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September 15, 2022

#1 Books Like The Outsider

A terrible crime. An unclear investigation. King has written one of his most frightening and compulsively readable stories at a time when his brand has never been stronger.

The dismembered body of an eleven-year-old kid is discovered in a town park. Fingerprints and eyewitness account definitely identify one of Flint City’s most well-liked residents. Terry Maitland is a spouse, father of two kids, Little League coach, English teacher, and English teacher. Maitland previously coached Detective Ralph Anderson, whose son made the arrest. Maitland has a plausible explanation, but Anderson and the district attorney soon add DNA evidence to the fingerprints, witnesses, and other available proof. Their argument looks unbeatable. King’s compelling narrative picks up speed as the investigation deepens and frightening revelations start to surface, creating intense tension and nearly intolerable suspense. Although Terry Maitland appears like a kind guy, is there another side to him? You’ll be shocked by the response in the way that only Stephen King can.

#2 Scream

Mark Stone is on the phone with a friend when he is shocked by a chorus of strange screaming. A horrible accident takes his friend’s life seconds later. When this occurs multiple times in a row—screams followed by an early death—he feels forced to act.

Mark embarks on a mission to figure out what is behind the screams and possibly prevent death from calling on its next victim, despite his failure as a husband and his own wounded faith. When his estranged wife is abducted and he hears her screams from her cell phone, his hunt becomes more personal and urgent.

#3 Deep And Dark And Dangerous

Ali, age 13, discovers a strange picture in the attic just before summer officially starts. She is aware that it contains her mother Claire and her aunt Dulcie’s two children. But who is the third individual, the one who has been erased from the scene?

While on vacation in Maine with Dulcie and Emma, 4, in the home where Ali’s mother’s family used to spend the summer, Ali assumes she’ll learn the truth. Thoughts of leisure are quickly dashed when the girls encounter Sissy, an ugly and spiteful youngster who has a negative impression of Emma.

#4 Battle Royale

A junior high school class is sent to a barren island where, as part of a brutal authoritarian program, they are issued with weapons and forced to murder one another until just one survives. This is the basis for Koushun Takami’s infamous high-octane thriller. Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the twenty-first century and a strong allegory of what it meant to be youthful and (barely) alive in a dog-eat-dog society. It was first criticized as violent exploitation when it was published in Japan, where it went on to become an instant hit. Battle Royale, a current Japanese pulp classic that was adapted into the contentious blockbuster film of the same name, is now available in English for the first time.

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#5 The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires

In this Southern-inspired supernatural thriller set in the 1990s, Dracula and Fried Green Tomatoes collide with Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes as a women’s book club fights to save their suburban community from a strange and attractive stranger who turns out to be a bloodsucking demon.

Patricia Campbell always envisioned a large life, but after giving up her nursing job to wedding a successful doctor and have children, Patricia’s life has never felt smaller. Her to-do list is never truly completed, her kids are ungrateful, her spouse is distant, and the days are long. Her book club, which consists of a group of Charleston mothers who are solely connected by their love of true-crime and suspenseful fiction, is the one item she has to look forward to. The FBI’s recent siege of Waco is more likely to come up in these discussions than the ups and downs of marriage and parenting.

#6 Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes, one of Ray Bradbury’s best-known and most widely read books, now has a new preface and information about its extensive cultural and genre impact.

Step inside for those who still have dreams and memories and for those who haven’t yet felt the captivating power of its dark poetry. The program is about to start. Every life touched by Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show will be destroyed when it arrives in Green Town, Illinois. A little after midnight, the carnival arrives, bringing a week early Halloween. All are drawn in by the enticing prospect of fantasies and youth reclaimed by the harsh siren voice of the calliope.

#7 Books Like Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia follows every instruction given to her by Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, even dressing the chicken and dusting the furniture. However, nothing ever quite works out as planned.

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#8 Books Like Crimson Peak

A young woman has whisked away to a house on top of a mountain of blood-red clay when her heart is captivated by a beguiling stranger. This is a place full of mysteries that will torment her forever.

The truth about Crimson Peak lies between desire and evil, between mystery and madness. from the renowned filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

#9 Books Like Mexican Gothic

Noem Taboada travels to High Place, a remote house in the Mexican countryside, after receiving a desperate letter from her recently married cousin pleading for help to save her from an unknown fate. She is unsure of what she will discover because Noem knows little about the area and her cousin’s husband, a charming Englishman, is a stranger.

The gorgeous debutante Noem is another unlikely hero; her elegant clothes and flawless red lipstick are more appropriate for cocktail parties than for an amateur detective. She is fearless, yet she is also strong, intelligent, and willpower: Not even in the house, which starts to haunt Noem’s dreams with sights of blood and doom. Not of her cousin’s new husband, who is both scary and intriguing; not of his father, the old patriarch who seems to be charmed by Noem; and not even of her cousin.

#10 Tales From The Gas Station

It can be difficult to work at a retail job in a remote, dead-end location. The lengthy hours, the defenseless clients. The monstrous eldritch horror lurking beneath the structure… Jack works as the sole full-time employee at the 24-hour gas station on the outskirts of town, and he has essentially seen it all. But when he makes the decision to start an online blog to record the strange things that happen on a daily basis, he unintentionally draws the attention of a lot more conspiracy theorists than just a handful. Jack will exert every effort to remain out of the way and mind his own business despite the fact that the death toll is constantly rising and that everyone around him is experiencing the effects of a dark, ancient force in their dreams.

