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October 20, 2022

#1 Books Like Simon Vs The Homosapien Agenda

Simon Spier, a 16-year-old who isn’t really out about being gay, saves his drama for the school play. However, his secret could come to light if an email is intercepted by the wrong person. Now Simon is literally being blackmailed: if he doesn’t behave as Martin’s sidekick, his gay orientation will become public knowledge. Even worse, the boy he has been emailing under the alias Blue will have his privacy invaded.

Simon’s junior year has gotten a lot more challenging as some messy dynamics in his once close-knit circle of friends and his email exchanges with Blue have been increasingly flirty each day. Now that he’s being forced out, change-averse Simon needs to find a way to push himself outside of his comfort zone without alienating his friends, jeopardizing his integrity, or messing up his chance at finding happiness with the most perplexing, endearing individual he’s ever met.

#2 Always You

The most attractive guy in school is Clay Preston, and boy does understand it! Every girl’s dream guy, he has the looks of a movie star and the physique of a quarterback, but not me. He is simply my best friend to me because he has been there for me for as long as I can remember.

Our relationship has always been relaxed, fun, and loving, but after one bet that doesn’t go our way and one kiss to make up for it, everything changes.

#3 The Ex Hex

Back in 2009, Vivienne Jones took care of her broken heart the way any young witch would: with vodka, somber music, bubble baths… along with a curse on the awful guy. Vivi is aware that she shouldn’t use her magic in this manner, but because she only has an “orchard hayride” fragrance candle available, she isn’t concerned that it will give him more than a few bad hair days.

That is, until Rhys Penhallow, a heartbreaker and annoyingly attractive as always, arrives at Graves Glen, Georgia, a descendant of the town’s progenitors. A brief journey to refuel the town’s ley lines and make a cameo appearance at the yearly fall festival goes horribly wrong.

#4 A Vow Of Hate

Hatred ate him up. Love destroyed me. That evening altered both of our lives, poisoning the beginning of our relationship. Together, we were poison, and there was no cure. Our tale started off just like every other fairy tale does with a lovely wedding, a single kiss, two bands, and triple vows, Killian Spencer and I were legally married, and I became his obedient wife.

He wasn’t, however, Prince Charming. He wasn’t here to help me… There would be no happily ever after, he vowed.

#5 Suzanne’s Diary For Nicholas

Stunningly portrays the happiness of a new family as it builds to a profoundly emotional conclusion. This is an unforgettable love story that is both hopeless and heartwarming. A love tale was created by James Patterson, a gripping and deeply touching book about family, loss, new love, and hope.

Finally, Katie Wilkinson has found the right man. He is everything she had envisioned she wanted in a partner: a writer, a home painter, and an unusual thinker. However, one day he abruptly vanishes from her life, leaving just a diary for her to peruse. A new mother named Suzanne wrote a love letter in her diary to her infant son, Nicholas.

#6 1883

The experiences of a young woman in the American Old West. Laura travels west to discover other relatives after becoming dissatisfied with her guardian and his family. When she encounters Dalton, a gorgeous, hard-nosed cowboy, her future plans are transformed beyond her wildest dreams. This novel contains explicit sexual themes as well as corporal punishment.


#7 Seven Days In June

Brooklyn native and best-selling author of erotica Eva Mercy is a single mother and feels under constant pressure. Award-winning, reclusive author Shane Hall unexpectedly appears in New York, shocking everyone.

Sparks ignite when Shane and Eva suddenly cross paths at a literary event, raising the literati of color in New York as well as their long-buried scars. Nobody is aware that twenty years prior, teenage Eva and Shane had one wild, passionate week together. Even though they may be acting as though everything is okay right now, they can’t ignore their chemistry or the fact that they have been secretly writing to one another ever since in their books.

