The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter Malcolm Mackay

Books like The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter Malcolm Mackay

August 8, 2022

#1 Project Strike Force

Kevin Lee Swaim is an author whose works follow themes that are analogous to those that Lee Child writes about. The author has a background in creative writing and currently works for a Fortune 50 company in the insurance industry. John Frist, the protagonist of Swaim’s novels, is a former military officer who goes on a variety of missions, very similar to the protagonist of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

The transformations that the scientists performed on Kevin Lee Swaim’s main character’s body are what set him apart from the other characters. The scientific modifications that were made to his body and brain transformed him into a super-soldier while also erasing all of his memories.

#2 No Man’s Land

The John Puller Jr. novel series written by David Baldacci has brought the author a great deal of commercial and critical acclaim. The narrative moves at a more rapid pace with each new installment, and by the time we reach the fourth book, we are getting perilously close to entering Jack Reacher’s territory. Despite having served in the Army Ranger Corps in the past, John Puller is now employed as an investigator for the Military Police.

Puller launches his investigation further into the circumstances surrounding his mother’s passing in the contested territory of No Man’s Land. His mother disappeared thirty years before the events that take place in the novel. Puler starts to have suspicions that a prison inmate may have had something to do with the death of his mother, so he decides to investigate and see if he can establish a connection between the two events. He believes that the inmate may have been his mother’s killer.

#3 Made to Kill

Adam Christopher provides an alternative perspective of the 1960s by imagining a parallel universe in which robots and supercomputers populated the world. Raymond Electromatic is the only known remaining robot in the world, and he is also the sole member of staff at the Electromatic Detective Agency. Raymond’s programming instructed him to become a private investigator and to amass as much wealth as he could.

Raymond’s memory is cleared every twenty-four hours so he is not aware of the outcomes of the work he has done. This is done to prevent any problems from arising. Raymond’s life is turned upside down when he meets a beautiful woman who introduces him to the seedier side of the entertainment industry and the celebrity lifestyle.

#4 The 14th Colony

Steve Berry is a prolific author of suspense novels who is known for his ability to weave together historical truth with rumor and speculation. Cotton Malone, the protagonist of this book, is the author’s take on a hero who is comparable to Jack Reacher. On the day of the inauguration, the former agent of the Justice Department makes an unexpected discovery regarding a plot to murder the incoming President and Vice President-elect.

The storyline takes place all over the world, from Russia to Washington, District of Columbia. Cotton Malone is brought to life as a flawed anti-hero who has a traumatic history that influences every decision that he makes. This fast-paced thriller in the vein of the Jack Reacher series features historical speculation and conspiracy theories that are brought to life within the pages of the novel.

#5 Bravo Two Zero

McNab’s work, a work of fiction titled “Remote Control,” has already earned him a spot on this list. The former member of the SAS makes a second appearance in his book that was published in 1993 and is about a mission that took place behind enemy lines during the 1991 Gulf War. During that conflict, eight members of the SAS regiment set out on a top-secret mission that was intended to infiltrate them deep behind enemy lines.

They were to locate and destroy mobile Scud launchers, as well as sever the underground network connection that connected Baghdad and the northwestern part of Iraq. This was to be done under the command of Sergeant Andy McNab. Others who were involved in the mission have claimed that certain aspects of the book are either made up or exaggerated to heighten the sense of suspense. McNab weaves a compelling tale of bravery in the face of overwhelming challenges, and this story is compelling regardless of the truth regarding the mission.

#6 The Bourne Identity

Both the book adaptations of the Bourne series as well as the film in the series have become extremely popular around the world. The Jack Reacher series has a lot in common with the Bourne franchise because they both focus on rogue operatives. Because of his focus on heroic individuals, Robert Ludlum, who is known for creating the character of Jason Bourne, is considered an influence on the majority of contemporary thriller novelists.

Returning to the source material may surprise viewers who are familiar with the Jack Reacher book series or the Bourne movie franchise. After an explosion on a yacht, Jason Bourne is left with amnesia, which prompts him to set out on a journey to find out who he is and where he came from. Ludlum takes us on a chase through Europe, where the real-life terrorist Carlos the Jackal is in close pursuit of the fictional character Jason Bourne.

#7 Capture or Kill

Tom Marcus, a man who formerly worked for the British intelligence agency MI6, has spent the majority of his life serving in the special forces of the United Kingdom. Marcus has written several novels that are reflective of the real nature of working with spy agencies, following the footsteps of Andy McNab, who wrote similar novels. Marcus made history when he graduated from the special forces training camp in the United Kingdom as the youngest soldier to ever do so.

The first book in a series of thrillers that centers on the MI5 agent Matt Logan is titled Capture or Kill. In the first book of the series, Logan is tasked with tracking down two brothers who are planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Europe. The story follows Logan as he goes on this pursuit. To track down the two, Logan makes the decision to join the specialized group known as Blindeye.

#8 The Bone Labyrinth

James Rollins has written some of the most daring mystery books out there, and The Bone Labyrinth is no different. In the book, a group of military heroes looks into two events that seem to have nothing to do with each other. At the same time that someone tries to break into a lab in Atlanta, someone tries to break into an archaeology team in the mountains of Croatia. Commander Gray Pierce is in charge of the Sigma Force team, whose job is to find out what both events mean.

