The Green Mile

Books like The Green Mile

October 18, 2022

#1 Hannibal

Years after his escape, Hannibal enjoys the good life in Florence, pretending to be the learned Dr. Fell, curator of a wealthy family’s home, while playing wonderful music composed by the notorious serial killer and murderer Henry VIII and killing very few people himself. Clarice is less fortunate because her nemesis, Paul Krendler, makes her the fall guy after she survives a botched FBI shootout in the book’s action-movie-like opening scene. Due to Clarice’s suspension, Pazzi, an Italian who bears resemblance to the avaricious traitors portrayed in Dante’s Inferno, is the first cop to come upon Hannibal. Mason Verger, a figure as terrifying as Hannibal, is paying Pazzi. Verger avoided jail time when he was a young man and was caught raping youngsters thanks to his enormous riches. All he required was some Dr. Lecter-led psychotherapy. Verger is now on a respirator, paralyzed save from one hand that resembles a crab, and watching his massive, ferocious moray eel swim figure eights and eat fish as a result of the treatment. Lecter is his obsessional pet, which he feeds to other vicious animals.

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#2 Serial

Scientists have developed a medication that generates psychopathy in human test subjects in order to investigate and eradicate it in the future. However, one scientist’s impatience results in a catastrophic error. Ann wants to quit. to begin a new life abroad, far from her cowardly mother and violent stepfather. And the advertisement she reads asking for compensated volunteers to test a new medicine might be the push she needs to go out and buy some new clothing and get a job. And yet, she discovers a necklace one day in her basement. When she wears it, a voice in her head starts urging her to track down the owner’s killer. However, after testing the medication at Brimstone Laboratories, two opposing voices in her head compete for control of her behavior. She is instructed to murder them all by one, while a killer should be found by the other. One of the speakers will succeed in making its point. That one, which one?

#3 Crime And Punishment

Raskolnikov, a former student who is homeless and miserable, goes through the slums of St. Petersburg and kills someone at random without feeling guilty or sorrowful. He sees himself as a great man, like Napoleon, who goes above and beyond the bounds of morality. Raskolnikov, meanwhile, is being pursued by his conscience as he engages in a risky game of cat and mouse with a dubious police investigator, and he feels the noose of his own guilt tightening around his neck. The only person who can give the option of redemption is Sonya, a victimized sex worker.

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#4 Ordinary Grace

1961 in New Bremen, Minnesota. Ice-cold root beers were flying off the shelves at Halderson’s Drugstore’s soda fountain, and Hot Stuff comic books were a staple on every barbershop magazine rack as the Twins played their inaugural season. It was an era of optimism and innocence for a nation led by a new, young president. However, for thirteen-year-old Frank Drum, it was a gloomy summer marked by frequent and varied visits from death. a natural occurrence. Murder and suicide.

When tragedy unexpectedly strikes Frank’s family—which also includes his Methodist minister father, his passionate, creative mother, his older sister, who is headed to Juilliard, and his wise-beyond-his-years younger brother—he finds himself thrust into an adult world full of secrets, lies, adultery, and betrayal and is suddenly required to show maturity and gumption beyond his years. Frank begins the season preoccupied with the concerns of any teenage boy.

#5 The Wettest County In The World

“The Wettest County in the World,” a suspenseful tale of brotherhood, greed, and murder, is based on the real-life experiences of Matt Bondurant’s grandfather and two granduncles. During Prohibition and the years that followed, the Franklin County, Virginia, area was traversed by the renowned band of roughnecks and moonshiners known as The Bondurant Boys. Howard, the middle brother, is an ox of a man beset by the horrors he witnessed in the Great War; Forrest, the oldest brother, is fierce, mythically indestructible, and the consummate businessman; Jack, the youngest, has a taste for luxury and a dream to escape Franklin; and Forrest, the middle brother, is an ox of a man.

These men are driven and haunted, and as they witness their family perish, their family’s company collapse, and the world they knew crumble under the Depression and drought, they form a business, fall madly in love, and strive to survive. Whatever name you gave it, Franklin County was awash in moonshine in the 1920s, whether it was named white mule, white lightning, firewater, popskull, wild cat, stump whiskey, or rotgut. It was dubbed the “wettest county in the world” by journalist and “Winesburg, Ohio” author Sherwood Anderson while he was there for a story.