#8 365 Days

The hot and intensely romantic worldwide bestselling book served as the basis for the popular film. Laura Biel and her partner are having the time of their lives in stunning Sicily. She is abducted on the second day of their journey, which also happens to be her 29th birthday. The stunningly gorgeous, youthful Don Massimo Torricelli, leader of a major Sicilian crime family, is the person responsible for her kidnapping, and he is desperate to get his hands on her at any cost. Massimo has good intentions. An identical apparition to Laura appeared before his eyes during an initial attempt on his life. He makes the commitment to find the woman in his vision and claim her as his own after escaping the onslaught.

Massimo will imprison Laura in his opulent estate for a year in an attempt to earn her heart. He will let her go if she doesn’t become infatuated with him during this period. But he will find her and murder her entire family if she makes any attempt to flee.

#9 Virgin River

Returning to Virgin River with the original book… In Virgin River, which has a population of 600, a midwife or nurse practitioner is needed. Against a backdrop of soaring California redwoods and beautiful rivers, make a difference. Includes a cabin without rent.

Melinda Monroe, who was just widowed, immediately determines that the isolated mountain village of Virgin River could be the ideal spot to get away from her grief and reignite her passion for nursing. Her lofty expectations are quickly dashed though; the cottage is a dump, the roads are dangerous, and the local doctor doesn’t want anything to do with her. The following morning, Mel makes the terrible decision to leave town. However, a little baby left on a doorstep forces her to rethink her plans. and ex-marine Jack Sheridan firmly establishes them.

#10 The Mighty Storm

Tru Bennett hasn’t seen Jake Wethers in twelve years; he was once her boyfriend and was formerly her best friend. When Jake Wethers went from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen, he left Tru with a shattered heart. Jake Wethers is the brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of the biggest bands in the world. He is hot, tattooed, and wonderfully bad.

They are both unprepared for the sparks that fly the moment they reconnect when she is asked by the magazine she works for to interview Jake for her music piece. Will, Tru’s boyfriend of two years, complicates their immediate feelings for one another.

#11 The Maddest Obsession

The dark scares her. He controls it. She wears too-tight clothes and excessively high heels. She uses the majority of the book’s proverbs incorrectly, eats impolitely, and laughs too loudly. Most people are unaware that it is really a glittering mask designed to conceal panic attacks one at a time.

Gianna’s façade is impenetrable to everyone, or it was until he showed up. Most people imagine a special agent enforcing the law who is a moral exemplar. Others in the New York underworld know him as a hustler and a killer, with a heart of ice for a soul. Christian Allister has always carried out the life plan that he had imagined in his youth, in the cold, wet confines of his cell. He’s never been tempted to stray from the path because of his preference for order and the number three. But perhaps it’s best to keep an open mind.

#12 Fallen Crest High

Logan and Mason Kade, two brothers, each followed their own path. They anticipated to enroll in her school, Fallen Crest Academy, and they were wealthy. They choose a public school, therefore Samantha is now made to stay with them. She doesn’t give a damn about them, her friends, her unfaithful boyfriend, or even her parent’s divorce, which is the problem. But perhaps that’s for the best. Change might be a positive thing.

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#13 Flipped

A love story presented in two voices is Flipped. Juli Baker flipped when she first met Bryce Loski. Bryce fled when he first spotted Juli. That pretty much sums up the relationship between these two neighbors up until the ninth grade, when Bryce starts to realize Juli is fairly fantastic and Juli starts to realize Bryce isn’t as lovely as she believed. A humorous and moving relationship results from how these two teenagers are able to go past the obvious and find one another.

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#14 The Friend Zone

For her pals, Kristen Petersen will go to any length, and she has no place in her life for guys who just don’t get her. She also doesn’t do drama. She is also concealing the fact that she must have medical treatment that will prevent her from becoming a mother.

Kristen’s involvement in the wedding planning of her best friend is bittersweet, especially after she meets Josh Copeland, the best man. He’s humorous, hot, and never gets upset by her mile-wide sarcastic streak. He also always has one chicken enchilada in front of her when she gets hungry. Even Stuntman Mike, her dog, is smitten with him. Josh’s desire for a sizable family is a sole catch. Even while Kristen is aware that he would be happier with someone else, she finds it increasingly difficult to resist their growing connection. With humor, passion, and a lot of sass, The Friend Zone explores the reality of infertility and grief, leaving you smiling one minute and reaching for Kleenex the next.

