of highway killers, artists, celebrities, conspiracists, gangsters, nuns, and a variety of other characters. This communal Zeitgeist beautifully captures the chaotic whole of five decades of American life. The dual forces of the Cold War and American culture, intriguing that “swerve from evenness” in which he finds events and people both wondrous and horrifying. While Eisenstein documented the forces of totalitarianism and Stalinism upon the faces of the Russian people.

#47 Restart

Chase’s memory suddenly becomes useless. Chase had no recollection of falling from the roof. He has no recollection of falling on his head. In reality, he has no memories at all. He suddenly has to learn everything about his life from scratch after waking up in a medical room, beginning with his own name.

Chase is known to him. Who is Chase, though? When he returns to school, he observes that other students respond to his return in quite different ways. Some children view him as a hero. It’s obvious that some children fear him.

#48 The Year After You

Los Angeles. Christmas Eve. After the biggest party of the year, a fatal accident. Cara endures. G, her closest buddy, does not. Cara is still having trouble nine months later and is overcome with grief and remorse. In an effort to give Cara a new beginning, her mother sends her to a boarding school in Switzerland, where nobody is aware of what happened and will never be if Cara has any say in the matter.

Ren and Hector, two of her new students, won’t let her isolate herself, though. They are committed to tearing down the barriers she has painstakingly constructed. And perhaps Cara wants them to, especially Hector, who appears to comprehend her better than anybody else. The issue is that G keeps evaporating the closer Cara gets to Hector. Cara isn’t sure she can go on if it means letting go of the past and acknowledging what she did that night. She is unsure if she merits another opportunity.

#49 Fish In A Tree

“Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.”

Many smart individuals have been duped by Ally because she is intelligent. She manages to cover up her incapacity to read by inventing crafty, disruptive distractions every time she enrolls in a new school. Since you can’t make the stupid smart, she is scared to ask for assistance. Mr. Daniels, her new teacher, however, recognizes the intelligent, imaginative child hidden behind the troublemaker. Ally has a new perspective on herself and discovers that dyslexia is not something to be embarrassed about with his assistance. Ally starts to feel free to be herself as her confidence builds, and possibilities begin to appear in the world. She learns that everyone has more to them than just a label and that brilliant minds don’t always think alike.

#50 Out Of My Mind

Unlike other people, Melody is unique. She is unable to move or speak, but she has a perfect memory and can recall every little nuance of every encounter she has ever had. She is more intelligent than the majority of the adults who attempt to identify her and more intelligent than the students in her integrated school, the same students who label her mentally challenged despite her inability to do so. Melody, however, refuses to let her cerebral palsy limit her. And she’s eager to find some way to let everyone know it.

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