#6 The Club Dumas

A middle-aged mercenary paid to find rare editions for wealthy and dishonest clients, Lucas Corso is a book detective. Corso is called in to authenticate a piece of The Three Musketeers’ original manuscript after a well-known bibliophile is discovered dead and leaves behind some of it. He is immediately sucked into a complex narrative involving occult rituals, devil worship, and daring swashbuckling among a group of people that suspiciously resembles the cast of Dumas’s classic. In this twisting cerebral adventure through the literary world, Corso journeys from Madrid to Toledo to Paris on the killer’s track with the help of a strange beauty named after a Conan Doyle heroine.

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#7 The Alienist

The setting is New York City in the year 1896. A friend and former Harvard classmate, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a “alienist,” summons New York Times reporter John Schuyler Moore to the East River on a chilly March night. They see the horrifyingly dismembered body of a young boy, a prostitute from one of Manhattan’s notorious brothels, on the incomplete Williamsburg Bridge.

Theodore Roosevelt, the recently appointed police commissioner, recruits the two men for the murder investigation in a highly unconventional move, relying on the quiet Kreizler’s intelligence and Moore’s familiarity with New York’s extensive criminal underground. Sara Howard, a courageous and tenacious lady who works as a police department secretary, is welcomed to the group.

#8 Murder On The Orient Express

The renowned Orient Express is stopped in its tracks as it passes through the hilly Balkans just after midnight by a snowdrift. For this time of year, the opulent train is unexpectedly packed, yet by morning, there is one less person on board. An American businessman who had been stabbed a dozen times lies dead in his compartment with a sealed door from the inside.

Nobody other than detective Hercule Poirot is among the passengers. on a trip. Poirot, who is alone and in a boat with a killer, must find the murderer so that he or she cannot retaliate.

#9 I Am Pilgrim

A frantic race against the clock…and an unforgiving foe. An unidentified young woman was killed in a run-down hotel, her identifying features destroyed by acid. In the sweltering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square, a parent was executed publicly. An infamous Syrian biotech expert was discovered blind in a junkyard near Damascus. Human remains in flames on an isolated Afghan mountainside. A perfect scheme to execute a terrible crime against humanity. Only one man may travel the route that connects them all.’

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#10 Angels And Demons

In order to decipher a mysterious sign carved into the chest of a slain physicist, famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is called to a Swiss research center. What he finds is unthinkable: the Illuminati, a centuries-old secret society, is on a murderous vengeance against the Catholic Church. Langdon teams up with the attractive and enigmatic scientist Vittoria Vetra in Rome as they race against time to stop a powerful time bomb from destroying the Vatican. Together, they set out on a frenetic search that takes them through impenetrable tombs, perilous catacombs, deserted cathedrals, and deep inside the world’s most secret vault—the long-forgotten Illuminati lair.

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#11 Shutter Island

It is the year 1954. To look into the disappearance of a patient, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his fresh companion Chuck Aule traveled to Shutter Island, the location of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Several murderers Despite being confined in a closed cell and under close observation, Rachel Solando is still somewhere on this desolate island. A bizarre case assumes even deeper, more sinister hues as a deadly hurricane closes down on them. There are signs of radical experimentation, horrible procedures, and deadly counterattacks carried out in the service of a clandestine shadow war. Nothing at Ashecliffe Hospital is what it seems, therefore no one will be able to leave Shutter Island undamaged. But Teddy Daniels isn’t either, either.

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#12 Clue

All of Mr. Boddy’s enigmatic guests are made suspects after he is killed at Hill House.

#13 Count Of Monte Cristo

Edmond Dantes is imprisoned in the gloomy stronghold of If after being accused of a crime he did not commit. He discovers there that the Isle of Monte Cristo is home to a vast treasure trove, and he decides to utilize this information to not only organize his escape but also the demise of the three men who are to blame for his imprisonment. When it was first serialized in the 1840s, Dumas’ epic tale of agony and vengeance—which was based on a true story of wrongful imprisonment—was a hugely successful work of literature.

The entertaining English translation by Robin Buss is accurate to Dumas’s original style and is entire and unabridged. This edition comes with an introduction, explanations, and reading recommendations.