#15 Counting Down With You

Karin Ahmed has a strategy. Even if it means giving up her goals, she must maintain her head down, get through high school without making a scene, and obey her parents’ instructions. Karina anticipates a period of calm before her parents’ four-week trip to Bangladesh. Instead, all is revealed to be a mere falsehood. My girlfriend is Karina.

Giving lessons to the school’s resident bad guy was already going too far. Saying you’re dating him? Not even a possibility. Ace Clyde, however, does everything right. He gives her coffee in the mornings, effortlessly wins over her friends, and even makes a weekly promise to purchase her a dozen books if she will put up with his pretended phony relationship. Karina concurs, but she can’t help but begin to count down the days till her parents return. There are only 28 days left before everything resumes as usual, but what if Karina changes her mind?

#16 Twist Me

Kidnapped, and escorted to a personal island. I never imagined that I could experience this. On the eve of turning eighteen, I had no idea that a fortuitous encounter would alter the course of my life so drastically. I will now be his property. Julian’s way. To a man whose touch makes me burn, a man who is as gorgeous and ruthless as he is. a man whose compassion strikes me as more striking than his brutality. My kidnapper is a mystery. I have no idea who he is or why he abducted me. There is a darkness inside of him that both frightens and attracts me. This is my story, and my name is Nora Leston.

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#17 The Ultimate Betrayal

A crisis in a marriage is what portrays this piece of literature.

“I never meant to do it…she was just there when I needed someone…”

#18 Find Me

The melancholy Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman has spoken more powerfully to modern readers about the essence of love than any book in recent memory. When it was first released in 2007, Stacey D’Erasmo of The New York Times Book Review praised it as “a love letter, an invocation… an extremely beautiful book.” A popular, Academy Award-winning movie based on the best-selling book has about three-quarters of a million copies in circulation and stars Timothée Chalamet as the young Elio and Armie Hammer as Oliver, the graduate student he falls in love with.

Aciman depicts Elio’s father, Samuel, traveling from Florence to Rome to see his son, a talented classical pianist, in Find Me. Sami’s plans are upset and his life is changed forever when he meets a stunning young woman by chance on the train. Elio soon relocates to Paris, where he also has a significant relationship, while Oliver, who is now a professor at a college in New England with a family, finds himself suddenly considering a return trip across the Atlantic.

#19 The Dare

My time to overcome my ugly duckling complex and develop my wings were meant to come in college. Instead, I ended up joining a sorority with a lot of nasty girls. I already struggle to fit in, so when my Kappa Chi sisters challenge me, I am unable to refuse. The challenge: woo the junior class’s hottest new hockey player.

Conor Edwards frequently attends Greek Row parties and sleeps in sorority dorms. He is the person you fall for before realizing that men like him don’t care about women like me. But Mr. Popular surprises me by letting me take him upstairs to make it look like we’re getting busy instead of laughing in my face.

#20 Captive Prince

Damen, the legitimate heir to the throne of Akielos, is revered as a military hero by his people. But when his half-brother takes over, Damen is kidnapped, stripped of his identity, and brought to work as a pleasure slave for the prince of an adversary country.

His new lord, Prince Laurent, personifies all that was wrong with the court at Vere: he was gorgeous, cunning, and deadly. However, nothing is as it seems in the deadly political labyrinth of the Venetian court, and when Damen finds himself involved in a play for the throne, he must cooperate with Laurent to survive and save his nation. There is only one rule Damen must follow: he must never, ever divulge his true identity. The reason is that the only man Damen needs is the one who has more reasons than everyone else to despise him…

#21 Touch Of Darkness

Rurik Wilder, a strong and attractive man, has the ability to change into a vicious bird of prey, a talent that has resulted in death and destruction. Finally, he is given the chance to make amends. Only one lady stands in his way: a stunning author who is desperate to exact revenge on the killers of her family. It’s been said that there are assassins with abilities that no human should ever have.