He is only a gas station employee, after all. It’s not like he’s getting paid enough to fight the nightmare aberrations that plague his neighborhood. Additionally, he is already working hard to control the mystifying lawn gnomes, mutant raccoons, and the endearing phantom cowboy who resides in the restroom. Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One is a love letter to the forefathers of classic horror written for a generation that grew up in the era of cell phones and WiFi. It is based on the award-winning creepypasta by GasStationJack.

#11 My Sweet Audrina

In this chilling tale of love and betrayal, naivety and treachery, and the smothering force of parental love, Dollanganger series author V.C. Andrews has developed an intriguing new group of characters. To be just as good as her sister, Audrina Adare aspired. She was aware that her father also couldn’t love her as much as he did her sister. Her sibling was very unique and perfect, yet she passed away. She will now have to confront the perilous, scary secret that everyone is aware of. everybody but…

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#12 Stranger Things

A shadowy laboratory, a malicious scientist, and a hidden past. In this gripping prequel to the popular television series Stranger Things, if you believe you know the real story behind Eleven’s mother, get ready to have your world turned inside out. The horror of war is still fresh in the minds of American youth both at home and abroad in the summer of 1969. Terry Ives is a student at a peaceful college in the middle of Indiana, far from the front lines of the Vietnam War and the explosive demonstrations in Washington.

But Terry isn’t willing to stand by and observe as the world changes. She agrees to be a test subject for the MKUltra project after hearing about an important government experiment in the little town of Hawkins. Unmarked vans, a secret laboratory tucked away in the woods, drugs that affect perception given by covert researchers, and a mystery Terry, a young and restless Terry, is anxious to solve.

#13 John Dies At The End

STOP. You shouldn’t have used your bare hands to touch this flier. Don’t put it down, please. Too late now. They keep an eye on you. David Wong is my name. John is my best friend. Those are made-up names. You should consider changing yours. The information on these pages, including that on the sauce, Korrok, the invasion, and the future, may not be information you want to be aware of. It’s too late, though. You gave the book a touch. In the game you are. You have under-eye bags. Knowledge is the only defense. You must finish reading this book. everything, even the bratwurst portion. Why? Just have faith in me. The crucial fact is that the substance, called Soy Sauce, allows users to peer through a window into a different reality. I never got the chance to refuse on behalf of John. You continue to. I truly apologize for including you in this. But it is important that you remember one thing when you read about these dreadful things and the extremely dark era the world is about to enter: None of this was my fault.

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#14 Joyland

Devin Jones, a college student, decided to work at Joyland for the summer in the hopes of forgetting the girl who broke his heart. But he ultimately had to deal with many worse things, such as the consequences of a savage murder, the fate of a dying kid, and unsettling facts about life and death that would alter his perspective on the world forever.

A compelling tale about both love and loss, about maturing up and getting older, and about those who aren’t able to experience any of those things because they pass away before their time. It is a mystery, a horror story, and a sad coming-of-age novel all rolled into one, and it will pull even the most jaded reader to tears.

#15 The Mummy

In opulent Edwardian London, Ramses the Great has awoken once more. He became Ramses the Damned after consuming the elixir of life, destined to wander the earth forever while frantically trying to sate his unquenchable hunger. He becomes good friends with Julie Stratford, a wealthy heiress, but his cursed past drives him once more down the wrong path. Searing memories of his previous reawakening, which was ordered by his favorite Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, to torture him. And his unwavering love for her over the ages will drive him to do something that will put everyone around him in great peril.

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#16 Jaws

A man-eating terror classic that inspired a Steven Spielberg film and terrified millions of beachgoers into staying out of the water. Relive the thrill of utter helplessness—or experience it for the first time!

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#17 Annihilation

For many years, Area X was cut off from the outside world. The final remains of human civilization have been reclaimed by nature. The first expedition reported a pure, Edenic landscape; the second resulted in mass suicide, and the third ended in a hail of gunfire as its participants turned on one another. The eleventh expedition’s participants responded as shadows of their former selves, and within weeks, every single one of them had passed away from cancer. We join the twelfth expedition in Annihilation, the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy.

Four women make up the group: our narrator, a biologist; an anthropologist; a surveyor; and the psychologist who serves as de facto leader. Their goals are to map the area, keep a journal of all they see about one another and their surroundings, and, most importantly, stay out of Area X itself. They expect the unexpected when they arrive, and Area X does not disappoint. However, the shocks they brought with them and the mysteries the voyage members are holding from one another are what ultimately changes everything.

#18 Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds

A weird laboratory. A nefarious scientist. A hidden past. If you believe you know what happened to Eleven’s mother, get ready to have your world flipped around in this fascinating prequel to the smash program Stranger Things. It’s the summer of 1969, and the shock of war reverberates through America’s young, both at home and abroad. Terry Ives, a student at a tranquil college campus in Indiana’s heartland, couldn’t be further from the front lines of Vietnam or the explosive rallies in Washington. But the world is shifting and Terry isn’t willing to stand by and observe.

When word spreads of an important federal experiment in Hawkins, she agrees to be a test subject for the study, called MKUltra. Unmarked vans, an isolated lab in the woods, mind-altering chemicals supplied by tight-lipped researchers… and a mystery that Terry, the young and restless protagonist, is desperate to solve.