Pierce and his team are forced to figure out a mystery that involves the skeleton of a Neanderthal woman that was found in an old Catholic church and the collaboration of a modern scientist. Along the way, James Rollins brings together several things that make you wonder where human consciousness came from. If you like the political themes in some Jack Reacher books, The Bone Labyrinth will be right up your alley.

#9 Hard Road

Joe Reznick and Jack Reacher live in worlds where things are not always what they appear to be, and this is one of the similarities between their respective settings. The themes that are prevalent in the world of espionage are adapted by the Scottish author to fit the contemporary setting. In the first book of the Joe Reznick series, the protagonist is given the mission of carrying out an assassination on a person in a position of authority.

In order to prevent a major diplomatic scandal, Reznick is instructed to stage the murder so that it appears to be a suicide. Reznick is getting closer to his objective, and he is beginning to question whether or not everything is as black and white as he has been led to believe. As Reznick and his intended target flee together to learn the truth about the assassination order, the plot takes several unexpected and exciting turns.

#10 Black 13

A high-octane debut for Scott Pearce comes in the form of a spy novel called Black 13. Pearce is a formidable adversary for foreign assets that are hoping to gain a foothold in western democracy and the United Kingdom. Adam Hamdy’s body of work, much like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, ties together the international scope of the intelligence community with the influential connections that are forged in the shadows of the modern world.

The passing of a close friend sets off a search for Scott Pearce, which leads the people looking for him to Pakistan and Thailand before he successfully makes his way back to the United Kingdom. Pearce’s approach to his career as a spy for the United Kingdom’s MI6 is altered as a result of his adoption of the codename Black 13.

#11 Memory Man

Memory Man’s main protagonist, Amos Decker, is an antihero who can navigate both the bright and the shadowy sides of life. He is capable of switching between the two at will. In the book titled “Memory Man,” the main character, Decker, possesses a photographic memory that has been enhanced as a result of a football injury.

The murder of Decker’s wife and child is at the center of Balducci’s intricately woven narrative, which is told from multiple perspectives. After having everything taken away from him, he is given a second chance at redemption when it is discovered that he confessed to the murders.

#12 A Brewing Storm

It has been said that Jack Reacher is the James Bond of the 21st century, and Derrick Storm, the protagonist of Castle, plays a similar role in the books in this series. To clear up any misunderstandings, Tom Straw writes under the alias Richard Castle. The author was responsible for writing several episodes of the Castle television series. Fans of the show will recognize Castle as the fictitious author, with Straw being the one who writes the novels that are detailed in the show.

Castle tells the story of Derrick Storm’s return to the fold of the intelligence services in the episode titled “A Brewing Storm.” After having pretended to commit suicide to get out of his life of service, Storm is now able to collaborate with the FBI agent April Showers. The investigation into the kidnapping of the son of a United States Senator is being conducted jointly by the two individuals. Derrick Storm delves into the world of conspiracies, much in the same way that Jack Reacher does in the novels.

#13 A Dangerous Man

Novels that are part of a crossover between the Joe Pike and Elvis Cole series have been coming out since 1987 when The Monkey’s Raincoat was first released. A Dangerous Man, which will be published by Robert Crais in 2019, recounts a narrative that is comparable to those told in the Jack Reacher series. When Joe Pike, a traveling crime specialist, puts a stop to attempted kidnapping, he puts himself in a potentially hazardous scenario.

Pike had just finished his business at a local bank when he witnesses the teller being kidnapped while she is on her lunch break. Pike immediately alerts the authorities. Pike swiftly comes to the conclusion that the conspiracy he is finding is too enormous for him to manage on his own, and he solicits the assistance of Elvis Cole.

#14 Remote Control

A former British Special Forces officer, Stone, sets out to meet an old comrade, Kev Brown, in the film Remote Control. When Stone’s assignment to Washington, D.C., is abruptly canceled, he has transferred from the SAS to British intelligence. Stone arrives at the house of his old colleague and discovers that everyone but the youngest daughter has perished, except for the mother.

As a result of the family’s murder, Stone and the eight-year-old are forced to flee to the United Kingdom. His personal experiences inform Andy McNab’s thrillers, allowing him to offer a sense of realism to each one. It was McNab’s military career that made him the most honored officer in the United Kingdom’s Special Forces. He is a pseudonym for Stephen Mitchell, a member of the SAS, who became famous for his memoir, Bravo Two Zero, about a mission in the Gulf War.

#15 Jack Reacher

The fictional character Jack Reacher is the main character in a book series written by British novelist Jim Grant under the pen name Lee Child. These works include novels, novellas, and short stories. Reacher is a former major in the United States Army Military Police Corps who now travels throughout the country working odd jobs and investigating unusual and often deadly situations. Both the first person and the third person are utilized in the writing of the Reacher novels.

One book in the Reacher series is supposed to come out every year, however, in 2010 there were two books released. The majority of the stories take place in the United States, and their settings range from large cities like New York City and Los Angeles to little villages in the Midwest, the South, and other parts of the country. To this day, Reacher has made his way to rural England, the city of London, Hamburg, and the city of Paris throughout his trips outside of the United States.