World War Z

Books like World War Z

October 18, 2022

#1 The Conjuring

What lengths would you take to protect your family? Milton Freeman saw his parents die tragically in a bizarre accident. Anything for their return was what he would have offered. Josh, his younger brother, is currently in danger of dying. He is the last of his family. To spare his brother’s life, he strikes a deal, but Milton is about to discover that some deals are better left unfinished. Something unimaginable is headed at him. An evil that, if he allows it, will take his soul.

#2 Vampire Academy

Your invincible foes can only be stopped by a loyal best buddy. A human-vampire with a unique talent for using the magic of the earth, Lissa Dragomir is a princess of the Moroi tribe. The most dangerous vampires—those who never die—the Strigoi—must be kept away from her at all times. Rose Hathaway, Lissa’s best friend, is a dhampir due to the potent mix of human and vampire blood flows through her. Rose has made it her mission to risk her life in order to keep Lissa safe from the Strigoi, who are determined to turn Lissa into one of them.

Rose and Lissa are captured after two years of freedom and taken back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, a school for vampire monarchs and their future guardians that is tucked away in the thick forests of Montana. However, life is considerably riskier behind the iron gates, and the Strigoi are never far away. In order to avoid the evil undead turning Lissa into one of them permanently, Rose and Lissa must traverse their hazardous world, face the lures of forbidden romance, and never let their guard down.

#3 Blue Bloods

The men and women who’d shape America were on board the Mayflower when it sailed in 1620: Miles Standish, John Alden, and Constance Hopkins. However, not all of the Pilgrims were sincere; they were not fleeing religious persecution. They weren’t even human, in fact. They had vampire blood. The vampires integrated into the New World very fast. They were the renowned ‘blue bloods’ of American society, rising to positions of tremendous power, riches, and influence. The Blue Bloods resolved to keep their immortality a closely-kept secret. For centuries, they kept that a secret. But the secret is now starting to get out in New York City. A sophomore at a famous private school is named Schuyler Van Alen.

She loves vintage, baggy clothing to her peers’ Prada and pearls, and she shares a run-down mansion with her reclusive grandma. Schuyler enjoys being by himself. When she reaches fifteen, her arm suddenly develops a noticeable mosaic of blue veins. She starts to yearn for raw food and experiences flashbacks to the past. Then a prominent student from her school is discovered dead… completely bloodless. Although Schuyler is unsure of her feelings, she is curious about the mysteries the Blue Bloods are holding. But is she in danger for herself?

#4 I Am Legend

I Am Legend, a 1954 post-apocalyptic horror book by American author Richard Matheson, had a significant impact on the modernization of vampire and zombie literature as well as the idea of a global apocalypse brought on by the disease.

The only guy still alive, Robert Neville, is not alone himself. The blood of Neville is sought by every other adult, adolescent, and human on the earth who has turned into a vampire. He stalks the undead through the remnants of civilization during the day as the hunter. He locks himself inside his house at night and waits for dawn. How much longer can one man endure in this condition?

#5 The Gunslinger

American novelist Stephen King wrote a dark fantasy book titled The Gunslinger. The Dark Tower series’ first installment is this book. A fix-up novel called The Gunslinger was first released in 1982, combining five short stories that had been released between 1978 and 1981.

Stephen King introduces readers to Roland of Gilead, The Last Gunslinger, one of his most mysterious figures, in the first novel of this outstanding series. He is a menacing figure, a lone traveler on an enthralling quest through good and evil. Roland chases The Man in Black in his lonely world, which unnervingly resembles our own. Along the way, he meets Alice, a seductive woman, and develops a connection with Jake, a young boy from Earth. The Gunslinger leaves readers anticipating the next chapter while being both engrossingly realistic and unsettlingly surreal.

#6 The Last Of Us

A parasitic fungus outbreak destroyed most of the world’s inhabitants 19 years ago. Thirteen-year-old Ellie starts her new life as a student of a military boarding school in one of the few still-existing quarantine zones, where a connection with classmate Riley leads to her first trip outside the compound. Ellie and Riley are soon faced by the violent lifestyle of the rebel organization the Fireflies outside the bounds of the controlled civil order they are familiar with—as well as the horrifying victims of infection!

#7 Dracula

Three sections with a wide range of background information and sources are offered: Dracula may have drawn inspiration from earlier writings by James Malcolm Rymer and Emily Gerard, among other contexts. Discussions on Stoker’s draughts of the book, as well as “Dracula’s Guest,” the original first chapter, are also featured. Five early reviews of the book are reproduced in Reviews and Reactions. The book “Dramatic and Film Variations” focuses on theatrical and cinematic Dracula adaptations, two signs of the book’s enduring popularity. Gregory A. Waller, Nina Auerbach, and David J. Skal each offer a unique viewpoint. There are listings of both dramatic and cinematic adaptations.

Seven theoretical analyses of Dracula by authors like Phyllis A. Roth, Carol A. Senf, Franco Moretti, Christopher Craft, Bram Dijkstra, Stephen D. Arata, and Talia Schaffer are collected in Criticism. Included are a Chronology and a Selected Bibliography.

#8 American Gods

Laura, Shadow’s wife, perishes in a tragic vehicle accident just days preceding his release from prison. He walks back to his house in a daze. He meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday on the plane, who introduces himself as the ruler of America, a former god, and a refugee from a far-off conflict.

Together, they set off on a deeply odd adventure across the center of the USA while a storm of supernatural and epic proportions rages all around them. American Gods is a chilling, engrossing, and profoundly unnerving film that probes deeply into the American psyche. You’ll be shocked by who and what it discovers there.