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#22 If I Never Met You

Laurie is devastated when her partner of more than ten years abruptly calls it quits, and not just because they both work at the same law company and she is required to see him every day. Her formerly ideal life is in ruins, and the idea of dating once more in the era of Tinder is absolutely awful. When she learns that her ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend is expecting, she can no longer choose to take the humiliation lying down. Then a fresh potential arises after an accidental encounter with the workplace playboy in a malfunctioning elevator.

Jamie Carter doesn’t believe in love, but in order to satisfy their bosses, he wants a respectable, reliable girlfriend. In order to give the gossip mill something new to talk about, Laurie wants to meet a hot new man. The ideal scenario is a manufactured fauxmance played out on social media with a set end date and well-prepared photos. With the plan in place, Laurie and Jamie start to brag about their relationship, much to their friends’ and coworkers’ surprise and enviously. But the line between acting like you’re in love and truly falling for your pleasant, attractive fictional partner is thin.

#23 When Katie Met Cassidy

Another brave novel about the value of women taking charge—this time, when it comes to discovering intimacy, joy, and love sometimes in the most unexpected places—comes from the celebrated author of The Assistants. Lawyer Katie Daniels, 28, is a perfectionist living the New York dream. She has a grip on apartments in Soho and the West Village, is engaged to the lovely art curator Paul Michael and has made headway in her career at a major law company. To put it simply, she has changed considerably since her upbringing in Kentucky.

But when Katie’s fiance, Paul Michael, unexpectedly breaks things up with her, she is left shattered and totally bewildered. She decides on a whim to go out for a drink with Cassidy Price, a confident and promiscuous lady she meets at work. As their newfound connection develops, everything Katie believed she knew about sex—and love—becomes in doubt.

#24 A Court Of Silver Flames

Nesta Archeron has a history of being prickly-proud, easily enraged, and reluctant to show mercy. She has also tried to find a home for herself in the strange, dangerous world she now inhabits ever since being dragged into the Cauldron against her choice and transformed into High Fae. Even worse, she can’t seem to get over the atrocities of the conflict with Hybern or everything she lost in it.

Cassian, the battle-scarred warrior whose status in Rhysand and Feyre’s Night Court puts him continually in Nesta’s circle, is the one person who riles her up the most out of anybody else. Cassian can ignite other things besides only her rage. Unquestionably, there is a fire between them, and as they are confined together, the flames grow hotter.

#25 Leah On The Offbeat

In this story of first love and adolescent turmoil, Leah Burke—girl-band drummer, deadpan master, and Simon Spier’s best friend from the critically acclaimed Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda—takes center stage.

Leah Burke is generally on the beat when it comes to playing the drums, but life isn’t always so rhythmic. She stands out among her friends since she is the only child of a young, single mother and has a much less fortunate upbringing. She enjoys drawing but is too shy to admit it. Her mom is aware of her bisexuality, but she hasn’t had the guts to tell any of her friends—not even her openly homosexual best buddy, Simon—about it. Leah is therefore genuinely at a loss for what to do when her steadfast network of friends begins to diverge in unforeseen ways. Tensions are high since prom and college are coming up. Even more so when she realizes she could love one of them more than she ever planned, Leah finds it challenging to hit the appropriate chord while the people she loves are at odds.

#26 The Idea Of You

The owner of an art gallery in Los Angeles, Solène Marchand, 39, is hesitant to accompany her daughter, Isabelle, to see her favorite boy band in person. She wants to be close to Isabelle more than ever, though, since her divorce. Making a link with one of the members of the well-known August Moon is the last thing Solène anticipates. However, Hayes Campbell is witty, successful, self-assured, and sophisticated, so there is an instant attraction. The fact that he is only twenty years old adds to the difficulty.

A series of covert encounters quickly develop into a passionate, sincere relationship. Solène and Hayes travel across continents as they negotiate each other’s worlds, which range from stadium tours to international art fairs to private retreats in Paris and Miami. It represents a rediscovery of happiness and love for Solène as well as a regaining of one’s identity. Solène must consider how her love life has affected the people she cares about the most when her romance with Hayes goes public and she and her daughter are the targets of frenzied admirers and a ravenous media.

#27 The Hot Zone

Rainshadow Island is one of the wonders of the Harmony world. A frightening secret is hidden in a network of catacombs just below the surface of the area. Halloween is a dust bunny’s paradise with all of its pranks and goodies. Ask Lyle, Sedona Snow’s devoted companion. But for Sedona, it’s a nightmare. A mysterious catastrophe in the catacombs has led a raucous group of ghost hunters to her inn, despite the fact that her new job running a tiny hotel and pub on Rainshadow is assisting her to grow on from her tragic past.

And just when a newcomer seems to be really interested in Sedona, her ex-boyfriend shows up on the island and declares he needs to come back together. The city’s new Guild head is Cyrus Jones. Even though he has his own agenda when it comes to Sedona, Rainshadow’s passion is stronger than any of his schemes.

#28 When Calls The Heart

Elizabeth’s well-educated East Coast upbringing did not prepare her for a teaching job on the Canadian frontier. She cares for the youngsters under her care, despite the ongoing difficulties. Elizabeth is shocked to discover her heart-warming toward a specific member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She is battling to do the best job she can while trying to survive the hostile environment. The first volume in the popular Canadian West series.

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#29 The Gender Game

The universe of 19-year-old Violet Bates is gender-separated by a deadly river. East is ruled by women. In the West, men rule. Welcome to the Matrus and Patrus countries. Violet’s life has been consumed by irrational anger since the disappearance of her adored younger brother. She was already imprisoned by her own country, and now she faces execution for her crimes. But she could be saved by one choice. To join the Patrus realm, where men are in charge and women are subservient.

For a rebellious girl like Violet, everything about the patriarchy is deadly. If she wants to survive, she must abide by the rules. But Violet has never been particularly good at following the rules. Violet is forced to give up many pleasures in the forbidden realm, including forbidden love, when she is plunged into greater peril than she could have ever imagined. Only the fittest survive in a world where gender is segregated.

#30 Love Simon

Soon, a big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed, award-winning book will be released, starring Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why and Nick Robinson from Everything, Everything. Worthy of obsession on the Fault in Our Stars scale. Weekly Entertainment I cherish you, Simon. I HEART YOU! And I like this brand-new, hilarious, live-out-loud novel. All the Bright Places best-selling author Jennifer Niven

It should also be required of straight folks to come out. The better, actually, is the more awkward it is. Sixteen-year-old Simon Spier is figuring out who he is and what he wants in life. However, things become extremely difficult when one of his emails to the very enticing Blue ends up in the wrong hands. Because Blue’s attraction to Simon is significant, It’s an absolutely amazing, holy friggin deal.

#31 Stormfire

A scared Catherine Enderly was kidnapped on her way to boarding school and transported from England to the coast of Ireland as the prisoner of the enraged and strong young Sean Culhane—a man who vowed to revenge against her family.

The young countess faced her kidnapper with a determination that belied her frail beauty, fearful but defiant. But even though Sean intended to exact revenge on Catherine, he found himself growing more attracted to her with each encounter. Her flamboyant naivety was a temptation that ignited long-simmering resentment into a raging fire of need. While they were engaged in a love-hate struggle, he was unaware that the alluring beauty was striving valiantly to suppress her own newly discovered wants, and that his touch had changed her ferocious loathing for him into an all-consuming love.

#32 Sugar Daddy Lisa Kleypas

She comes from an undesirable neighborhood. If Liberty Jones can control her wild heart from taking control of her thoughts, her aspirations and resolve will propel her far from Welcome, Texas. Liberty is entirely off-limits in Hardy Cates’ eyes. His own goals are greater than those of Welcome, and he doesn’t need Liberty Jones’ complications. However, a perilous attraction that is bigger and more powerful than both of them pulls them toward one another as a result of something powerful and magical.