#9 Coraline

There are fourteen doors and twenty-one windows in Coraline’s family’s new apartment. Thirteen of the doors themselves open and shut. Until the moment Coraline opens the door and discovers a corridor to another flat in a different house that is identical to her own, the fourteenth is sealed and there is nothing except a brick wall on the other side. But it’s distinct.

First off, the second apartment seems to be in great shape. The cuisine has improved. Wind-up angels who fly around the bedroom, books with illustrations that slither, crawl, and shimmer, and tiny dinosaur skulls with chattering teeth may all be found in the toy box. However, there is a different mother and father who want Coraline to remain with them and be their child. They want to alter her and keep her forever.

#10 Salems Lot

Two fearful people, a child, and a man, still discuss the mysteries of the clapboard homes and tree-lined lanes of the small township of “Salem’s Lot” thousands of miles distant. To face the horrible evil that still exists in the community, they must go back to Salem’s Lot.

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#11 Neuromancer

Neuromancer is a cyberpunk, science fiction masterwork, a classic that ranks with 1984 and Brave New World as one of the twentieth century’s most powerful views of the future. The Matrix is a world within a world, a global consensus-hallucination that represents every byte of data in cyberspace…

Henry Dorsett Case was the best data thief in the business until his nervous system was devastated by disgruntled former workers. However, a new and extremely mysterious employer has recruited him for a last-ditch run. The target: an unfathomably powerful artificially intelligent orbiting the Earth for the nefarious Tessier-Ashpool corporate clan. The case starts on a journey that ups the ante on an entire category of fiction, riding shotgun with a dead guy and Molly, a mirror-eyed street samurai, to guard his back.

#12 Jurassic Park

A remarkable method has been developed for retrieving and cloning dinosaur DNA. The most exhilarating fantasies of mankind have now materialized. Extinct creatures that have been extinct for ages wander Jurassic Park, and anyone in the world can go there for a fee. Before things go wrong. Michael Crichton uses all of his captivating talent and scientific acumen in Jurassic Park to produce his most thrilling technothriller.

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#13 Last Exit To Brooklyn

The controversial masterwork Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr. has sparked more discussion than most books. This Penguin Modern Classics edition features an introduction by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh.

Last Exit to Brooklyn portrays the experiences of New Yorkers. They constantly deal with the darkest excesses of human nature and have been characterized by various reviewers as hellish and obscene. But even in these tumultuous lives, there are exquisitely lovely moments. These fascinating characters include Harry, the strike leader who hides his actual wants behind a sexist macho, Tralala, the cunning prostitute who explores the depths of sexual depravity, and Georgette, the transsexual who falls in love with a heartless hoodlum.

#14 Se7en

Morgan Freeman in Se7en as Detective Somerset Contains passages from the film’s original reviews and gives some background information. includes character and crew bios, as well as information about the film’s cultural setting. examines the movie’s production, important moments, concepts, and methods. Get the whole picture by going behind the scenes with the best movie guides. Find out how David Fincher draws viewers into his gory thriller and what sort of conclusion studio execs actually desired. Recognize the impact that lighting, camera angles, and visuals have on the overall effect, and take into account how Fincher created each scene.

Discover how David Fincher’s highly stylized movie influenced his career as a filmmaker, how his direction was essential to making a movie that is both provocative and well-liked, and how his movies exhibit superb workmanship and complexity. Read brief biographies of the actor Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and filmmaker David Fincher. Get a list of related articles and publications, a glossary of cinema words, and an analysis of numerous pertinent film genres, such as horror, film noir, and serial killer movies. “Se&en” is wonderful reading for both movie fans and film students because it is written in an approachable tone.

#15 The Haunting Of Hill House

It tells the tale of four searchers who find themselves in Hill House, a famously hostile place: Eleanor, a lonely, frail young woman highly versed in poltergeists; Dr. Montague, an esoteric scholar seeking strong proof of a “haunting”; Theodora, the vivacious assistant; and Luke, the upcoming heir to Hill House At first, it appears that their visit will only be a terrifying run-in with strange events. However, Hill House is amassing its might and will soon pick one of them to call its own.

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#16 The Stand

American novelist Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic dark fantasy book The Stand was initially released by Doubleday in 1978.

A mutant strain of the virus that would kill 99 percent of humanity within a matter of weeks spreads as a man flees from a biological testing lab, starting a fatal domino effect. The remaining survivors are terrified, confused, and in search of a leader. Mother Abagail, a kind 108-year-old woman who implores them to create a tranquil society in Boulder, Colorado, and Randall Flagg, the pernicious “Dark Man,” who takes pleasure in disorder and bloodshed, emerge. The survivors will have to decide between them as the evil man and the compassionate woman gain control, ultimately determining the fate of all humanity.


#17 Haunting Of Hill House

It tells the tale of four searchers who find themselves in Hill House, a famously hostile place: Eleanor, a lonely, frail young woman highly versed in poltergeists; Dr. Montague, an esoteric scholar seeking strong proof of a “haunting”; Theodora, the vivacious assistant; and Luke, the upcoming heir to Hill House At first, it appears that their visit will only be a terrifying run-in with strange events. However, Hill House is gathering its might and will soon pick one of them to call its own.

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#18 I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream was first released in 1967 and then reprinted in 1983. It features seven pieces with copyrights from 1958 to 1967. The original introduction and foreword by Harlan Ellison are included in this edition, along with a brief update remark by Ellison that was added to the 1983 edition. The title story and the volume’s final story, Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes, are two of Ellison’s more well-known works that are frequently cited as among his best ever.

We won’t label them science fiction, SF, speculative fiction, horror, or anything else other than captivating reading experiences that are unique because Ellison himself firmly opposes the categorization of his work. They are utterly unique and could only have been created by Harlan Ellison.