The one man she cannot have is him. When Hardy departs from town to carry out his plans, Liberty is left to care for her infant sister alone. Soon after, Liberty finds herself enchanted by a wealthy businessman—a “Sugar Daddy,” perhaps. But the connection is deeper than first appears, as Liberty starts to learn things about her own family’s past.

#33 Feral Sins

It can’t be good if your body and inner wolf both react excitedly to a schizophrenic Alpha guy whose own wolf has a propensity to go feral, can it? It wouldn’t be wise to make a deal with him either. Unluckily, Taryn Warner, a latent wolf shifter, is now limited in her options. She has no other choices, okay? The key question is whether she will go to any lengths to avoid the prearranged mating with the ill SOB that her father set up. It appears that she will have to accept Trey Coleman’s offer to mate with him as the answer in this situation is yes.

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#34 Kill The Queen

In this first installment of a stunning fantasy epic from the New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Assassin series—an engrossing tale that combines magic, murder, intrigue, adventure, and a hint of romance—a royal woman transforms into a skilled warrior to destroy her murderous cousin, avenge her family, and save her kingdom. Gladiator meets Game of Thrones: a royal woman has become a skilled warrior to decimate her murderous cousin, avenge her

Lady Everleigh’s lack of visible talent consigns her to the background of Bellona’s royal court, a nation steeped in the heritage of gladiators, in a world where magical prowess decides one’s value. Evie, who is seventeenth in line for the throne, serves only as a ceremonial fixture and is generally ignored. However, there are evil powers at work within the palace. Evie is attacked alongside the rest of the royal family when her cousin Vasilia, the crown princess, kills her mother the queen, and usurps the throne. Fortunately for Evie, she is able to flee the massacre because of a hidden immunity to magic.

#35 The Education Of Sebastian

The unhappy Sebastian and the lost and lonely Caroline become acquaintances, which sparks an illicit romance that puts their lives in danger. Caroline Wilson is stuck in an old man’s chilly, loveless marriage. Caroline thinks she has no option but to move in with her husband when he finally receives the long-desired promotion and buy a new house in San Diego. There she meets 17-year-old Sebastian. Their joy blossoms for a summer that is far too short. Sebastian’s parents start to worry that their son may be hiding something as external pressures mount, not least from the domineering David. Even Caroline’s new friend Donna is aware that beneath the placid exterior, there are dark passions.

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#36 Of Poseidon

The prince of the Syrena, Galen, has been dispatched to Earth to locate a young woman who he has heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on a beach vacation. The moment she runs into Galen—ouch!—both teenagers feel a connection. Galen, however, will need to have multiple interactions, including a dangerous shark encounter, before he is persuaded of Emma’s abilities. If only he could persuade Emma that she is in possession of the key to his empire. This fish-out-of-water tale, which is told from both Emma and Galen’s perspectives, glistens with mystery, levity, and romantic waves.

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#37 Angry God

He’s referred to as an angry god. He appears to me to be a callous prince. His parents are in charge of this town’s police, residents, and every shop on Main Street. All I have against him is a great, delicious grudge for the time he nearly killed me. Vaughn manages to bully little ole’ me in between coupling up with a different female every weekend, breaking noses, hearts, and rules. I fight back with everything I’ve got because I never expected him to pursue me across the world once we get out of high school. However, he is now residing with me in a foreboding, dark castle outside of London. A different intern, a wandering sculptor, and absolute brilliance. It is true that this location is haunted as said.

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#38 One Day

David Nicholls’ book One Day was released in 2009. Two main characters’ lives are chronicled in each chapter for a period of 20 years on July 15, St. Swithin’s Day. The book received largely favorable reviews and was selected as the Galaxy Book of the Year for 2010.

On July 15, 1988, Emma and Dexter have their first encounter while celebrating their graduation. The next day, they must part ways. Where they’ll be on this specific day the next year? and the following year? And each year after that?